Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I am absolutely exhausted today...like dragging a$$ tired. Yesterday totally wore me out. Not only that, the little one slept all day yesterday and therefore was up more last night than usual. I should have slept in longer than I did, but I didn't. Instead I got up and started looking up some things for the wedding, doing laundry, hanging out with my little girl, and just little things. I wanted to take a nap, but time got away from me and I will now be leaving here in a few to go get the little ones! :) I can't wait to have us all be together tonight. I think tonight I will be going to bed early. I definitely need it.

Tomorrow, Seth and I have some errands to run after we drop Swae off. My plan is to get it all done as quick as possible so we are able to take a nap before we get Swae from school!

Oh how I love naps..LOVE THEM!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Wedding Plans

Now that Skylar has arrived, we are back into the wedding planning full swing. For those of you that are newer to reading, Eli and I got married in October of 2008 but are having a big wedding this July. We have most everything done, but are now buttoning down the rest of the details.

So far we have the photographer picked out along with the videographer, DJ, cake, flowers, place (for wedding and reception), caterer, all center pieces are done, we have most of the favors done other than last minute touches. I know there is a lot more, but I can't think of it all off the top of my head right now.

Today I went with my mom and grandma to do some more wedding things. We went the rental place to figure out the tables and that sort of thing. Let me just tell you that the reception is going to be beautiful. The tables are going to look awesome and to think that everything on them that you see (other than the plates, glasses, napkins, etc.) will all be hand crafted! I am so excited. Being able to see it was awesome. We got a few more things that we need to do some touches, got some decorations for the cocktail tables, and then some. I am just stoked. We were so productive. It feels so good to know that things are getting done.

In a couple weeks we will be going to pick out bridesmaid dresses. I had one picked out that I loved, but the place that it was from is completely flaky. Now that I have decided not to use them, I have heard from a few different people nothing but bad things. So, we are starting from square one there. I know what dress I want to get for Swae to wear, now I just have to buy it. And I want to look for something cute for Skylar to wear because she has to look like a little princess too!

Eli and I went on Sunday to wear he bought my engagement ring to get it sized. I didn't do it sooner since I found out I was pregnant right at the same time of getting engaged and I didn't want to take a chance of swelling and not being able to wear it. So I am without it for a week while it is getting made much smaller. Let me just tell you all how naked I feel. I freaked out earlier feeling like I had lost it or something until I remembered where it was. And the best part!!!! While we were there, we started looking at wedding bands and we found the perfect one. Two more payments and it is ours. It is absolutely beautiful. I am so excited.

I can't believe that the wedding is less that four months away. I can't wait. This is something that I have dreamed about my entire life and after figuring out the touches we did today, I have no doubt that it is going to be beautiful. I can't wait to add the new piece to my ring. I can't wait to walk down the aisle to the love of my life. Swae and Seth are so excited. They love knowing that they get to be a part of something so important in our lives, something so important for their lives.

I no longer have baby on the brain, just wedding! Don't get me wrong, I am all about loving on Skylar and enjoying every minute, but now her and I will be busy getting last minute things done.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Glimpse

Of what makes my heart melt when we are all together!

My FOUR loves!!

And of course the little momma loving on her sister.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Definitely Want It

Jane from In the Waiting Line is having a wonderful giveaway in honor of her 100th post. It is the cutest wine carrier ever!!! And being a little wino, you can imagine I would be absolutely thrilled to be the lucky winner of this giveaway. Look how cute it is!!!

If you would like a shot at being the proud owner of this (and me secretly hating you if it is you and not me!!!), go HERE to enter!

Friday, March 27, 2009

3 Weeks!!!!!

My oh my what a wonderful three weeks it has been!!! My sweet little angel has definitely got a personality of her own. She makes the sweetest little sounds in the whole world. She is starting to try to coo and is practicing her smile (and not just the gas ones!). She definitely has a set of lungs on her and will let you know when she is pissed off - yep, definitely my girl!

She is our pride and joy. I know I have said it before, but our lives are now complete. It is hard to think back to what life was like without her and she has only graced us with her presence for three weeks. She loves her bouncer and swing. She enjoys hanging out on the floor. In fact, she is hanging out on the floor with her daddy right now. He is so cute with her.

Today I was changing Skylar's diaper and she was hungry and Swae and Seth were in her room with us. They both sat there talking to her and cooing at her and within seconds she stopped crying and was just staring at them, listening to their voices. She loves her big brother and sister so much. Swae is a little momma. She is always reminding Seth to wash is hands and she loves just hanging out holding Skylar. Seth likes holding her for a short while, but likes being able to play around and come to her every now and then and kiss on her. So freaking cute!

A few pictures from floor time earlier today.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Begin Tangent

While blogging is so wonderful in so many different ways, there are some people that always seem to rain on the parade.

Blogging has been an absolutely amazing experience for me. My entire life I have had a journal and written down things that were on my mind and needed to be worked through. I loved writing and found it so therapeutic. Then I got into blogging. It has been an even better experience for me. Not only am I able to get things out, I have a network of blogging friends, people that can relate and have even been in the same situation before. It is nice to know that you aren't alone. It is nice to have so many others that are able to offer up some advice or just be there for support.

