Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve

Can any of you believe that 2009 is almost over? There are only a handful of hours left. I remember thinking that 2010 would take forever to get here and here it is just around the corner.

I wish you all a wonderful, safe, and happy New Year! I hope for all happy and good things for 2010 and tons of blessings to all!!!

Christmas 2009 Pics - not in order

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! I hope your day is filled with love and happiness!

Our day has been wonderful. We spent the morning with Skylar, went to Eli's parents and then got Swae and Seth at 4. It has been wonderful and I am overwhelmed with happiness and love.

I have pictures to post and videos. But that will have to wait because I am going to enjoy the rest of this wonderful day with my wonderful family!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Visit With Santa

We went to see Santa on Monday. We got there early with hope that the line wouldn't be long, but no such luck. Thank goodness I have three very good kids because the hour didn't take long at all and I was able to get good least from Swae and Seth!
I handed Skylar to Santa and at first she just sat there looking at him and wasn't so sure. She did well until I walked away to get the picture and then she wanted to cry. I was able to hold of the tears long enough for a picture and then she was all done with Santa.

I am so excited for Christmas this year. Three fun babies to shop for and spend time with. Oh how lucky I am!

A First for Skylar!

Miss Skylar has gotten her first tooth. Her little cheeks have been crazy rosy for the last couple of days and she has fussed a little bit through the night. This morning I caught a glimpse of her at just the right angle and immediately stuck my finger in to feel. Sure enough, a little tooth had broke through! She doesn't want to show it off at all and clenches her mouth shut when I try to feel it. It is definitely going to be a bit weird when her little grin that she shows off so much is no longer toothless!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy 31st Birthday!

You are the man of my dreams, my everything. Happy Birthday to you my love. I love you today, everyday, always!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Giveaway

There is a giveaway going on for a Curious George DVD. If you are interested go and enter!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Last Thursday

For two years now, I have been following this woman. And for two years I have read about her life - her love for her husband, her whole family, and her little kitty. What attracted me most to her was how close she is to her family. It reminded me of how I am with my family. Not only that, I realized what a genuine person she really was. Reading her blog made me want to be a better person. And I found myself hoping that I could meet her and have a friendship with her. Lucky me, we formed a friendship. Last Thursday I got to meet her for the first time in person.

Who is 'her'? Megan from Yellow Polka Dotted Slugs.

Let me just tell you all that she is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog. I feel so very fortunate to have gotten close with her and I loved our visit together. At first I was a little nervous, but once I got to her house, it was like we had known each other for years. We talked for HOURS...literally. And might I add that she is the cutest pregnant person I have ever seen!!!! I even got to touch her belly!!! She hasn't had the easiest pregnancy and is currently on bed rest and she is handling better than anyone I have ever known. She is gorgeous. And she is going to be the most wonderful mother ever.

So much to say and I don't have the words to say them. That and little Miss Skylar is up from her nap and demanding some mommy time.

Megan, thank you again for such a wonderful afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed and am looking forward to hanging out again.

Thanksgiving 2009

It was a wonderful one at that! Oh how I love the holiday's. I truly enjoy being around my family. This year we were up at my parents which was very quiet and cozy! Seth and Swae were excited to help out in the kitchen and getting everything ready. They loved being the little "tasters" and letting us know that we were cooking to their liking! I am proud to say that we are raising very polite and helpful children. I couldn't be more thankful for the three of them. I am so thankful for my family and for all the memories we are creating.
We had quite the spread! Skylar enjoyed some mashed potatoes and playing! Seth and Swae cleared their plate.
Oh how I love this man!
Our three precious angels!!!!!
The Walker Family!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

9 Months Already!??!?!!!!

I can't believe that my baby girl is 9 months. Where the heck does the time go? And with the holiday's here, it is going even faster. I am sure all of you know this and can definitely relate!


My Precious Skylar,

The last two months have been huge milestones for you, Miss Skylar. Before 8 months you were crawling everywhere and no longer army crawling...unless you were being lazy! You mastered pulling yourself up on anything and everything and our DVD's definitely take a beating because of this. Our living room always looks like a bomb went off between them and your toys, but I love it. Now you are starting to get brave and get your balance and letting go of things and standing on your own. To think that you will be crawling soon blows my mind!

You are now sleeping through the night waking up between 5-6am. Mommy LOVES this! You love to eat and let us know at night that your belly is empty and you don't stop letting us know until food is being shoved in your mouth. Within the last week, you have started eating yogurt melts and rice puffs. You weren't sure of them at first, but now you enjoy sitting there and eating and most of all, feeding yourself. All the while, I am left realizing that you are becoming so much more independent than I am ready for!

You have picked up waving as well. When people wave at you "bye bye" you wave also. Sometimes you wave to the person, other times you wave to yourself and think you are the coolest thing ever waving that tiny little hand of yours. Oh and let me add that you also say, "bah bah" while doing it. The most common things that come out of you mouth are "ma ma ma ma" and "da da da da". I am thankful you have picked up that "da da" part because Daddy was starting to think I was brain washing you! Just kidding. Let us not forget that you also clap. This started when you started falling down from pulling yourself up on things and me clapping and saying, "YAY!!!" to keep you from crying. Anytime you hear "YAY" you start clapping. You are always so proud of the things you do - just like Mommy and Daddy!

You have quite the personality my little love. You start smiling and talking to me as soon as you wake up in the morning. I love it. While I don't enjoy early mornings (and am lucky that you usually sleep in til 7:30), I don't mind them because I have your bright, shining face to wake me up. I am so proud at how much better you are sleeping and in your own bed at that. You no longer are waking up crying in the middle of the night for mommy to come and hold you.

