Friday, May 29, 2009

Chunk :)

I don't know about all of you, but I could seriously eat up these cheeks!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I know I have been the worst blogger in the history of blogging...seriously! But really, I have a good excuse. My internet at home is not working. I have spent forever on the phone multiple times trying to get it fixed. I know I have to fax something to them and then wait for a call back and will then hopefully be back up and running. I have to admit, I miss blogging so much. I miss reading other peoples blogs. I feel so...out of the loop! Not to mention, I am heart broken that there is going to be a gap in the happenings of our family and the changes that Skylar has been going through. So I am hoping that next week I will be back up and running! I can't handle much more of being disconnected. I also go rid of my iPhone. While I liked the features there were other things like, using it as an actual phone, that I didn't like. Oh well. I will be back. You all mark my words!!

Oh and I have decided that I will not be going back to work. I will go back for a day/day and a half and that is it. I let work know on Tuesday. I have to admit that I am not at all looking forward to going in tomorrow. Not one single bit. Hopefully I will have time to get on and catch up...even if it is just a little bit.

For now, know that I am thinking of you all and miss you!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby girl :)

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 of My Loves

It Happened

Ever since Jen blogged about doing the Shred, I was eager to try it. However, I was pregnant and had to wait. Now I am no longer pregnant and after being a lazy ass for two and a half months decided to give it a try. I am stoked after just one time. It kicks your ass. The best part??? Swae and Seth were right beside me through the whole thing. It was so cute and fun. About half way through Swae told me we needed to pause it because she needed a break and got flustered when I didn't. Ugh that little girl just melts my heart. Skylar sat in her swing laughing at the three of us. I definitley need to get a video of Seth doing push ups. It's hilarious. I'm ready sore and looking forward to round two. Swae says she is ready for level 2 tomorrow. I definitely am not!

Sweet Moments

I look forward to Tuesday's for this reason.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

10 week

Today we went to the doctor for shots. Not fun at all. Skylar was in the best mood. She was smiling, "talking," and laughing. She was showing off her strength holding her head up and standing. She was adored by all. The little princess is packing on the pounds. She now weighs 10lb 10oz and is 23 inches long. The doctor was very impressed and said she is very ahead of the game. Eli and I must be doing something right. :) The shots broke my heart. She started crying instantly and then turned bright red - redder than I ever thought imaginable -and then was so upset she couldn't breathe. It was awful. Poor little baby girl. She has been surprisingly happy for the rest of the day. She still is talking and smiling but tender on her chubby thighs from being poked. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the cute picture!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have been gone most of the day and this is what I found on the
kitchen counter when I got home. And my heart melted. Oh how I love
that man!!!
Now I am going to take a nap with my sweet baby girl.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bath Time

Skylar hated sponge baths and ten baths in general at the beginning.
Now my sweet girl loves them. They are part of our nightly routine and
totally relax her. She knows that after her bath she eats and then
goes down for the night. She is starting to kick her legs more and
more. It's so cute. She doesn't mind at all if water gets in her face
either. She's such a good baby girl. :)

Skylar & Daddy

My sweeties hanging out watching tv. They are so cute when the hang
out like that.

Skylar & Mommy

Wordless Wednesday

Mother's Day

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day. It started Saturday night when
Eli and the babies took me to dinner at Red Lobster. Sunday morning we
all got up and had breakfast and then they gave me my gift. I am so
blessed to have such sweet baby girls and a handsome little boy.

Their mom picked them up at 10 and they were excited to give her her
present. They picked her out purple flip flops, each drew her a
picture and signed her card.

Eli and I spent the rest of the day at my parents with my family and
having a BBQ. His parents came up for a little bit and had a drink. It
was so nice. It was a lovely day and I totally enjoyed myself. It was
so wonderful. And I love, love, love these sweet babies!


Does anyone know how or if you even can post pictures in a post from your iPhone??

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday Lil Boo

Today my sweet little sister turned 18. My, oh my, how time has flown. I remember wanting a little sister, the anticipation of her coming, excitement of her being here, wanting to send her back (don't judge, I was 8!), and then being happy as our family of 4. I loved and still love being a big sister. Being 9 years apart I find it's hard at times but now that she is older, the friendship we have is amazing, unique, and something I cherish. I remember all too well her at two with the cutesy little pigtails. She was so cute at that age.

It's hard to believe my sister is 18. It's hard to believe she will be graduating in less that a month. I feel older thinking about that than having my own child, being married and having two amazing step kids.

I love you sweet sister. I hope you have the most wonderful, special birthday. Thank you for being a great sister and wonderful friend. I love you!!!!!

**I wanted to post pictures but the home computer is acting up.**

Tears Brought To My Eyes

I received the following email from my best friend after emailing Skylar's two month letter. It is the most heart warming thing ever and I can't express how it has made me feel.

