Thursday, May 31, 2007

HAHAH! Dying Right Now!

I just told one of my supervisor's about the fun fact I learned about bees and I shit you not, his response to me was:

"Did you know that geese get rid of ten pounds of feces a day?"

I just started laughing cause that was the last thing I expected out of his mouth!

Learned Something New Today

I was enjoying drinking a Raspberry Snapple and chatting on the phone and was playing with the cap. And I looked down and read:

"Real Fact" #7

--A queen bee can lay 800-1500 eggs per day.--


Random Rant

One of the things I hate more than just about anything is stupid ass selfish people. I really do. They drive me insane. I hate when people are so immature that they sink to levels that shouldn't ever be sunk to just to try to hurt someone else. And I really hate when someone you care about is being fucked with and there is nothing that you can do about it. I just wish that people would have enough class to be civil and handle situations like adults rather than play games. It is amusing though knowing that people get so worked up over something so small, petty, and just dumb and all it does it make them look like an ass. It makes me sit back and laugh and almost feel sorry for them.

I am talking right now about just one individual. This person is no longer a part of my life. And yet, this person is so miserable with their life that they will do and try anything to bring down other people just to make them feel better. It is so sad. It is like being back in high school almost.

And there is my random rant for the day.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Have you ever?

Have you ever had so much on your mind that you want to say and need to say but you aren't sure how to say it? Or even what to say? It is the weirdest feeling ever. There is so much and yet I can't even form a sentence on anything and there is no way to pin point one thought out of many.

So weird.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The other job...

As said before, I said that I was coaching and waitressing. Well I gave up the coaching job a couple months ago because doing that on top of working full time AND the part time job waitressing, it was too much for me. Plus, the money wasn't worth it at all. And I am not getting to the point where I am done working on my weekends. I don't mind working shifts during the week, but I am just to the point where I need some down time. Especially now that summer is here. I want to go to the lake and do fun things with my friends. So, I am officially cutting back my hours and am actually contemplating on quitting completely. Not cause I don't like the job, cause I love it, but it is just too much.

Love My Job

I was getting ready this morning when I realized how happy I am at my job and how fortunate I am to be able to say that. I was reading Megan's blog about her shitty, rude co-worker and was so happy to know that I am away from a place that I had to worry about that. Not that my co-workers were rude and shitty, but there was a lot of pettiness. I don't want to relive it at the moment, so I will just let it lie with that. I noticed, this week especially, that I was on time to work every single day. I know that is how it is supposed to be, but I am just saying. And not only was I on time, half the time I was early. And not just a couple minutes early, but like 10-15 minutes early. That is so shocking for me because usually I am barely making it into the office at 8:00am on the dot. And this week, I had to be here three days at 7:00am and found myself here early! I know, I am nuts. I hate mornings. I hate getting out of bed. That explains always running just right on time.

Ok, so back to what I started saying. I actually enjoy coming to work. I don't mind it at all. I like the people that I work with. I specifically love my co-worker and my direct supervisor. Both are older than me (my supervisor by 10 years and the other by about 20). We have so much fun together. Most of our days are spent chit-chatting in between the work that we should be getting done and being close. It is quite nice. Being close to the people that you work with all day, every day, is really a treat. I don't worry that there is someone that is secretly going behind my back and trying to get me in trouble. Don't get me wrong though. I do work with an office full of women (about 10) and so of course there is the petty bullshit and some drama, but none that concerns me or has to do with me. For that, I am thankful. Plus, I don't work in the same room as all them, so I really don't care what goes on with all them. I just like coming to work and knowing that I will have a good day. I may be busy or I may be slow, but I have two people that I enjoy being around and talking to and you can't ask for much more.

Along these same lines, it makes me so thankful that what happened at my last job happened. I have talked to a few people that have said that things aren't really getting any better over fact, it sounds like it is getting worse. I feel bad for my friends that are still over there. I know that they love the work that they do, but the other part just isn't good. I know someone was looking out for me though when they got me out of there. That was a place that I know I wasn't happy. I didn't like going to work and was always finding an excuse not to be there. I didn't like how many people were selfish and how much shit was constantly being talked. Yes, there is shit talking here, it just doesn't seem as cut throat though. I don't know. It is just crazy to me that there are really people out there that are so miserable with themselves and their own lives, that they feel compelled to bring other people down and be mean to them...actually go out of there way to be rude. I just couldn't imagine. So much time is wasted putting that much effort into being mean to others that could be spent on other things.

