Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Wonderful Father's Day

I am sure the pictures will speak for themselves, but this year, Father's Day was just unbelieveable. The whole day, from start to finish. We got the kiddos from their mom at 10am and then were off to start the fun. First stop was my parents house. The day was beautiful, so we spent most of our time outside. The kids love it up there and definitely enjoy running around with little Rusty.

Madisen (my cousin, who is a couple months younger than Swae), Swae, little Rusty & Seth.
These two are so freaking cute together. They are constantly chatting away and have so much in common. I love watching them run around together.
The three amigos. You always find them together at any family function.
Seth asking my dad to turn off the sprinklers out back.
Quality time. I love it!!!!
My two favorite boys!! My dad is my favorite too, but I couldn't get all three together at once.
My mom and grandma getting breakfast ready. My mom would die if she knew this picture was up. She was all mad saying she looked bad. Ha! Sorry mom!
My Papa and cousin Laura.
My Aunt Debbie and Uncle Brian.
Uncle Matt and Eli.
Me and my Daddy! It is crazy what a daddy's girl I still am. Oh how I love the man!
Can you tell they are related or what? It's insane how much they look alike.
People dishing up. Oh the food was super yummy. Everyone ate plenty. The kids even ate again and they had eaten at their moms before we picked them up.
Playing in the yard some more. They loved the little water feature. That was where they spent most of their time. The other time was spent playing tag.
My cousins, sister, me, and the kiddos. Two of my cousins weren't there because they were in a softball tournament.
All of us with my Papa. I just love him.
My beautiful sister. I can't get over how big and old she is getting. All that she is doing and how much she is growing. She is just beautiful and I am so lucky to have her.
My sissy and me. I love taking pictures with her. She just makes me happy.
My dad and Papa. Looks like they were totally taking advantage of their Father's Day and relaxing. They both work hard and definitely deserve it.
Aw, my daddy! :)
Swae and Madisen. Joined at the hip when around each other.
The beautiful babies! Swae wanted to wear the new dress that Madisen got her for her birthday. It's so cute!
Dad and his girls.
Shannon says my shorts are short. I say it just looks that way cause I have long legs!
Playing, playing, playing.
Papa, Debbie, Brian, and my mom. Uncle Mike missed it. :(
Swae kicking back.
My dad and sister relaxing
Rusty just loves Swae.
Aw, so freaking cute!
The boy being all crazy like.
Just the 4 of us.
Look at Seth's face! He freaking cracks me up.
This was the best from the day. Pure happiness right there.
Daddy and his babies. Oh how they love their daddy.
Me and the little ones. Oh how I love these two.
After everyone else left, Seth decided it was time to play with my dad and scare him. He would crawl over, then pop up and make a "monster" noise to scare him.
My dad acting scared. So cute.
This went on for over ten minutes.
He thought he was pretty awesome - and he so is!
Now he tried a different plan of attack.
My sweet little Rusty dog. He looks so sad. He thought I was going to take his bone away, that is why I got a pouty look.
Happy little girl.
Swae and my dad. Look how cute. Brings a HUGE smile to my face.
HAHA! My mom was totally trying to explain why we shouldn't be taking a picture.
On our way to a friends house to hang out for the rest of the day!
Tired boy. He had a busy, tiring morning!
Normally Swae will fight me if I tell her to just sit back and rest, it took two minutes for this to happen.
I can't get over what a sweet angel head she is.
Seth and Swae's friend, Connor.
Swae loves the water.
Seth monkeying around on the jungle gym.
Look how happy she is and how much fun she was having.
The daddy's playing horse shoes.
Still cracking up with the ball.
Chasing the boys around on the bike.
Aren't they cute? They are only 5 days apart and have so much fun together.
Taking turns being the driver.
Daddy and his princess.
Enjoying the cool water on a hot day.
Seth watching Swae and Daddy.
Swae jumping in, getting all crazy!
Aw, he is just too cute!
He just makes me smile.
The day was absolutely wonderful. It seemed like it was two days it lasted so long. And every minute was great. I am so thankful to have such wonderful family in my life and to have two kids to brighten up our days. Everything seems to be falling into place.


H said...

holy hells bells!!! Great pictures!! What a beautiful day and a beautiful family!

angie said...

Love all the pictures!!! The picture of you and Eli together is my favorite...it's way cute! Sounds like you had a wonderful day with everyone!!