Friday, June 6, 2008

Still Gone

As if you guys didn't think I was nuts before, here is even more proof that I am losing my mind. I just now realized that this morning when I put something in our mail, I sent it to the wrong person. Yep, it's already in route. I did however call the person that will be receiving it and let her know that I have lost my mind and to please just send it back.

Second, we are doing a huge phone conversion. We have some people with restricted phones and some that are not restricted. Well we found out that the people with the restricted phones figured out how to change their settings and were changing their phones to be unrestricted. HUGE pain in the ass people. Now we are having to get all the unrestricted phones back in the office and change all the settings and the security code on the phones. I am helping with this. I have changed a few and all of a sudden I went to make another change, put in the NEW security code that I entered and it is coming up...INCORRECT! I enter in the "new" code, not once but TWICE and can't for the life of me figure out what I changed it to because it definitely isn't what it should have been changed to.

At least I made the changes that needed to be made before I put in a mysterious code. Ugh...

What the hell is going on with me??

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