Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Working With Family

My little cousin, Paul (the one that just graduated), came up to work today and is trying to get a job. He is so freaking cute. I don't have a picture with me at home or I would post one. He was introduced to all the supervisors that would be important in getting him a job and putting him to work. It was so amazing to see him interacting with adults. I mean, he would totally repeat the person's name and then ask me about them when they walked away to make sure he remembered it. He just had the best manners...not that I didn't think he had any, but I am used the to the punk teenager he can be.

He showed up even though he was sick. And not just I kind of have a sore throat, but really sick. I totally felt bad because if I would have known, I would have told him to come in another time. But I guess him showing he is interested will help get him a job faster.

I really hope that it works out. I know from experience that working on campus helps out when you are going to college. They work around your schedule and it is pretty laid back for the most part. Plus, it will be nice having him around. We should hear something the first of next week!

Oh and this just in, my mom wants me to look into getting my sister a job maybe for the summer.

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