I write about everything. I have had to some what censor things on this blog due to certain people reading it that I would rather not and a situation that happened with my last job. I learned a lot. I learned to be careful what I say. I realized that what I am putting out there anyone could find. And for that reason, I have a private blog. This way I am still able to get out what I need to and I don't have to worry about people reading that have no business. I have learned not to say names, not to talk shit about someone unless I would say it to their face or already have. I am the type of person that is able to tell someone when I have a problem with them. I am the type of person that appreciates when other people have the courage to come to me and be honest when they have a problem with me. I hate cowards. I think it is shallow when people bash others to make themselves feel better, constantly slam others (apparently I am a backstabbing bitch, hehe)...you get the point.

I don't use my blog as a place to slam other people. I don't use my blog as a means of shit talking. I don't use my blog as anything other than a journal space. A space to share life stories. Some are good, some are bad. I use it as a place to come and vent about frustrations in my life - to get things out so that I am able to move on from them. I don't dwell on things. It is a miserable way to live life and I refuse to live that way. I want to surround myself with positive things, positive feelings. The quicker I get the negative out, the better. Since I have been doing this, I have been happier. I don't hang onto things and I feel better.

It amazes me when people can go back through old posts and assume that they are being talked about. I know that every blogger reading this is nodding their head and knowing exactly what I am talking about. It happens all the time. I know I have been guilty of it - I have read a post and been like, "Wow, I hope she wasn't talking about me..." But then I remember that this is a big world. I realize that other person has many other people in their lives other than me and figure that if someone did have a problem with me, they would come to me. More people should have this take. I have had NUMEROUS people read things and assume I was talking about them. It is so annoying especially when it had nothing to do with them and when they get their panties in a bunch for no reason. However, I have had respect for the people that have come to me to ask if what I wrote was about them. Again, more people should try this.

If you have come to my blog to search for something to hold against me, please don't waste your time. Figure out something else to do with your time. I am not using this as a place for drama. I am not in high school and not about to play little games. Unless I say your name, please don't assume that I am talking about you. And please don't get upset about something I write if I have already said it to you. Also, I ask anyone to please come to me if you think I am bashing you in anyway before jumping to the conclusion that I am writing about you. We are all adults here.

End tangent.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Door at Work

I stopped by my work last week with the baby. I had been hearing that people had been asking about us and wanted to see Skylar and since I was out I figured it would be nice. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my door. My boss had taken a bunch of the pictures that I had sent her and put them up all over my door announcing our little arrival. I think that she did a wonderful job.
While I was there everyone was telling me how much they missed me and can't wait for me to come back. It was sweet and very nice to know that I am missed. I have to admit that I am not missing being at work. I am still enjoying my time at home. I am enjoying the quality time with my precious daughter. So much of me can't imagine going back to work and then there is just as big of a part that can't imagine not having a job. I am so torn!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I received this lovely award from Tunay Na Mahal. Thank you so much for the award. You are so sweet and I enjoy reading your blog.
I received this award from Carie and am very grateful. Carie is a wonderful person and if you haven't checked out her blog, you should. I have already tagged people for this award so I won't be doing it again. Thank you Carie for the award!
I received this award from The Tale of a Southern Belle. Thank you so much friend. Please check out her blog. She is funny and fun and a joy to read. With this award you are to state 7 things you love and tag 7 people. I have done this too, but I will go ahead and do the 7 things I love!
1. My family - I feel like we are not complete. Each of the little ones are perfect in every way and I am so in love with them. And my husband of course is just amazing.
2. Our health
3. Having time off from work - I am cherishing every single minute of every single day!
4. Friends - they are so important and I feel that I have the best ones a girl could ever ask for.
5. Our home - for years I moved and moved. Each and every place just felt like another stopping point. It never felt like home. For once, I feel at home. I love our house, I love our home. It is a place of comfort and security. It is so nice for us all to have our own space. I am enjoying decorating it (slowly, but it's getting done). And I love that the kids LOVE having a house, their own rooms and hearing them say how much they love it.
6. Pictures - being able to look back at all the memories, experiences. Seeing how much Seth and Swae have grown the last two years, how there are already little things about Skylar that are changing. I have a few hundred more to print out and then I need to get busy getting them in albums or at least half way organized!
7. Being a Mom - it is something that I have always wanted since I was a little girl. I full on accepted the role with Swae and Seth and couldn't (and still am) be more proud and excited. I love being such a huge part of their life. I love teaching them new things and having a hand in how they are raised. Those two little ones are absolutely adorable and the light of my life. Having Skylar has given me an even greater joy. My pregnancy was perfect. I loved the entire thing. I love even more having her with me, looking at her, everything about her. Being a mom is the most wonderful thing in the entire world and I wouldn't change it for anything. I am so blessed to not have one, but three.


I have been reading everyone's posts about Spring and the lovely weather. And while we had a couple days of nice weather, I woke up to it SNOWING. Yes that is right. The lovely white stuff pouring out of the sky. Rumor has it, there will be more of it coming tonight. Gotta love the weather here. No wonder there are so many people sick with colds.

But I can't complain too much. I have no problem at all staying in the house with the heat on and snuggling up with my little button. Speaking of the little button, she is sitting next to me on her boppy sleeping all cute like. Just a little bit ago I was talking to her and she was smiling away. Oh how I love every single thing about her sweet self. My favorite things are her soft skin, her button nose, her sweet little perfect lips, how little she is, her sweet little faces she makes, the way she sticks out her long little tongue. Ugh, I could go on and on.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! I know I am going to enjoy mine!