Now that I am happy, I am able to look around and feel bad for other people that don't have things as good as I do. I may not make a shit ton of money, but I am treated good here, am secure, and have a very relaxed job. You can't really ask for much more than that in my opinion.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A New Me!

My surgery was a success yesterday! I am so excited. I seriously feel like a whole new person. I went in for my check up a little bit ago and the doctor says I am seeing 20/20! I just can't believe it. It is the most amazing thing to be able to see better than I can ever remember seeing without the aid of glasses or contacts. Indescribable.

I think the waiting before the surgery took longer than the entire procedure. My best friend Kara and her fiance, Paul picked me up and took me. I think they were more excited than I was. They were so sweet and got me a cute little card. It was cute. Once there we all just got to hang out and talk. They took us in this room that had the most comfortable recliners and we just chilled. We were then moved to another room that was connected to the room where the surgery was taking place and the wall between the rooms was glass. That's right, they were able to sit in there and watch everything that was being done. They could see me and the procedure itself was up on a TV screen so they could see all that was happening through the microscope that the doctor was doing.

When I was taken into the room, I was so nervous. I was fortunate to have my mom's best friend right at my side and the doctor was great. He did a relaxation thing to get me to calm down and relax and then started. I would have to say that the procedure didn't hurt, but it was uncomfortable. Well, parts of it was. The part that tripped me out the most was when they cut my eye because my vision went completely dark like I was blind. Other than that, it wasn't so bad. It was just weird being able to see a sponge thing wiping my eye and the doctor moving things around. The laser itself was the easiest part.

After about a half hour for both eyes, they sat me up and they told me to open my eyes slowly. When I did, things were cloudy, but things I normally couldn't see where suddenly able to see. I could read the clock on the wall and I could see Paul and Kara and even read their shirts in the next room. It was the most wonderful feeling ever. Sure my eyes were a little irritated, but it was just neat knowing it was done and after some sleep and them healing, I would be able to see great. I got sent home with a pill to help me sleep and some "sexy" goggles to protect my eyes. I have to say, I was quite attractive last night.

Today my eyes are good...a little scratchy at times. It is just because the nerve endings have been damaged and so they don't know to wet themselves yet. Oh well. I can deal with that right now since I am able to see! So there is my update!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I am getting my lasik...finally! It seems like I have been wearing my glasses for a year rather than just 5 weeks. I am over it I tell you! I am so excited and yet, nervousness is starting to set in. Thankfully, one of the nurses is my mom's best friend and she will be there during the entire thing. I guess that the procedure itself will only take like 45 seconds on one eye and then 50 or so seconds on the other. I am not going to know what to do with myself when I am able to see without the assistance of glasses or contacts. I am going to feel like a whole new person.

I will be back at work on Thursday, so I will let you know how it went and everything

3 More Days

That's right, there are only 3 more days left of my bet. The first part of the bet is over and I won...of course! So now, I am driving around my nice, clean, detailed truck. Thank you Kylen. He said he is never going to bet me again now that he realizes how stubborn I really am when I want something or want to prove a point. That is just how I am though. So Friday will be the day that I am allowed to drink again and honestly, I am not really all that excited about it. Yea, it will be nice to have a drink with friends again, but I kind of like how I feel in the mornings on the weekend when I go to work. It is great not feeling extremely tired or hung over and know it is from drinking. And, I love that I lost weight and the only thing I changed in my life was the not drinking. Overall it has been a great experience...

So in three days, I will still have a clean truck, have another $20 in my pocket, and will have a night of drinking paid for (although I am not really interested in that). I am just happy that I did it. Goes to show I am not the alcoholic some people thought I was.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


**This post will probably make no sense at all.**

I have never been one to keep everything in my life secret. Usually I like to share things that I would keep secret with Kara and some times Tara. But lately...I have actually been keeping a secret. It is such a new feeling to me. It is weird not sharing what is going on, but I am enjoying going through this one thing on my own. Figuring it out, figuring my feelings out, not having other people's opinions influence me whatsoever. It is nice. I know Kara doesn't judge me or anything and I know that she supports me no matter what I do, but I just feel that this is something I want to do. And my other friends seem to be so set in their ways and so opinionated that I can't even imagine sharing with them. That doesn't mean they are bad friends or anything, its just the truth.