I love watching the way that you are bonding with your brother and sister. And it warms my heart more than anything to see just how much they both love you. Sissy loves to take care of you - love on you, carry you around, make you laugh, play with you...anything. She loves absolutely everything about you. She even wants to be with you when you are crying and not happy. And boy does your little chubby face light up when you see you sister. Brother adores you as well. He is starting to play with you more and more and sometimes he gets a bit rough. I think that he forgets that you are a little baby and not a toy for him. Although, you don't seem to mind. Every time you guys play, he is rolling you around and wrestling. And just the other day, Mommy almost died because when I looked over, he had your head wrapped in a blanket and was dragging you around. Yes, he was dragging you around BY YOUR HEAD! There is no doubt that you are going to be on tough little cookie. The love the three of you share is truly unique.

Skylar Marie, Mommy loves you more than anything. I melt when you make the cute little noises that you do when you smile at me. I love when you want to snuggle me and when only mommy will do. I love the way that you "pet" my belly and back while you are eating. I love how soft and smooth your skin is. I love your chubby little legs. I love your cute little button nose. I love absolutely everything about you. And while I miss you being a tiny baby, I am loving watching you grow, watching you explore, watching you learn. Mostly, I love being your Mommy.

I love you forever.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween 2009

So the pictures are completely our of order and there are a lot of them. After our trip the pumpkin patch, we took Skylar up to my parents house to visit and then we trick or treated at my grandparents and aunt and uncle's house. From there, we went to Tara and Wes's Halloween party.

All the girls at the party - the princess (mini bumble bee) was sleeping.
Wes and Eli
Skylar with Michael Jackson..haha
Tara and Wes
Daddy and Skylar
Tara, Wes and I taking a jello shot in Kara's honor :)
Tara and I

Just the three of us...Swae and Seth were with their mom this year :(

Skylar with Uncle Matt and Aunt Debbie
Aunt Debbie and Skylar
Grammie and Skylar
Us girls with Papa
Papa and his great-grandbaby girl :)

See the stinger on her booty?? So freaking cute.

Pumpkin Patch

On Halloween, Eli and I took Miss Skylar to the pumpkin patch for the first time. I love to watch her little eyes get all big when she looks around at her surroundings and sees things for the first time.

She wasn't so sure what to think of the hay touching her bare feet. Nor was she too sure of the pumpkin that was bigger than her!

She loved banging on the the pumpkins.
Smiling at her Daddy...can you not tell that she absolutely adores him!?
Daddy and his princess.
Me and my sweet angel!
First trip was short and sweet. We looked around, played with the pumpkins, got some great pictures and were on our way. Our little pumpkin is just precious! :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Bumble Bee's :)

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Daddy & Skylar's Trick

I know it's a bit blurry because it was taken on my cell phone, but you can totally see what's going on! Skylar loves this. She thinks it is so awesome and Eli and can hold her like that for a long time. At times it makes my heart stop for a minute, but I know she is totally safe!
Watching Eli with her, Swae and Seth just melts my heart. He is such a wonderful father!

Friday, October 30, 2009

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at her!! :)

So Wednesday afternoon Skylar was hanging out and playing around. Lately she has been pulling herself to her knees. But Wednesday, she shocked the crap out of me. I was watching her sitting on her knees and playing and then out of no where, she pulled herself up and was STANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I about lost my mind with excitement. I didn't have my camera close by and was I quickly reached for my cell phone and snapped the picture one handed.

I can't even believe it. Not even 8 months old! It is so exciting and at the same time it makes me a bit sad because I realize that she is no longer just a little baby. She is getting to be a big girl. And it has happened so quick.

--I am just stoked I got it on camera!!!!--

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Decision

I made a big decision last week.

I am going back to work at my serving job. I haven't worked there in two years and the boss welcomed me back with open arms and couldn't wait to put me back on the schedule. My best day serving was Sunday mornings and he even gladly gave me back my day. It was awesome.

I will start just working Sundays - every other Sunday will be a few hours (the weekends we have Swae and Seth) and the other most of the day. While I don't like the thought of being away from my family, I think it will be good for me. I think it will be good for the kiddos and Eli. I just feel that I need a little something different in my routine. Don't get me wrong. I love being a stay at home mommy and being with Skylar all the time. I love going to the gym and doing any and everything that I want. But I think I am missing feeling like I am contributing to the family. Eli doesn't really understand me going back. He feels bad, but I keep telling him it has nothing to do with him or him not doing enough. It is a personal decision for me.

I actually went in last night for a few hours. I was nervous/excited all day. Walking in I was all jittery, but then it all came flooding back and I couldn't wait to jump back in and get started. It did break my heart when I was leaving the house and Swae and Seth were bummed out and saying they didn't want me to go. But they had a great night with their daddy. And I was sure to snuggle both of them while they were sleeping when I got home.

I am anxious for Sunday and very excited. It's like starting a new adventure. The good thing? I don't have to give up my gym time! And I still get tons and tons of time with my family!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mommy's Water Baby :)

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Year Ago...

One year ago, I married my best friend, my lover, my soul mate, my partner for life. I am so blessed to have married such a wonderful man. Not only is he a fabulous husband, but an incredible father.
The love we share seems to grow with each day we embrace together.
I love you today and every day Eli. You are my everything and I am so happy to have you be the one at my side in life.

Happy Anniversary Eli! I love you - forever and always!