Friday, March 20, 2009

2 Weeks

Two weeks ago today I gave birth to the most perfect, beautiful little girl. Two weeks ago I fell in love, a love that is completely indescribable (other moms get it though). Two weeks ago my life changed and I couldn't be more happy. These last two weeks have been wonderful. I have enjoyed every minute of every day spent with her. Even the nipple pain is worth it! And yes, it is getting better. I am noticing that she is starting to stay awake for longer periods of time during the day. Just this morning she sat for a couple hours almost just looking around and enjoying her bouncer while I got ready and did some things before we left for the day. She is still doing excellent on her sleeping and for that I am so happy and thankful. She gets up once for the most part during the night - on a rare occasion it is twice.

Today we had Skylar's two week check-up. Doctor is totally happy with her. She now weighs 7 pounds and is 20.5 inches. She is in the 80th percentile for her head, 75% for her length and 25% for her weight. She is just a little peanut.

Below are a couple of pictures that I took of her this morning while I was getting ready!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18

Today is when Skylar was due. Crazy that she's already here and almost two weeks old.

Today marks one year ten months AND five months of being married to the most wonderful man in the world. I look forward to four months from today and having our wedding with our family and friends. Eli is perfect for me. Together we have gone through so much and changed each others lives all for the better. I still get butterflies when I see him. The way he looks at me makes me melt. And oh how I still lust after him. I am so grateful to be with him and lucky that I get to spend my life with someone so great!

Wordless Wednesday - Absolutely Priceless

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The First Few Minutes of Life

Fresh out. I got to help wipe her off. It was wonderful. Look at her already holding my finger...something she does all the time.
She was pissed...cold and didn't want to be messed with anymore.

Proud Daddy making the call that she was here - all choked up...SWOON!

Showing off her big feet.
hehe, still not happy being messed with by the nurse.
There are many, many more to come like Daddy holding her for the first time and the family meeting her as well.


Feeling no pain!!

I love being tickled!!
My Papa took this picture. My toes look good huh?? Good thing I made it to the pedi appointment!

Oh how I love him!
This was all labor. Then the pushing came and I popped out the most beautiful little girl ever. Just after birth pictures up next!!! :)


I did it. I accomplished everything I set out to do yesterday. I got downstairs clean which was a huge relief in itself. I finally sorted through some things that had been sitting forever. It was nice to get things sorted and put away. Paid all our bills...yuck. But it's done. Did laundry. Gave Skylar a normal bath now that her belly button is normal.

While it might not seem like much, it was. And I was dead tired at the end of the day. The little one and I went to bed just after our 9pm feeding. Thank goodness I have such a great baby.

Tuesday...I haven't decided what I'm going to do. Part of me just wants to chill and hold my baby girl since I didn't much with all my cleaning. Then part of me wants to clean upstairs. But that can be done another day. I'm leaning more toward snuggle time with Skylar!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The First of Many!

Making Me Happy Monday

Here is another edition of the things that make me happy.

*My wonderful family

*Hearing Swae call her sister "sissy" and run to give her kisses and hugs

*Watching Swae hold her sister and ever so gently lean down and kiss the top of her head and talk and sing to her

*Seeing Seth rub on little Skylar and give her sweet kisses

*Listening to both kids tell Skylar how much they love her when they go to sleep at night

*That I am getting things done today. Now I just need to get the house clean...right now it is stressing me out and overwhelming me...but it will be OK

*For my husband. He is so helpful and loving. He is a wonderful husband to me and an even better father to all three kids. He makes me feel as though I am doing something right with this whole newborn thing.

*Hearing Eli tell me how proud he is of me. Words can't even begin to express how much this means to me or how it makes me feel.

*That my aunt is bringing over dinner for tonight. She is so sweet. She was initially going to make something with a tomato sauce, but my sister let her know that would upset Skylar's tummy...so she made some chicken dish with a salad. Sounds fabulous!!!!

Alright, I have other things to get done. I think I totally just broke a record though posting TWICE in one day...I had a hard time posting twice in one week last week!

Working On It

I'm making progress here people!!!!

I am up and I am getting things done. I have laundry going, dishwasher unloaded, actually ate breakfast and am now paying bills. Next up...some cleaning, down loading pictures and actually POSTING them. This of course is all pending the little sweetie continue being happy being propped in her boppy or bouncer for a little bit! :)

Oh and let me also add that I am sick of the damn wind. It has been howling...so freaking annoying. I am tired of hearing things fly around and bang. I am tired of just hearing the howling in general. I'm ready for some nice weather already. If it is going to be windy, then it might as well bring in a storm - snow, rain. Something. Anyone else with me??

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Remember When?

I had all of you guess when Skylar would grace us by coming into this world?? Well I just now went through all the comments and no one guessed Friday March 6. All the days before and even after were guessed. Just not her actual due date. Crazy huh?

This weekend has been wonderful. We have been our family of 5 - complete. And it's gone every bit as well as I thought it would. Swae and Seth are in love with their little sister. Swae is always wanting to hold her and help out. She gets so excited everytime Skylar wakes up. The cutest thing though is her calling Skylar 'sissy'. It's adorable. The way the both of them talk to her is just priceless and heart melting. Seth loves to rub on her head and give her little kisses. Skylar is not sissy to him. She is Baby Skylar. It's cute.

