Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last Night Re-cap

Ok, so back to last night. Shannan and I had been planning since Monday that we would get together and walk Wednesday night. She said that she would be ready around 5:30. I didn't care when we started. I couldn't even tell you what time she was texting me, telling me she was running late and something about something. I laughed and knew I would see her when I saw her. Next she is asking if I want Starbucks. Sure, why not. Why would I pass up a free coffee?? (Thank you again by the way!) She says something like she will be to my house soon and that was that.

In what seemed like forever later, I get a text saying, "I'll be there as soon as I get unlost." I seriously almost peed my pants laughing. I asked where she was, I get, "A dead end". Are you kidding me?!?! I was dying. Only she could get that lost. Not only did she not bother to turn around and go back the direction she came, she kept going on some dirt road, completely missed the turn to my house, and ended up way the other direction. I couldn't believe it. Only her, only her.

The walk was nice though. It was three miles and we talk the ENTIRE time. There were no weird silences or anything (at least in my opinion). It was just nice to be out, with a friend, and just talking about anything and everything. It seems like forever since I have had that. Little Codi wasn't so please though because he was starving, so he was pissed for the last quarter of our walk. Shannon totally surprised me coming in and nursing in my living room, putting Codi down, and asking for water. She didn't rush out of the house. She seemed like she was actually 'a little' comfortable being there. Codi is the cutest thing and was totally standing and gradually walking himself around my ottoman. I couldn't believe that he was doing it and not even 7 months old!

The night turned out great. I needed a friend last night. I had Eli, of course, but a girl friend was great too. I have had some stuff going on and Eli, my family, and her have been the biggest support and I couldn't be more grateful.

Thanks again, Shannon. I had a great time!!!!

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