OMG Love, your expressions are truly amazing. Right when I began reading your letter to Skylar I got tears in my eyes....I can "feel" how close you are bonding to one another. In the begining of your letter you were stating how when someone else is holding Skylar she will look around until she sees you and then she will feel comfort. Remember, this happened tonight when I was holding her in the office?! I remember she was a little fussy in my arms, but then right when she made eye contact with you she settled her little self right down.

There is no doubt how much she loves and appreciates her Mommy! She will always feel this love you have given her....even from the day when she was curled up in your little tummy! Stephanie, you are beyond words of an absolutely wonderful Mother! The way you hold Baby Skylar, look into her eyes and comfort her when she is happy and sad are only expressions of your love for her. The things that get me are those things we can't see, can't touch, but can only be felt from the heart! These are deeper than words can say, but you "say" them so well. I can "feel" how much you love her but I can only imagine giving birth to a beautiful, healthy baby and having her be your everything! Oh, how lucky the two of you have each other's love.

I know when she gets older and reads these letters you have written for her, she will get a deeper understanding of your love for her. I only wish my mom would have done the same for us. And just remember that as your letters pile up, and time passes by, she will always be your little girl!

Skylar, Auntie loves you with all my heart! Thank you for letting me hold you and not getting too fussy, and for letting me burp you and spitting up on my pants :) and maybe one day feed you (when you're on peas and carrots....yummo). I really cherish all those little moments with you! You have brought so much joy into my life for the little amount of time I have known you. But even when I'm not at your house I can feel your love! You are always in my heart little niece! I am so grateful to have you both in my life....beyond what words can say.

I love you, I love you, I love you!

Love, Tara & Auntie Tara

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Two Month Beauty!!!!!

I know I brag a lot, but I can't help it...she is the sweetest, most beautiful thing in the whole world! She has got the sweetest smile, the cutest dimple (if you look close you can see it/them), and the softest, cutest voice...except for when she is screaming at me! :) Enjoy her cuteness, I sure do!

I'm going to make a "to do" list today and hope I stuck to it. I get easily side tracked. I wanted to do Skylar's letter all day and yet didn't finish until late last night. I didn't even email it out to the family yet. AND!!!! I didn't share new pictures of her. Those are definitely things on the "to do" list for today.

One of my good friends is going through a really rough time. Her life has turned upside down and I feel just awful for her. While she admits to her own wrong doings, she had made and continued making changes for the better...something she will continue to do. For now, her heart is breaking and as a friend I don't know what to do. Of course I am there for her and talk and listen, but that doesn't ease her pain or make anything better. I just wish there were something more I could do to help, to make it better. I am hoping it is enough just knowing she can come to me and I will listen. I hate when people are sad. :(

Oh another thing I need to do is find both my mom and MIL their presents for Mother's Day. What are all you getting for your moms???

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Two Months Ago

It was a mere two months ago that my life changed in a way I never thought was possible - it was more than I ever dreamed it could be. Since that day two months ago my life has been pure bliss. Yes, Skylar and I have had a few rough days, but not even that can take away from all the joy I feel. We had pooping issues at first (or lack there of). She was getting backed up and it made her uncomfortable. Even with that there were tons of smiles and minimal crying considering. Other than belly aches, she usually only cries when she is hungry or fighting sleep. Already she doesn't want to miss anything.


Sweet Skylar, today sweet girl I am reflecting on one of the best days that has happened in my life thus far. You are such a joy and pleasure to have for a daughter. These last two months have been sheer bliss. Yes, you have made me question myself and parenting skills, but at the end of the day I know that I am doing a good job...I feel that I was made for this mommy thing. You are a true delight. Every single smile, every single coo warms my heart.

In the past month you have become much more alert. You are constantly looking around and trying to figure out your surroundings. I love so much to see you look around when someone else is holding you until you find me - you get a look of comfort and that is such a cool thing to see coming from such a small little girl. Yes love, you are a mommy's girl. I have no doubt that you will become a daddy's girl so for now, I am relishing in our time.

Our time..I cherish our time. I love spending every minute of every day with you. I was away from you for the first time during a dentist appointment (a mere hour) and it was so hard. Thank goodness you were just in the next room and were sleeping. Your daddy took you to see Papa and Grammie the other night for about a half hour too and that wasn't easy either. I guess I need to learn to let go. :) I'll work on it!

You are one strong little girl. You hold your head up and can hold your own weight "standing." You are starting to enjoy laying on your back and looking at your toys. And you are getting used to tummy time. You still aren't a huge fan of it, but it is growing on you. I think that you will learn very quick how to roll over. You are such a smart little girl already.