This weekend has just been awesome. We realize now, more than ever, that we are incredibly blessed. We have three beautiful children and a wonderful home. We couldn't ask for more. We are so grateful for our lives, our family.

It's Gone

Sweet girl lost her umbilical cord this afternoon. It was hanging by a thread during her little sponge bath. Next changing it was off and I'm left looking at a sweet little belly button. :) She is so amazing!!!


I'm not gonna lie, my left nipple hurts so freaking bad. And no amount of cream is helping. My goodness. My whole body goes tense and then HOT from the pain. She is so lucky I love her because this pain is terrible!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

One Week Old

I can't believe that just a week ago I had this sweet little girl! It is so crazy how time flies. I am feeling wonderful. She is doing fantastic. I fall more and more in love every single day. I love being a mommy. I love everything about this job. And I couldn't imagine not spending each and every day with her.

It has been an adjustment in the sleep department, but I am getting the hang of it. Power naps are just a necessity sometimes! She does very good during the night and for that I am extremely lucky and thankful. She is a good little eater too! Oh and I pumped for the first time today...so crazy! I didn't know what to expect. It was easy, but just...weird feeling!

I am enjoying this so much. I promise I will be better about blogging. And about posting pictures. I just haven't wanted to spend time away from such a perfect little girl!

I was able to get on my mom's scale today which is the one I first weighed in on when I found out I was pregnant. That day I was 126. Today I weighed in at 133.5. At least I know I will be back where I need to be for my wedding dress!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

So In Love - Part II

The nurses let me keep Skylar with me...longer than they probably should have. They came in and had me go to the bathroom and then put me in the wheelchair to take me upstairs. Let me tell you, since I was so numb from the epidural, getting up out of bed was a challenge. And right as I was getting up to go in the bathroom, Kara and Tara walking in straight off the plane from Vegas. Perfect timing. It made the whole experience complete and even more perfect.

I got to hold my little girl and take her up to the nursery. They let me sit in there while they weighed her and measured her. And I asked them to let me know when they were going to bath her so that Eli and I could be there. Then it was off to one of the new rooms. It was so nice. The bed was super comfy. The gown was extra soft and easy for nursing. People were in and out and Eli and I were just getting comfortable and getting set up. It wasn't long before we got the call that they were getting ready to do her bath, so we headed back down to the nursery. I was walking so stupid...still trying to get full feeling back into my right leg. Eli was afraid to let go of me and let me walk by myself. It was cute.

Skylar hated her first bath. She was pissed. Her little cry made me smile, but also brought tears to my eyes. I kept talking to her and held her hand for most of it. Once they had her all bundled up she was fine. And she loved when they scrubbed her little head. I got some great pictures. Then it was back under the heat lamp for her to get her temperature back up. Leaving her in the nursery was extremely hard for me. I grabbed a few more pictures and gave her a kiss. The most heart melting thing was when Eli bent down and was talking to her and kissing on her...after a few minutes I told him I would meet him at the room because I needed to go to the bathroom! He just wanted to chill with our baby, but after a few more kisses and more sweet talking he left as well.

The next couple hours with her spent in the nursery were really long. I kept staring at the clock wondering when she would be back with me. I had my friends there, some family were in and out. I ate some lunch...although I haven't at all been hungry since I have had her. When they finally brought her back too me, I was again overwhelmed with emotion. I couldn't wait to have her back in my arms and to look at her. And kiss on her. Ugh, everything about her is perfect.

We were fortunate enough to get the kiddos for a couple hours in the afternoon. I had been waiting and waiting all day for them to get there. I wanted to see them, see their faces when they saw their sister, see how they were with her. To kiss them and give them loves. I couldn't wait for them to walk through the door with their dad. Skylar and I were sitting in bed when I got the message that they were just about to walk in. The cameras were ready and the looks on their little faces were absolutely priceless. The smiles they had were unbelievable. They both came right over to the bed to see Skylar and then took off their jackets. Since there were other people in the room, they were a little stand-offish. Swae jumped up on the bed with us and that was pretty much where she stayed the whole time. She couldn't wait to hold her little sister and let me just tell you how sweet that was. The pictures say it all, they really do. (you just have to wait for them!) Seth finally came up on the bed with us one it was just our little family and he was too cute. They both were talking to Skylar and checking her out. Our family of five is absolutely perfect. When it was time for them to leave, it crushed me. I wasn't ready for it, neither was Eli. And from what he said, the kids weren't happy about it. But we were just thankful that they were able to come and meet their sister and spend a little bit of time. We all needed that. They needed to feel included. And the pictures really do say it all with how perfect of an experience it was.

I didn't get any sleep. Between visitors and my little girl I was occupied. Our last visitor left about 9:45 and I think I slept a little between 10:30-midnight. Then I was up til about 3:30. After that, the nurses were in every hour it seemed like. When the doctor came in I was sure to let them know that I wanted to go home that day and as soon as I could get out of there. I was ready to be home with my little girl. Before we left, she was taken to the nursery to be checked out by her doctor and have a couple tests done. And just a half hour before walking out the door they did her little picture which turned out so cute.

I walked out of the hospital rather than be taken out in a wheelchair. And I had to ride in the back seat where I could see her at all times on the way home. Once home, I jumped right in the shower and then scooped her back up in my arms - which is just where I like her! I love when people come over, but I tell you I start aching to have her back in my arms!!