I don't know why I decided to keep this one thing to myself. I am usually such an open book and don't mind sharing anything (for the most part) about myself. And usually I talk to people about things that are going on, people that I am talking to, or anything else because I love their input and I love getting advice. More than anything, I like just sharing what is going on in my life. I don't like keeping secrets. That is one thing that I love about my friendships, especially with Kara...we tell each other everything. We know we can call each other and talk about absolutely anything and the other will just listen and be there. And when she gives me advice, I know she doesn't speak about how she would handle it, but thinks about me and the person that I am and gives advice on that basis.

So I don't know how long this whole keeping things to myself thing is going to last, but for the time being, it is working for me.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Good Shit

I have this friend, Chris Walker, who is by far one of the funniest people I have ever met. Not to mention, he is one hell of a writer. I love reading all his stuff. We got to talking the other day and a post he had written a year ago got brought up and I couldn't help but laugh over one of the funniest posts I think he has done. You can read it here.

There are a few other classic throughtout, but it would take me forever to find them. This one though is my favorite and one I think all will enjoy.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Baby Update (not mine!)

So my friend that had the baby unexpectedly is doing well. Her and the baby are home now. I actually was talking to her mom the other day and the doctor said he wasn't at all surprised that she didn't know that she was pregnant. In fact, she had been having her period all along. I guess there was a time last fall when she thought that she might have been prego, but then got her period so ignored it. The pregnancy in itself was all around abnormal. She didn't carry like most people do. The baby was carried more in her back and that is why she didn't look like she had a huge tummy and just gained some weight. I feel super bad for her because she is so upset with herself for not knowing that she was and being so unprepared. I honestly couldn't imagine being in her shoes. After hearing all the facts I feel bad for thinking some of the things that ran through my head and just hope the best for her and the baby.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Um, wow

Wow...that is pretty much how I am feeling right now. I can't even come up with other words to describe exactly how I feel. I will try to explain and give the short version. Back when I started working at the University, I met a great person and became really good friends with him. There was never anything between us other than friendship. He always listened to all my guy problems and I always listened to his girl problems. Like him, I would always get so upset about how his girlfriend treated him and always wanted nothing but happiness for him. He was someone who I talked to every day at work and told pretty much anything to because he never judged me and was genuine. He ended up marrying the girl he was dating and that never really seemed to make their issues any better (like I told him it wouldn't...but whatever). A little over a year ago, they went through a really bad time. They even separated. During this time, I was who he turned to. I was who he talked with, cried to, hung out with, you name it. I felt bad for all he was going through and just tried to do what I could for him and be the best friend that I could be.

Well, after a month or two of him and his wife fighting or whatever, she showed up and flipped out on him and then some how everything was ok with them. I was happy for him knowing that divorce wasn't really what he wanted. But somehow, our friendship turned...bad. I don't really know what happened or how it got to that point, but all I know is that it was bad. A lot of mean things were said (especially on my end). And since that day, about a year ago, we haven't spoken. In fact, we haven't even seen each other. When I came back to the University I found out he was going through the academy and no longer worked here, his marriage was great, and they are expecting a baby girl. I was happy to hear that things were good for him, but I always missed my friend.

Today his dad came in the office (he is one of the supervisors in my department) and a lady in the office asked how his son was doing. It is hard not to hear what is being said when they are only 10 feet away and so I listened to the whole scoop of him quitting the academy because he wants more of a family life than what he would have. Also, that he started back at work for the University today. I was just shocked and couldn't help wondering when I would be seeing him them...and curious as to how things would be due to how bad things were left between the two of us. I knew I would be seeing him sooner than later because I work in the same building as his dad...I just didn't think that seeing him would be five minutes after listening to all that was going on.