One of your biggest (well, our...) biggest accomplishments this last month is you sleeping in your cradle during the night. It wasn't easy on me at all at first. In fact, I admit that there were a few nights that I cried myself to sleep while you peacefully slept a foot away all snuggled up in your soft jammies and blanket. I honestly could stare at you for hours. I lay in bed long after you are deep asleep and look through the slats on the cradle and just watch you are so peaceful. I love the sound of your breathing, the little noises you make when you move and stretch. I just love everything about you. You sleep through the night for the most part. Right now you go to bed between 9-10 and will sleep til 5-6 with some stirring between 3-4. And once you feed between 5-6, you go back to sleep for at least another hour and a half. Oh how mommy loves this. And I LOVE mornings with you and your sweet smiley face. You have got a big smile and the cutest little dimples. And you talk to me and tell me good morning and all about your sweet baby dreams. You have the sweetest little voice.

Naps are more of a challenge. During the day, your bright eyes don't want to miss anything and therefore you already like to fight going to sleep. You like for me to hold you until you go to sleep for nap and even then you will fight those heavy eye lids. While it is cute, it is frustrating when you cry because you are so tired. We are working on it though and I am figuring you out and what you like and what helps you take a good nap. And there are days when I decide that naps are our snuggle time. I love to snuggle with you baby girl.

You still love the swing and you enjoy your bath so very much. It doesn't matter how tired, hungry, or unhappy you are, you get silent and just relax. You get a bath every night before bed. You know that after your bath you get to eat and get mad if it doesn't happen right away. You are a bright little girl.

You have the best big sister and big brother ever. They absolutely adore you and you them. Swae can't wait to see you and hold you first thing every morning and she is always by my side to help throughout the day. Seth loves to hold you. And he is always talking to you. Man I wish I had a tape recorder because he says the cutest things to you. Just today he was singing to you in the car because you were fussy. They both hate when you are sad and both light up when you smile and "talk" to them. The three of you are my loves, my angels. The three of you complete me and I love you all with all my heart.

Oh sweet girl how I love you. Your daddy and I are so truly happy. We are so truly blessed to have such an angel in our family. While I can't believe how big you are getting, I am looking forward to this next month with you and the changes that come with it. You are so beautiful and so very wonderful. Happy two month birthday my sweet girl. Mommy loves you...always and the moon and back!

Wordless Wednesday - Sweet Sisters, My Angels

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sleepy Head

I had a super busy day on Wednesday. We were up early, got ready, and we were out the door and dropped Swae off at school a little before 9. I had a doctor appointment at 10:30 and needed to kill some time, so we made our way to the shop to hang out with Eli for a bit. Once there, Seth got all wrapped up playing around in the shop and running the crane with his dad, so Skylar and I made our way to the postpartum appointment ourselves. Everything looks fine. My doctor warned me that I am super fertile and said absolutely no unprotected sex unless I am ready to be pregnant again. Oops. After we went back to the shop for lunch. Sethie was going to stay with his dad for the rest of the day, but he got called to a job and therefore had to come with me to my dentist! Actually, I don't mind going to the dentist. I used to babysit his son, I am best friends with his step daughter and am completely close with everyone in the family. On the way there both Skylar and Seth fell asleep. I knew that Seth had played hard, but I didn't realize how tired he was until we got to the dentist and I was getting him out of the car and thought he would wake up. So here I am carrying him in one arm dead asleep and Skylar in her seat in the other. My dentist's wife came and grabbed Skylar and put her behind the front desk for all the ladies to watch and then Seth and I headed back for my cleaning. I needed to get some x-rays, so I put Seth down in an empty dentist chair and we covered him up. He slept the entire time I was there...and we were there for a LONG TIME because I get stuck chatting with everyone and my dentist always takes his time. Everyone complimented him and what an awesome sleeper he was being able to sleep through all the commotion going on in the office. He didn't wake up until the very end. I was sure to snap a few pictures of the sweet little handsome man snoozing!

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to sleep like that!?

Friday, May 1, 2009

8 weeks old

It is hard to believe that my sweet baby girl is 8 weeks old today. 8 sweeks...that's just nuts. I have found a new happiness, a new love. I enjoy spending all my time with her sweetness-whitnessing every move, every sound, every smile. I am truly blessed and so very fortunate. I have adjusted to having three kids. I have established a routine. And I can say that Eli, Swae, Seth, and I are 100% in love with sweet baby Skylar. She is adored by all and I couldn't imagine my life without her!

*I'll post pictures this weekend :) We weren't home today.

It's 5am

Skylar is doing so good sleeping at night. I'm so very thankful. And while I am not particularly thrilled to be up at 5am, it was all just made great when I got the biggest smiles and was being talked to while changing her diaper. This little girl just warms my heart!!!

And now we are going back to sleep.

Happy Friday everyone!! :)