Being home has been awesome. We are starting to get in a little routing, a little groove. I was able to get up and showered and have all of us out of the house and Swae to school a little early and at a doctor appointment by 9 on Wednesday. Thursday we were all out of the house and everyone dropped off on time again. Then me and the little button (what I find myself calling Skylar since she has the perfect little button nose!) went and got gas and went to Target and then came home where I ended up getting a lot done around the house, took a nap, and then had some people over.

Life is amazing. I absolutely love being a mom. I could stare at Skylar for hours. I never want to put her down! I love the way she stares up at me. And I am enjoying the breastfeeding experience...other than the nipple pain! I am over the top happy. I never imagined that this would be this great. I didn't realize that there was something missing in my life until now. Now I finally feel complete and whole. I love my little family.

Eli has been a fabulous husband and daddy. He is constantly doting on me. Last night I told him I was getting ready to go to bed and by the time I got upstairs, my side of the bed was turned down and he had me a full glass of water, a night light on, and a snack for the middle of the night. He is so thoughtful and having our daughter has only made me fall in love with him that much more.

I promise you all I will get my camera hooked up and pictures posted very soon. I want to share my sweet little angel with everyone!

Monday, March 9, 2009

So In Love - Part I

We got home from the hospital yesterday just before noon. While we were ready to get out of there much earlier, it was a crazy morning with all the many babies. We are home though and happy and just getting settled in. It's absolutely wonderful.

So you all want to know the story huh? I guess I can give you that much since you have followed my weekly reports throughout the pregnancy. So here it goes. It is long, but I want to make sure I remember it all and have it all documented.

Thursday afternoon I started having some contractions. They weren't hurting, but they were noticeable. I took the time on Thursday to clear out all my personal belongings from the office that I would need while at home and packed them all in my car. I left work early and headed to my doctor appointment. I got there early and told my nurse that I was contracting and she said if I was dilated to 5-6, I would be going to the hospital. I told her that wouldn't work for me just yet. I had a nail appointment at 4! She laughed at me. I got back in the room, stripped from the waist down and waited. I was anxious to see if I had dilated anymore.

My doctor came in making fun of me and me wanting to get my toes done first. She did the usual measuring saying I was still measuring small...35cm rather than 38. Since I have been monitored so close the last couple of weeks, she wasn't concerned. We listened to Skylar's heartbeat and she just kept saying how she was so shocked that I was in the office and she was even checking me. She thought for sure that I would have had Skylar since I was so dilated. She then checked to see if I had dilated anymore and was even more shocked to see that I hadn't dilated anymore. We were both wondering what the heck was going on. She finished up what she was doing down there and then I asked her if she was going to strip my membranes. She told me that she already did. That explains why it hurt so bad. We then talked back and forth on when we thought it would be happening and she was saying that she was on-call Saturday and could induce me if we could come up with a need. So, I got dressed and we went into another room where she did an ultrasound to check my fluid. Fluid was still good, Skylar looked awesome - just her belly was a little small, but other than that, she was perfect. No induction. I left there more anxious than when I got there. I walked right out not making an appointment for next week. I just figured I would call and make an appointment.

Off to my nail and toe appointment I went. And I loved every minute of it. She did a wonderful job. Getting my toes done was so relaxing. I could have easily slept considering I was functioning on three hours of sleep. I went ahead and got a pretty pink on my toes. Figured it was appropriate since I would be having a little girl. Next my nails and a couple of them have some clovers for St. Patty's Day. From there, I came home and started making dinner for Eli and I. Taco salad. And it was yummy. After, I went upstairs and soaked in a bath. And before I crawled in bed, I was sure to do a few jumping jacks. I was in bed early, just before 9, but didn't get to good sleep until a little after.

I woke up about 11:40 having to go to the bathroom and feeling really uncomfortable. I went in the bathroom and had to go poop so bad...however, I was having uncontrollable "cramps" and it was one of the worst bathroom experiences ever. It hurt so bad...like almost bringing tears to my eyes. But I made it through. I got up and started walking to bed and felt some fluid...like I had just peed a little while walking. This was at 11:50pm. I stopped dead in my tracks and said, "Eli, I think my water is breaking." I have never seen him jump out of bed so fast. It was so cute. He was asking me what I wanted to do and if we needed to go and I didn't know. I went back to the bathroom and sat there wondering if that was what it really was. I told him to go back to bed and let me see about my contractions. I went back to bed and when I would have a contraction, I would have some serious pain down low...like pain I had never ever experienced before. I didn't like it so much. And this started happening consistent...like every 5-7 minutes. I went back to the bathroom around midnight (when I posted birthday wishes for my brother) and called Kara in Vegas to tell her that I thought it might be happening. Then went back to bed to try and relax. Finally, it was getting so uncomfortable, I called my mom around 12:30 and said, I think it is time that I should be going. She started asking questions and then when she heard me go through a contraction she said it definitely was. My mom was up and out of bed, telling my dad to get ready and go get my sister. I actually started laughing because both Eli and I were still laying in bed!