That's right, he walked in and before I saw him, I heard his voice saying, "Hi Steph." I couldn't even think of what to do or how to react...I just had to react. So I said hi and smiled and we talked about him being back and needing keys and whatnot. You could tell that he was just as nervous as I was and that there was stuff that both wanted to say, but we skated around it. I asked about his little girl on the way and when she is due and a name and all that. Because knowing him, he is a proud daddy already and will be a great father. And I know he was genuine when he looked at me and asked how I was doing. A few minutes later there was a small silence and we both just looked at each other and for once I let my pride go and said, "I hate how things turned about between us." That was the best thing I could've done for the both of us. He told me to come give him a hug and as he sat and held me we both said how much we missed the other and how sorry we were. It was just nice to let it go after so long, good to see him, and better to know that a simple, single hug made it all better...even if we aren't as close as we were.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Please Stop

I don't know who the anonymous person is that is leaving rude comments on my site, but I would appreciate it if you would please stop. You are entitled to your opinions, but I don't want to hear the negativity nor do I appreciate you leaving nasty comments to people who are my friends. So please, just quit. If you don't like what I write, stop reading.

Snow in May

I woke up this morning and didn't want to get out of my nice warm bed. After dragging myself out and on the way to the bathroom to take a shower, I look outside and just had to keep staring it was so beautiful. Snow covering the ground and trees...breath taking. I love living in my grandpa's old house. It is so peaceful and gorgeous. After seeing all the snow covering everything I had an urge to just build a fire and curl up on the couch drinking hot cocoa all day while staring at the snow and watching girlie movies. Damn work!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Still shocked

So I think one of the weirdest things I have ever heard happened the other day. I was in shock that it happened, but then I realized I had called it...yet still can't believe it. I am not going to mention names or how I know said person, but will give the general idea. I like said person and don't want to slam them whatsoever.

Anyhow, I found out a girl I know had a baby the other day. I know, not that weird. Here is the thing...she didn't know that she was pregnant. She had been having severe cramps for a couple days before she finally had a friend take her into the emergency room. She thought maybe she was just having kidney stones or something. Well her friend drops her off knowing her mom would be there and when she got to the hospital, she found out that she was 10cm dilated! Yep, that's right. She went in thinking she would get some medication and be on her way only to find out she would be having a kid. I find it completely odd that she was that dilated and her water hadn't broke.

But what I really don't understand, is how the hell did she not realize that she was pregnant?? People had noticed that she had gained some weight and I had even asked a couple people if she were pregnant. I guess she still had her "period" a couple times...but still. After reading every one's blogs and seeing all that they are going through with their pregnancies, I can't fathom her not noticing how much her body was changing, the fact that there was something living and growing inside her...MOVING inside her. From what is being said, she hadn't been feeling well, but just blamed it on stomach flu or other issues. Never anything about possibly being pregnant. I just don't understand how the thought never crossed her mind. I am just floored. The poor girl had been in labor for two and a half days before she went to the hospital. It was something that wasn't even remotely planned or expected. I couldn't even imagine how she is feeling right now.

Maybe she didn't do anything about it because she was in so much denial that she wasn't that she truly convinced herself that she wasn't. I don't know. I wouldn't know how the heck to explain something like that. It honestly reminded me of a segment on Rob, Arnie, and Dawn about a 400 pound woman going to the hospital with pain and delivering a kid. They were saying how they could understand how she might not know she was pregnant due to being so huge and a little weight wouldn't make that much of a difference. But this girl wasn't huge. She wasn't even "fat" per say. She wasn't slim by any means, but you get what I am trying to say. Didn't her boobs hurt? Didn't she have morning sickness (I know not all people do)? Didn't she have any of the other signs that other people have? Shit like this doesn't happen in real life...until now. So damn crazy...

I guess I am normal after all

I got the test results back from my ultrasound and everything came back normal. So that means that the cyst I had broke. That was good news because I was stressing about it all and wondering if there were going to be any other complications. I got my lab work done and most of it has come back (some tests they did take a week to get the results back). What they did get back was that my progesterone levels are EXTREMELY low...indicating I haven't ovulated and had a period in a LONG time. So the "period" I thought I had, that only lasted a day, wasn't really a period. I am thinking that is about when my cyst popped because I did have some discomfort, but not the full on pains they said I would have. No complaints here though.

So now, I am onto medication for two weeks. I should get my "period" hopefully while taking the medication or within two weeks after it stops. I was warned by the nurse practitioner that I had to take the meds before bed because they make you super sleepy. Like don't take it an hour before you go to bed, but RIGHT before. So I took the pill and crawled into bed wondering if I would just pass out. After five minutes I thought this lady was out of her mind. That was the last thing I remember. I slept so damn hard last night that I was actually scared when my alarm went off this morning. It was nice though because I haven't been sleeping that well for the last few nights. I am looking forward to some nights of great sleep...but not the other that I know will be creeping back into my life after 5 months!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Benefits of not drinking...

