Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eli Domesticated????

I know the thought is beyond real right??? RIGHT????

Yea, not so much anymore. The guy has really been amazing me lately. He has been spending time in the yard making it all nice and green and pretty for me. I remember when I moved into the house everyone asking me about mowing my yard and I laughed because I knew I wouldn't be the one doing it. I was right, Eli takes good care of me and does it for me. He has even fertilized and done whatever else he told me he was going to do. The lawn is looking fabulous. Back in October, his parents bought us a cool plant for his house. I think I have watered it maybe a handful of times. If it weren't for Eli, the damn thing would be dead.

The other day we were at the store getting a couple birthday cards and I noticed him down the isle looking at plants. (Real quick side note, Eli also cleaned my whole downstairs for me on Sunday!!!). Then I noticed in his hand he had grabbed some plant food for the plant his parents got us and two that I got a couple months ago. As I was getting ready to walk and check out, he pointed out a plant, which was gorgeous and was telling me he liked it and that he read about it and it is really easy to take care of. He was so excited about this damn thing, that I told him to go ahead and get it. I of course started looking around and found another cool looking plant, but more fell in love with the pot that it was in.

Here is the plant that Eli picked out and is all excited to take care of:
The color is gorgeous really. (Oh and Shannon, notice there is no fruit in it now, just pictures!)
And this is the one that I got. It is now sitting in the corner of my tub upstairs in my bathroom. It actually looks amazing and really added a little extra up there.
Isn't the pot pretty? I just love it. And I thought it was super cool how thin the flower itself is.
This is the plant his parents got us. It has nearly doubled in size. I am looking for a new, prettier pot to put it in, but am very picky.
This is one that we got a month or so ago. It has really grown a lot. You can even see the new leaves that have sprouted.

I think Eli has found himself a new hobby. It is so funny. I never in a million years thought he would be a plant guy and enjoy having them around and taking care of them.

Oh and I keep meaning to take pictures of the changes that are happening on the street right now. It is a HUGE difference from when I moved in just over two months ago. So I will try to do that this week.

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Jeninacide said...

Good work Eli on keeping those plants alive! I make it my personal goal in life to kill all houseplants. I have no clue why I haven't succeeded yet. Must be that man I live with- going around, feeding the plants behind my back. Heh.