Eli and I got up and started getting dressed and making sure we had everything. I went back in the bathroom. I could stop going. I had read that you get diarrhea, but didn't realize how true it was. While I did my thing, Eli loaded up the car. We were on our way. The drive to the hospital took forever it seemed. We got there and walked to labor and delivery and I told them that I thought I was in labor. They asked if my water had broken and I said that I was pretty sure it was leaking. I got checked in at 1am and they sent me down to triage. The nurse down there said she needed to check to see if my water had broken. She pulled the sheet up and took one look and was like, "Yep, I'm sure it has, but I still have to do the test." The test was in fact positive. I was in fact in labor and they were going to take me back down to labor and delivery. Before then, she got my IV started. I saw all the prep stuff for the IV and almost got sick and passed out! I am such a baby. I got all hot, clammy, and shaky. The nurse gave me a barf bag just in case. At this point, my parents and sister were there. Everyone was excited!

Down the hall we went to my room to get set up. I called my work and left a message saying I wouldn't be in because I was having a baby!!! I laid in bed and waited for all the fluid to get in me that needed to before getting my epidural. The nurse I had was fabulous. She was very informative and when she checked me I was at a 5. Moving along from the appointment I had earlier. I was feeling great. I didn't really feel tired even though I had only gotten roughly three hours a sleep (a total of six in two days!). As soon as I had the proper fluid amount, I was given my epidural (2:45am). I was so worried that it was going to hurt. The guy that did it had me sit on the edge of the bed. The raised the bed and I leaned into Eli and he went to work. Let me just say, that didn't hurt at all. The injections I get for my accident hurt worse than that! I laid down and they started it and it didn't take long before I realized it was working. I felt it more on my right side the whole time. It was so weird not being able to feel my legs. While I wasn't feeling any of my contractions, I was uncomfortable not being able to feel my legs. Therefore, I couldn't sleep, but I definitely rested. Eli was out until right when it was time to get things set up.

At 5:41am, I was dilated to a 8. At 7:30am, I was at a 9. The nurses came to change the pad under me and it was then they really got to see how I really couldn't feel my legs. The one nurse told me that I would have to roll over and I picked up my leg to move it and she didn't grab it and it flopped over like it was nothing. I had made it past being with the on call doctor and was told that my doctor was told of what was going on and she was on her way in. Such a huge relief. I love my doctor. By the time she was there, I was dilated to 9 1/2. She noticed that my amniotic sack was still in tact and broke it. I felt nothing. Everything in the room was prepped...this was 8:20am or so. My doctor had them turn down the epidural when she realized that I couldn't feel any of the pain or contractions. She ran to go do something. While she was out, more things were gotten ready and I was put in position to start pushing. At this point I was very nervous at the whole pushing thing and it really hitting me that my little girl would soon no longer be in me, but in the real world! The nurse had me practice pushing with a contraction. I listened to what she told me to do and the next contraction it was on. I couldn't feel anything! I didn't know how hard I was pushing. However, I must have been doing something right because she said it wasn't going to take long at all.

My doctor came in after my second round of pushing and when she realized how things were going, she instantly started gowning up. Eli kept telling me how wonderful I was doing and that things were happening. When I pushed again with the next contraction, my doctor told me that she was proud of me and rather surprised at how far along things were. The longest thing in my opinion was the waiting around for the next contraction. The pushing was cake - probably because I couldn't feel anything. At one point, my doctor asked if I wanted to feel her head. So freaking awesome! Eli was wonderful. Without him rubbing my leg and my back and telling me how well I was doing, how proud he was, and when to push harder, I couldn't have done as good as I did. He was definitely my rock. On the last round of pushes, my doctor had me push one extra time and it was then that I looked down and saw her head and my doctor pulling the rest of her out of me at 9:09am. I couldn't believe it.

When I heard her little cry, I started crying. Just seeing her the tears welled up in my eyes. Eli was crying. It was the most amazing thing in the entire world. As Eli was cutting the cord, the nurse unstrapped the monitors off my belly and she was then placed on my chest where a nurse and I worked together to clean her off. She was crying. I was staring at her, helping clean her, and I was just in awe of her beauty. She was absolutely perfect in every single way. Everyone in the room kept telling me how well I did and how easy I made it look.

She wailed away as the nurse checked her out and sucked out her mouth. Eli stood right over her talking to her with tears streaming down his face. I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. When they had her all wrapped up, I had them hand her to Eli. Wait until you see the picture I got! He handed her to me and the nurse told me to go ahead and feed her. I was so excited. She latched right on. When my doctor was done with the couple stitches I needed, people started coming in the room to see the little miracle. I also was brought breakfast. At this point I was starving, so I was trying to shovel food in my mouth, greet everyone coming in, and was feeding my daughter!

Everyone was in awe at her beauty, how perfect she was. She got passed around a little, but not for long because she was all about being on the boob. My life instantly changed. Being pregnant was the most wonderful, amazing experience, but having Skylar with me is even better!

There is more, but for now, I will leave you with this winded version. Part II to come soon! I will leave you with a few pictures taken from my cell phone. I forgot my camera cord at work!

Me and the angel just a few minutes after she was born.
Sleeping beauty - day 2
First night at home all bundled up.
She is to teeny tiny and perfect. I can't stop staring. I can't at all get enough of her!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sweet Skylar

Our baby girl was born into this world 9:09am!!!!! 6 pounds 10.5oz and 18 1/2 inches long!

More to come. She beautiful and perfect.

I'm a happy momma!!!! =)

It's Happening!

I'm at the hospital. Hooked up to IV and have the epidural. My baby girl is coming!!!! And so special that it's on my brothers birthday.