With the new bet going on and not drinking, I have been doing some thinking on why this whole not drinking thing is good for you. Mind you the bet only goes two weeks with Kylen, but with work, it lasts til the 25th. So after pondering during my oh-so-busy-day I came up with the following benefits of not drinking:

*save $$ (always a good thing!)
*lose some weight...hopefully
*will more than likely get to sleep earlier
*more sleep = less cranky
*won't make an ass out of myself while drunk (although it happens sober too...)
*since less calories from alcohol, I can get them from other things (like dessert)
*no hang overs
*no puking causes by excessive alcohol
*healthier in general
*happy liver
*definite safer driver

I am sure there are more, but that is a start.

Stupid weather =(

I don't know what the hell is going on, but I am tired of time dragging on. Every time I think forever has passed, it has maybe been at the most, 20 minutes. I don't get it. I guess it could have something to do with it being kind of dark outside, along with windy and cold. And on the note of the weather, I am frustrated about it. Where the heck is the sun? And nice weather? I am going to lose my nice tan! I am officially pouting...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Cabo was awesome. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to write about it, but I have been busy catching up with all the work that didn’t get done while I was gone. I don’t mind that they didn’t do my work, but nonetheless, it was all stuff that needed to be done. Now that I am all caught up, I finally get to share my trip. It wasn’t all exciting and grand, but it had its high points. Mostly though it was so relaxing and just nice to spend time with my family with no other distractions, no phone, no anything to worry about. I didn’t know what to do with myself being off work (both jobs) for 7 whole days, but I ate it up as long as I could.

As you know, I went out for some cocktails the night before I left. Therefore, I didn’t get near enough sleep and felt like I was hit by a truck when 3:30am rolled around on Saturday. I still bounced out of bed though and was singing in the shower. Hell, I was going to Cabo. I sat in the shower singing, hurried and got ready and was just damn excited. We got to the airport with not that long to spare (that I can remember anyway) and next thing you know, we were boarding the plane and on the way to Arizona where we could catch our connecting flight. I was so excited thinking that I would be able to sleep and hopefully get rid of the rumbling in my tummy that must have been from the alcohol the night before…and that is when I realized I was sitting right in front of two young kids. Keep in mind here people that I LOVE KIDS. I really do. I can’t wait to have my own one day and all that. As we take off the kids are being all good and quiet and the mom seems to have pretty good control over them. But the longer we were on the plane (mind you the flight was maybe an hour and forty five minutes long). To start with, the mom was sitting directly behind me in the middle and there was a kid behind my mom and sister. Just sitting next to them I was getting tossed around with how much the kids were moving around and kicking and everything. My sister is not a morning person at all and for the first half of the flight, I was trying to calm her down because she was getting so annoyed and frustrated because she couldn’t ever get comfortable due to constantly being kicked. I was all comfy and just started going to sleep when the youngest of the kids started throwing a fit and screaming and crying and freaking out. Somehow she ended up behind me and I was now the brunt of being bashed around. At first I was ok with it due to the fact that I love kids and I understand that they must go crazy having to sit for so long and so on. But it was about then that I really started to feel like shit…BRING ON HANGOVER! Then I started feeling all claustrophobic and just ready to crawl out of my skin. It seriously took every ounce of energy to remain calm and not start wigging out. But some how I managed. All I prayed for at that point was to 1) not throw up on the plane and 2) not have them sitting behind me on the next plane. Both my prayers were answered…YAY me.

In the Arizona airport we about 3 hours to kill, which sucked so we ate and then were chilling waiting for the plane when they announced that it was delayed. Not good!! That delayed me starting to work on my tan. Oh well. I started to feel a little better tummy wise after I ate, but as soon as I was back on the plane, I felt like shit. Thought I was going to puke again, my head was not only pounding but doing the whole light headed thing…so uncomfortable. But I made it through that flight without yacking and got to see landing in Mexico. The airport was like nothing I had seen before. I had heard, “oh yea, wait til you see it. It is nuts,” but I still wasn’t expecting what I saw. From the looks of it when we were first starting to land, it looked like we were just landing on dirt. I almost shit myself. Then getting off the plane and having to walk down the stairs onto the ground, outside…was a trip. The airport was crazy too…the people there are like vultures, but we made it out safe and sound and found our way into a shuttle van thing.

