Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On Campus Today

Obama is here on campus today. He started speaking about ten minutes ago. I can hear him...but it is muffled and can hear the crowd of people yelling plain as day. I didn't even know that he was going to be here until yesterday some time. And then we started getting a bunch of emails talking about security and parking. So many of our workers have been out of control busy preparing for this.

This morning I got to work early. It was just before 6am when I was pulling into the parking garage and there were people streaming down Virginia Street and through campus heading the quad where he is speaking. I couldn't believe it. I also heard that there were people lining up before 5am! DAMN!

We were allowed to go to see him if we wanted to. I was going to and then chose not to due to having far too much to do. But I wanted to share.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fabulous Camping Weekend

For weeks now, if not longer, we have been planning a big camping trip with Eli's parents...which was also a part celebration for Eli's dads birthday that was yesterday. The kids have been anxiously waiting and were beside themselves with excitement when they found out Friday afternoon that we were in fact leaving first thing Saturday morning. Both of them were ready for bed at 6pm so they were "rested" for Saturday. Didn't work out that way, but it was cute listening to them talk about it. They were both big helps when it came to packing. They were also big eaters because they wanted their "energy" for camping.

Saturday morning they both woke up in fabulous moods. They hurried up and got dressed, brushed their teeth and were ready to hit the road. We anticipated the weather being cooler and were surprised when it wasn't cool at all during the day. It was hot! Man, a cool breeze would have felt wonderful on Saturday. We spent a little bit of time getting camp set up and then we all loaded up and were off for a ride out in the country. The kids rode with Papa and Grandma in the "Willy Jeep". You could hear their laughter from a mile away. They had an absolute blast.
They were all smiles. The bumpier the rode, the more squeals you could hear. Poor Papa and Grandma...haha

We were out for a couple hours cruising around and we came to this one canyon. I am so enthralled with pictures like the following and how there is just randomly a splash of color on a mountain side. Look how beautiful!
After the long ride, I took Seth and Swae for a ride on the quad. Swae is all about "driving". Well, when the boy gets tired, he sacks out while on the quad, so most of the ride he missed due to snoozing. Look how freaking cute he is all sacked out.
He was tuckered out! What a sweet precious face that is!
The kids were out exploring and Eli and his dad decided to participate. Up on this hill they were able to throw rocks down into the creek. The bigger the rock, the bigger the splash and the bigger laughs and yells we heard from the kids.
Eli, being the adventurous one that he is, caught a lizard (you can't really see it). The kids thought this was the coolest thing ever.
There were all sorts of quad rides. Seth loves going with his daddy...can't you tell from his face?
haha, look at him with the goggles on! He cracks me up.
After dinner the kids still hadn't had enough rides, so Eli and I took them on one last ride for the day.
Look how beautiful the sky was!! The rest of the night was spent around the camp fire roasting marshmallows and eating s'mores. There were no fights when we said it was bed time either. They were all exhausted and slept great. I wish I would have gotten pictures of them all bundled up in their sleeping bags. There was no way they would get cold!
The next morning was super chilly to start off with. By the time breakfast was done, the sun was out, the breeze had died down and it was starting to get warm. Sunday also dawned Papa's birthday. Here are the babies with the birthday boy!
Sethie giving Papa big birthday loves.
We decided to break camp before it got to hot and also just get it done so we could have the rest of the day to go on rides and get back to town. Seth was quite the helper loading up.
Here are his "guns" to prove it. (and look at the face!...CLASSIC)
Swae getting in on picture time, BUT not wanting to show her guns. She didn't want to show up her brother! :)
And here is me and the sweet boy on our last ride of the day. He is so much fun!

The weekend was excellent. We all had a great time and were filthy dirty to prove it! The kids have already made requests to go camping more. There are more pictures from the weekend, but they are on Eli's moms camera.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend! Happy Monday All!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Miss Frizzle

I have never, ever tried to replace the kids mother at all. And there has never been a time that I know of when they have said anything but good about their mother whom they love very much. As for me being her ex-friend. It is true. You might also recall that our friendship ended long before Eli and I started talking and got together and had nothing to do with Eli and I at all. Also, she hasn't won anything yet, so you must have your information wrong. That is what they are in the process of right now. In no way is Eli trying to keep the kids from their mother, but would like a fair amount of time with them and he has every right to that. He is a great father, not just some dead beat that could care less. What is going on is nothing personal toward the kids mother and has everything to do with the kids and their best interest.

Thank you though for stopping by. Check back tomorrow. I will be posting pictures of the great weekend we had with the kids. :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

...and my heart broke

Moments, like the one that happened last night, are just so freaking heart breaking. You are left speechless. You have no idea what to say, but know that you need to say something.