Special Birthday Wishes

Happy 19th birthday sweet baby brother, TJ.

I love you and miss you each and every day.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I am not at the hospital. Just wanted everyone to know after the post from the middle of the night.

I am however feeling a crazy amount of pressure. More than ever before. Last night after the bath, I laid in bed for over an hour timing my contractions that were 6 minutes apart. They didn't hurt and I actually fell asleep close to 3am waiting for the next one to start. I am exhausted today. Three hours of sleep...no good. I guess I better get used to it though huh??

I am hoping that today is a relaxed, easy day. It should be since I am caught up and I leave early due to my doctor appointment.

I will keep y'all posted!

What The Heck???

I'm not so sure what is going on but I can for sure tell you I'm frustrated. I was tired tonight. I was in bed at 8pm and had light off trying to go to sleep at 9. Just as I started to doze off and get comfortable, I started getting these shooting pains down low. They weren't constant but when they happened they hurt and made me jerk. I maybe got an hour of sleep. I am still up. It's almost 2am. I can't get comfortable, I'm feeling pressure and sleep just won't come. At 1am I decided to jump in a bath to help relax me. I'm just getting out now. While I feel tired (as I have all night) I am hoping I can get some sleep before having to get up at 5am.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


If it were up to our kids, we would eat spaghetti at least twice a week. Every single time I ask them what they want for dinner, they both shout out spaghetti. It cracks me up. I don't know what it is about it, but from day one they have loved it. Even Eli's nephew raved about it. I got the recipe from my mom. She now does things a little different.

I have been trying to spare Eli and not make it every week...this the kids aren't happy about. But I pleasured them this week and made it. They jumped up and down - literally - when I told them that was what I was making. Getting their plates ready I put a fairly big scoop on Seth's plate and then a heaping scoop on Swae's. Swae always asks for seconds of spaghetti. I honestly gave her a bigger scoop than I took for myself. Along with that they got garlic bread and corn. I got them to the table before serving myself and before I could sit down, Seth was almost completely through his spaghetti and telling me that he was going to want more. So before I sat down, I put another scoop on his plate.

Not once did I have to ask either one of them to "please eat." They were relatively quiet because they were constantly shoveling food in their mouth. Swae cleaned her entire plate. And while she was still eating asked if she could have leftovers in her lunch. I swear, she can't get enough of it. Tomorrow she will be happy to have spaghetti and garlic bread to eat.

I love when they eat like that. I love knowing that they walked away full and satisfied. And of course it makes me feel good to hear how yummy it was.

Wordless Wednesday

Sad News

My best friend, Tara, had a lady that she worked with that was due the end of February. Tara had the privilege of watching her pregnancy, being involved in it, going to her baby shower (which was the same day as my first one, just after) and being a friend to this woman. The woman went out on leave before her due date and everyone at the office patiently awaited to hear news on when the little boy would make his arrival.

Just Monday the office received an email. The little boy was born on February 26. Everything was great through this woman's labor. The baby's heartbeat was good, everything was normal...perfect even. However, when he was born, he was stillborn. They had no idea what happened. They were able to get him breathing again, but didn't know how long the little angel had gone without oxygen. He was in the NICU and he was the first baby in our state to receive what they are calling a Cool Cap and on a ventilator.

Hearing this I was heart broken and devastated. I hate hearing all these stories. It just goes to show you that you have absolutely no control over what can happen and ANYTHING can happen at any given point in time.

But it didn't stop there. Tara told me this morning that they took the little one off life support and said their goodbyes this morning. How heartbreaking, how awful. No one should ever have to do that. I am so sad for this woman, her husband, the family. I am just so sad. It scares me. My heart goes out to her and everyone else who has had such a tragedy happen. Life just is so unfair sometimes.

2 Weeks

While I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my little girl, I also realize that her actual due date is not for another 2 weeks. 2 weeks...as in 14 more days. Ugh. That seems so long from now. I know the time will fly, it has with this whole experience. But I am now just so ready to meet her. I wish I didn't know that I was dilated. I wish I didn't know that it could be anytime. But then again, it's good to know because I feel very prepared.

I keep getting asked if I am nervous and the honest answer is no. Not at all. I imagine I might be when I am actually in labor. But right now, I am calm. I am ready. I am excited. And I can't wait.

My in-laws will be back later this afternoon. My MIL text me telling me to thank Skylar for staying put while they were all gone. I know they would have been happy and excited either way, but I am glad that they will be in town when it actually happens. My best friend, Tara, just left this morning for Vegas for the next couple of days. She is hoping that Skylar stays put until she gets back late Friday morning. For her sake, I hope she does too. I was talking to Kara this morning and realized that she should probably be the first phone call I make because she will have to hurry and book a flight to get here. So it will be her and then my parents and then on from there.

So basically what I am trying to say is that I am so excited for her to come, but realize she could still have another couple weeks of baking to do and I need to be patient and enjoy these last moments of her being all comfy cozy inside me and being able to feel her.

Not Yet

No baby. Sorry for not posting earlier. Me and the babies slept in today. We all needed it...all four of us!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hhhmmmm, what is that?