We were in the shuttle with another family that seemed super nice and were talkative and fun. As we are driving through town, the driver pulls over at a little store and tells us to go in and buy some beer before we really got on our way into Cabo. I was thinking to myself, “you can have an open container in a vehicle!?!” My dad must have read my mind and all he said and had to say was, “Mexico.” Good point. They get a six pack of Corona and they start opening them up and passing them around and one of the guys looks at my sister and I and says, “You aren’t old enough to drink are you?” I almost died. Are you kidding me? I just had my 25th birthday. So I let him know I was able to but my sister wasn’t and they looked at me like I was out of my mind and asked how old we were. I told him and I hear, “wow, I would have guessed you were 17.” Great, I am going to be carded everywhere I go!

When we got to our resort, I was in shock. It was so gorgeous. Everywhere I looked were palm trees, green bushes, flowers, plants…fucking awesome! And it was hot. I was in heaven. As mom and dad were checking in I started really itching to go to the pool. I don’t do good with the be patient thing…just give me a key, let me go change and be on my way. But I toughed it out and we loaded all our luggage onto a cart and got a tour around the resort and then taken to our room. This place was amazing. It had a room with two beds and a fancy bathroom, but just a few feet down the hall was another complete bathroom. The showers were unbelievably big and everything was tile. Not to mention, we had our own patio that had lawn chairs and a jacuzzi. Without even unpacking anything or getting settled whatsoever, my sister and I threw on our suits and headed to the closest pool. It was almost 5pm at that point, but it was still so gorgeous. We only laid out for about an hour and then went to dinner and a yummy Mexican restaurant. We ended up going to bed early because we were exhausted from traveling and wanted to get up early and get to the pool.

Sunday morning came and I felt refreshed and was so excited to get down to the pool. My sister and I ended up being there an hour before my parents. It was so nice. I loved being at the pool and being able to hear the ocean. I honestly think the sound of the ocean and the waves hitting the beach is one of my most favorite things ever. The day was pretty chill and low key. We walked around the resort we were staying at and made friends with the guys selling stuff on the beach. The coolest thing was sitting at the pool, without a care in the world and having someone bring me a cocktail. And my mom was all about drinking cocktails. That and having the drink of the day be 2 for 1. That night I convinced my parents to try sushi for the first time and they actually liked it. I definitely like the places here in Reno a ton better, but it was still good. My poor sister though. She hates seafood, so she was only able to enjoy a bowl of rice.

Monday came and we were told by my parents they had a surprise for us. We loaded up in the rental car and were on our way into town. We get there and no matter what we asked we were doing, my parents wouldn’t tell us. Not until we saw the sign did it register. We were going to swim with dolphins. I about died I was so damn excited. That has always been something I wanted to do and never in a million years would’ve thought my parents would surprise us with it…especially with how much money they were already shelling out on the trip in general. The experience was something I will never forget. To be in such a close proximity to them and be able to have them swim around you and touch them…AMAZING!!! I think we were with them for at least a half an hour. It could have been longer, but I didn’t care. We got to get a ride on the dorsal fin, she kissed us and a hand shake type thing. The pictures are unbelievable. I suck cause I don’t have them uploaded yet, but will share when I do. If we didn’t do anything else for the rest of the trip, I would have been ok with that. We walked around the dock after and had some lunch. Then made our way back to resort and found our way down to the pool.

Tuesday was another chill day at the pool. My sister and I had more fun swimming and just spending time together. It was awesome. Even though we weren’t doing anything, just being in the sun and not working was great. That night we ate restaurant called Tomatoes.

