Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Office

Since I got a camera for Christmas, I have been a picture freak. I have taken more pictures in the last six months then I think I have my whole life. And I love it. I can look through them and remember all the good times and laugh. It is awesome. I only wish that I would have done it more in the past. I remember when my Papa passed, I was devestated because we didn't have that many pictures together (he didn't like them and I hardly took them). Now, I have my camera with my constantly and am always snapping away.

This is what the cabinets in my office look like right now.
And I have a stack of pictures that I still want to put up and be able to look at every day. I have a couple bare walls and everyone keeps telling me I need to hand something so I started thinking I should invest in a picture frame that holds a ton of pictures. Something like this:

Then I could totally get a few smaller ones or more to add to it so that it all matches. I found that one above at Target. It's $49. I think I might still have a gift card from Christmas for there that I could use to get it. Hhhhmmmmm, either that or something for the house. I'll have to decide.

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