Now that I am writing about this I wish I had a picture to go with it. Maybe I will get one in the morning. Tonight I was giving the babies a bath when I noticed a new red mark on Swae's arm. I asked her what it was and get, "I don't know. My mom asked me the same thing but I don't know. She thinks someone pinched me. But I don't remember anyone pinching me." I asked if it hurt and she assured me it didn't. I dropped it but couldn't help glancing at it.

Getting her out and drying her off it looked to me not like a pinch but almost like she had been lightly touched with a curling iron cause the mark was long, thin, and red. Then it hit me exactly what it was. I looked at the position of it and it just clicked. She had been sucking on her arm and gave herself a hickey!!! I asked, "Have you been sucking on your arm???" She gave me that smile and I knew I was dead right. Then she says all cute like, "I like to do that."

So there you have it. Our little girl gave herself a nice hickey on her arm!

Is Anyone Else????

Bothered by the Bachelor? Blown away? Shocked???

Ugh, I am irritated. I feel absolutely horrible for Melissa, horrible. I can't even imagine being in her position. Nor do I understand how Jason can so easily move from one girl to the next. It just drives me bonkers. If something were to ever happen with Eli and I (God forbid!!), there is no way I could just jump into dating someone else. I mean, he just ripped a girl's heart out and was happy to move on to the next thing. I just don't get it. I am curious what tonight's show is going to bring.

I also realized that until I have Skylar, I need to be sure to post something first thing in the morning. When I don't, people start wondering if I am not posting because I am in labor, in the hospital, and having a baby. My apologies. I don't think that today is the day at all. I feel normal. No crazy contractions or pressure or anything. And at this point I am hoping that she now waits until AFTER my nail appointment and pedi on Thursday. That is the least she can do!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I started the day with 96 posts to read (which really ended up being 98 by the time I was finished posting) and I am now down to 39. Not too bad considering I actually worked, went to lunch with a friend, wrote in a little journal for Skylar, and who knows what else.

I am off for the evening. I might even be doing more blog reading from home, you never know.

Making Me Happy Monday

Another Monday is upon us and another chance to reflect on the things that make me happy!

* the rain - while it is wet, we really need it. It has been so miserably dry. We have really needed the moisture bad. It is refreshing to see how much it has rained. It isn't enough just yet, but it is a start. I love summer time and water activities, so the rain give me hope to a good, fun summer!

* being completely ready for Skylar - her room is done, her binkies are sterilized, her bag is packed, my bag is packed, her seat is all strapped in the car. We are set and ready to go. However, this little girl is comfy cozy in my belly! I guess I can't blame her. She has just enough room for her and no one to bug her (but me!).

* my cousin's birthday tomorrow, my mom's on Sunday and my aunt's next Thursday - and to think Skylar could be born anywhere in there!!!! I love birthdays.

* my baby brother's birthday is Friday - he would be 19. While it is sad to think about, I am thankful for the love that I have for him, the way that he changed our lives, my family even though he wasn't around but in the womb and a few short hours. He is a little miracle.

* good friends - those that call, text, stop by and are just genuinely excited and part of me and my family's life. Some I talk to more than others, others I only see every now and again (say for lunch), but all of them I hold dear to my heart.

* playing tooth fairy! How fun is that?? She got a slew of different things. Dollar, quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies. She got a little bit of everything and as you see from the post earlier, her sweet little face definitely deserved it.

* snuggles. Man-o-man did I get tons of snuggles from both kiddos all weekend. It was fabulous. I would be in the other room doing something and Seth would come up to me and just reach up and want to be held and loved on. Nothing was wrong, he is just my little snuggle bug and he knows it. And Swae, she always has to hug me and kiss me whenever she is passing by. It is the most special, wonderful thing ever.

* my husband. Even being 9 months pregnant he still tells me how beautiful I am, tells me how great my ass looks in the pants I am wearing and overall just makes me feel so good about myself. He tells me regularly how proud he is to have me for a wife and that folks really does something for me.

And with that, I will end it there. I could go on and on with all the things that make me happy. But I have to save some for the following weeks!

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

Our Toothless Princess

As I said, after much work on Saturday, Swae was finally able to get her tooth loose. She was so freaking excited. She kept sticking her tongue through her huge gap now. Too bad it wasn't Christmas because she could totally pull off the wanting two front teeth!

Check out how freaking precious she is!!

I can't get over how cute. And without those two teeth, some of her words come out so freaking cute. I love it!
And the tooth fairy was good to her! Gotta spoil our baby girl!

It's Monday

I am at work and still pregnant. I was laying in bed last night thinking what a bummer it was that Miss Skylar didn't come and I had to get up to come. Darn it. I also laid in bed for HOURS not being able to fall asleep. And for no reason whatsoever. I just laid there and laid there. I rubbed my belly, talked to my little girl, laughed at the little contractions I was having. Throughout the night I was woken up by some of the "stronger" contractions. They must not have been the real thing (obviously) because I went right back to sleep and well, I am here at work.

Friday was an extremely productive day at work for me. I was out of control. I got so much accomplished and would have been comfortable not coming back to work today knowing that everything was caught up...and I mean everything. This will make my week this week rather slow. In fact, I am more stressed about reading the 96 posts that are unread in my google reader than work. Shows you what really matters to me huh? So if you all think I just turned jackass and quit reading, I didn't. I just was busy this weekend going crazy cleaning and spending time with our wonderful babies.

I will keep you all posted on the status of this here pregnancy that should be ending soon. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and I will do my damnedest to get caught up on all my reading.