Wednesday we went back into town and my sister and I went parasailing. I wasn’t so sure what to expect. I mean, you see people doing it all the time, but I have never seen how it is that they get up there or come back down. The guy doing it was funnier than all get out. We went up tandem and it actually wasn’t at all scary like I thought it would be. It was amazing how far you could see. Not to mention, there was some military ship that was in the cove, so that was fun to look at. Then randomly, we saw a huge whale that was maybe 20 yards from us. It was awesome. Then we happened to look down at just the right time to see a baby hammer head shark! And then 30 seconds later, after seeing the shark, they dipped our feet and legs into the ocean! I wasn’t scared of being dipped, just a little uncomfortable since we had just seen a SHARK! My parents were able to record it and get some good pictures of us. We spent some time around town and then went back to the resort and chilled for a bit then got ready for our dinner cruise. The dinner thing was $53 a person, but it included all the drinks you wanted (draft beer and well of course) and we ate filet and shrimp! It was so unbelievably good. There was a whale playing around not far from the boat, so that was fun and then they had some entertainment. After my parents were all about me going out since they felt I would like it. I was ready to call it a night, but I figured what the hell. So we all (sister included) ended up at El Squid Row. That place was freaking awesome. I had my mom trashed and my sister had a good buzz. Her and I were taking jello shots and she had a shot of tequila. Mom was doing jello shots also and drinking red bull vodkas. We danced like rock stars and then it was time to go since my sister wasn’t 18.

Come Thursday morning, no one had a hang over which was nice. We actually slept in for the first time since we had been gone. We had planned on Thursday being rather chill, so we ended up down at the pool and for the first time, the flag for swimming in the ocean wasn’t red. So my sister and I went down on the beach. Holy shit, I had so much fun. Just the two of us playing in the waves. We were both getting knocked down…I swear people were probably laughing at us making such asses of ourselves. We were laughing so hard I seriously almost peed myself! Then my mom and dad came down to join us and that was hysterical! My dad was diving into the waves and mom was getting thrashed around. It was great. I don’t know how long we were down there, but it was a while. I looked at my sister at one point and she had gotten knocked so hard with a wave that her boob was full on just not in her bathing suit anymore. I was crying I was laughing so hard. Then I realized just how full of sand I was. I reached around and felt my ass and there was so much sand in my bathing suit, it probably looked like I had a load in there! It took forever in the shower to get the sand out of everything. Holy shit it was fun though. That night we were so drained we ordered pizza in the room and watched a movie.

Friday came all too quick. I wanted to cry knowing it would be our last day sitting at the pool. But we made the most of it. My sister and I had the chance to go on an ATV ride, but we decided we wanted to hang at the pool and play in the ocean again. We bought a few more things and just enjoyed our last day of vacation. Oh, we did get massages. I had never had a massage before and I seriously thought I died and went to heaven. If I was rich, I would get one every damn week. It was amazing. That night we went to a super fun, nice dinner. I had steak and lobster…so good! And we were sitting outside and go to watch the ocean and the waves that night were just out of control. They were coming up so high on the beach. We walked around the night taking pictures and just enjoying it.

Saturday was all about packing and then we went and had breakfast. Bought a few more things and were on our way to the airport. I was so sad, but happy to get back to reality. As much as I loved it, I had a hard time not working for that long. I was looking forward to getting up on Sunday morning and getting back into the swing of things. The flights home were a lot better than on the way there even though we almost didn’t make our connecting flight in Arizona. They held the plane ten minutes for us (there were about 9 of us trying to get on the flight). When we got to the gate, the plane was still there but they told us they wouldn’t open the door for us and we would have to catch a flight at 7. I don’t know what happened, but they opened it and were able to get on, which was nice. Coming back to snow wasn’t fun though.

There are the events of my trip. I might have missed a few things, but that was the majority of it all. It was wonderful and I really want to go again and there is talk it will happen next year!!


I decided on Sunday that I am going to give up drinking until May 25th. I was actually going to start the whole thing on Sunday, but realized that Monday is the better day to start something new, so I made sure to get my drinking out of the way. I know that it is definitely something that I can do because it is something that I want to do. And I don't think it will be all that hard. Yea, maybe at times like Cince de Mayo or Jen's birthday. But I know I will still have fun.

Me deciding not to was simply because it sounded like something good to do. There was no bet at all involved in it...until last night. Kylen made a bet with me that I couldn't go two weeks for the simple fact that there is a party we are supposed to go to on Saturday night and just because he said he is going to try like hell to get me to drink just because I said I won't. So all last night he was offering me beer and wine. But I held my ground and said no. In fact, it didn't even sound good last night. I guess it could've been that I didn't feel good. The bet is this:

If he wins: I have to wax his boat.

If I win: He has to detail the inside of my truck and wash and wax it.

All I can say is that I am super excited knowing how good my truck is going to look in two weeks!!!