Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rumor Has It

The rumor going around is that if all of us State workers don't fore go getting our 4% raise in July, there will be 2000 State workers losing their jobs due to lack of money. That means that even us permanent employee's could be at risk of losing our jobs. What the hell is going on with the economy??? How the hell did we get in such a bind and be so in debt? This really makes me fucking sick.

All I see are people having to foreclose on their homes because they can't afford rent/mortgage, food, gas, etc. Well, all those prices are going up and we aren't getting paid anymore. How the hell are people going to survive??

What a cluster-fuck!


H said...

It is definitly awful and getting worse by the minute. This really should be the wake up call to everyone..that elected government officials, work for us the people..that big CEO's would be nowhere without US the consumers...

sigh..i agree with you..CLUSTERFUCK

Anonymous said...