Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seth's 1st Day of Kindergarten (9-7-10)

My sweet little man started school. Where, oh where, does the time go!???! Seth couldn't wait at all to start. And what a big day it was. He was all smiles. He was sure to have us buzz his little noodle. He got some new clothes, two new backpacks, and a cool water bottle that he is still talking about!! He knew about five kids in his class before even walking in from daycare and was beyond excited to play with them before school started. He is so ready and willing to learn. They get green cards or red cards depending on their behavior for the day. So far he has gotten all green. Once he gets 20 green cards, he gets a special present. He likes his teacher and seems to really be adjusting well. Today he got to pack a teddy bear because they were having a teddy bear picnic. So many cute things!!
It is so hard to grasp how big he is getting. To think that soon he won't be going to school for half a day but all day just like Swae and that Skylar will be in school. I look forward to the adventures and just pray that he keeps enjoying school and wanting to learn.

Little man, I love you so much and am so proud of how far you have come already. I can't wait to watch you learn and grow this year. I will be right by your side supporting you the whole way through. I love you!!!

Miss Skylar - 18 months (9-6-10)

Oh little noodle, a year and a half already!?!?!! Where the heck has the time gone? I want it to stop or slow down...or something. My little girl isn't really that little anymore. She is becoming more and more independent with every passing day. There are more and more words coming out of her mouth and they aren't always the simple ones. She is trying for more complex things. She is starting to use please and thank you at the appropriate times. She is sure to tell her sister and brother "night night" and "I love you" at bed time. She doesn't say "no" like a normal kid does. She totally drags out the 'n'. Her saying "no" is the cutest..."nnnnnno". I love it. I don't mind her saying it at this point because she doesn't say it to me or at bratty times. I do know that time will come, but for now I am going to enjoy her little cuteness with it.

Skylar loves to lay on the first stair. She takes over pillows and sets up her little area. And she likes to bury herself. She loves looking at books and being read to. She loves playing with all her toys and having friends to play with. Sharing is not one of her best strong suits at all. She definitely feels the need to hoard her toys. Maybe this has to do from her brother trying to keep all his toys from her?? Who knows. We are working on it though. She loves to have fun, she loves to laugh and she loves being a happy little girl.

Skylar is so full of life. She has the best, most unique personality of any child I have ever known. Her facial expressions are hilarious and they blow me away. She definitely has the scowl down perfectly. She does it more to be funny though than anything. The minute she knows that she does something funny, she is sure to do it again. Yes, we have an attention lover on our hands. Quite the little comedian...just like her big brother. In fact, she takes after Seth a lot. I attribute this to them spending so much time together. Regardless, I love the comedian-ness and I love that Skylar shares some traits with Seth. Skylar looks up to Swae so much. She tries to be just like her and if I want her to do something, I tell her that sissy does it and then it makes it ok.

My big girl sleeps through the night in her own bed...that is when Daddy isn't having her sleep in bed with us just because he wants to snuggle with her. I'm not going to lie, I enjoy having her snuggled up with us just as much. And there is a part of me that wants to cherish her being so close because I know that we won't have the same opportunity for moments like we do now. I will stop what I am doing to hold her, be with her, play with her, do anything with her. I truly hold every moment close to me. I want to remember every moment, every smile, every laugh. I love the way that she looks at me. I love feeling like I am her world and I never, ever want that to change.

We went yesterday to her 18 month well check and the doctor said I definitely have a smart cookie on my hands. This I already knew! She is tall and skinny. 97% for height and 46% for weight. Tall and skinny. No surprise here. What was a surprise was that she has a double ear infection. Poor baby girl. So not only was she not feeling well to begin with, she really wasn't feeling good after getting three shots. BOO shots!

Skylar Marie, you are my world little lady, my everything. I love you with all my heart and all my soul. I will forever cherish you and love you and think that you are the greatest little girl in the world. I love you little noodle brain.

I remember life before Skylar and how I thought I had it all. I never realized that my life would change so much and how much better things could have gotten.

Baby #2 - 24-26 week belly pics

26 weeks 2 days

25 weeks 1 day

24 weeks 3 days

Gosh I am quite a slacker for missing so many weeks of posting. Miss Sierra is definitely growing that is for sure and I am sure you can tell from the pictures. You can check out the difference between week 26 with Skylar HERE. And boy is she still so low! I don't think I have felt any movement near my belly button yet. Everything is so damn low. Sierra gets in some strange positions too and it literally takes every fiber of my being to not pee my pants and I am not joking at all. And there are plenty of things she does (and I have no idea what exactly they are!) that are so extremely uncomfortable. Other that those little things, all has been wonderful and awesome. I am enjoying watching my belly move, enjoying feeling the closeness to Sierra with all her little movements. I have grown very accustomed to getting in bed at night and waiting for her to wake up and move around. She always does and I lay there just feeling her and eventually falling asleep feeling so at ease and at peace.

I have really been trying to talk to Skylar more about the baby and express that there is a baby in my belly. She now says baby and will lay on my belly and and kiss the baby. The doctor told me to teach her that she is "big" so that way she doesn't feel that she is in competition with Sierra when she gets here. So that is what I am going to be doing. Skylar is a definite mommy's girl and loves to snuggle and I think she is really going to have a hard time when Sierra comes...especially when I am breast feeding as Skylar's favorite thing to do is sit on my lap and rest her head on my chest and rub the skin of my chest. Aaahhhh! Time will tell. I think it will be ok.

Seth is coming around to having another sister. He is very protective of the belly and loves telling people about the baby in my belly. Swae is just excited period. She is getting very excited with the thought of having a new baby around. She is all about the belly and is so happy that she is now able to feel her sister moving around.

I am just so excited knowing this little girl is going to be here soon! Like three months soon. Do you see the ticker at the top of the page?! Less than a 100 days left. That is insane. I am nervous with the thought of soon having four little ones. I am just thankful knowing that I have two big is just unfortunate that they aren't around all the time. I know they miss when they are away from Skylar and I am sure it is just going to be harder with Sierra coming. I am excited to go shopping. I strolled through Babies R Us the other day and while I was in there I realized that I really don't need hardly anything! I'm definitely super excited for newborn little, so cute!

Oh Sierra Rose, how mommy loves you and can't wait to meet you!!!!