Last night, the kids, Eli, and I were all sitting down at the dinner table eating as a family (like we always do) and we were all talking. The kids were already bathed and just needed to eat. Something was said along the lines of needing to hurry so we could cuddle and that is when Seth asked, "We get to sleep here tonight?" He had the biggest smile on his face. I said, "No sweetie, tonight you have to go to your mom's." And then...

"But I just want to stay here with you guys." ...and a total sad look on his face, close to tears.

This is something that has been happening more and more. And it isn't just coming from him, but Swae as well. It is so sad. I had to pause and then I told him that tonight he would be with his mom and then we would pick him up and he gets to be with us all weekend. This used to make it better, but it isn't working as well anymore. In fact, Swae is starting to ask more and more questions. The latest being, "Why can't we stay with you and daddy and you guys take us to daycare or school in the morning?"

It just kills me. They aren't stupid and with Swae getting older, she is becoming more and more smart and vocal about things. I love those little ones so very much and hate to see the look on their face when we have to tell them they aren't staying with us. And I know it hurts Eli - although it makes him feel good to know that they want to be with him more. They ask all the time for us to call their mom to see if they can stay. We have done this a few times, only to be told no, so we don't even try anymore. How sad is that? They can stay other places, but not with their own dad. It is just truly unfair and I am so tired of seeing the kids being the ones that hurt.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Could It Be!!!!!!!!?????????!!

That I feel my little peanut moving inside me??? That I have actually felt it for a few days now, but wasn't really sure. Only this morning when I wasn't doing anything else but sitting here at my desk and it made me draw in a long breath did I stop to think, "Wow, that is my baby moving!" I made my boss come into my office to validate it. She asked me what I was feeling and I told her, "It is like a fluttering. I thought it was my heart beating in my stomach at first, but it isn't!"

It was the most wonderful, incredible feeling I have ever had. It only makes me want to feel it more and more. And be that much more excited for the feelings to come with the bigger my little one gets. What a memorable day today is. Eli is excited too. I can't wait til the baby starts moving to where he is able to feel it too...and the kids! I can just imagine their faces and the excitement they will have!

Ah, I am one happy momma right now.

15 weeks 4 days

Here is my belly shot for the week! I can't really see a difference from last week. But I still see there is 'something'!!! I am longing to feel my little one move and know that it shouldn't be much longer. I am so excited. I am still feeling great. The energy is still kicking and I have been on the go full speed. I did over do I think over the last week because come Sunday night I was so exhausted I passed out. I took a short nap yesterday during my lunch and think I am finally evening out. But it is so much easier for me to go, go, go!

Last night we were having dinner and Seth kept reaching over and rubbing my tummy and then he said, "I'm gonna get my baby out now so he can sit by me." He is the cutest little thing ever. Of course, Swae had to banter back telling him that it was her baby and that its as a girl. I am so curious how the one will react when they learn that the baby isn't going to be what they want!

I have noticed this week that I am starting to be even more hungry. I find that I am snacking all day for the most part. Good thing Eli and I have been to the store and I am able to reach for healthy things. I have craved Taco Bell and Jimboys a couple times. Yes, I know that isn't healthy. But it isn't all the time. I am still trying to drink tons and tons of water. I try to do it more during the day and taper off at night so that I am able to sleep through the night.

Oh and I just found out that one of my friends is pregnant...4 1/2 months pregnant!!! She has been keeping it from everyone. She still hasn't gone in to find out what she is having yet, but will be doing that soon. Funny, she was pregnant at Kara's wedding and we didn't know. She is almost exactly a month a head of me. I am a little bummed because she doesn't live here anymore and it would be so fun to have someone I am close with close to me and be able to do the mommy thing with. I have other friends that have kids, just not someone that close. I am so excited for her. She was telling me that she has been so sick and how jealous she is that I wasn't. I can't wait to see her belly and keep up with her pregnancy from here on out!

Alright, I am back to work now.

***Well shit, I just realized today is Wednesday and not Thursday which is when I normally post my belly picture. Damn! What the hell happened to my brain today??***

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mmmm Coffee

I don't know about any of you, but right now a grande, decaf, non-fat, Cinnamon Dolce latte sounds superb. Which means, I might be walking the short trip across campus to get me one. My mornings have been starting very early with us being short handed and me needing to get things caught up around the office. Very early...like dragging my ass by the end of the day and longing for my bed at 7pm. Last night was great. Eli was actually ready for bed early too which meant both of us being in bed at 8:30. You can't beat that! And I slept so good! I am enjoying sleeping with the window open so that I feel the cool air on my face while being snuggled up nice and cozy in the covers with Eli. I enjoy it so much, I hate getting out of bed in the morning! But I do and then I long for a nice hot cup of coffee such as the one mentioned above.

Today, I am looking forward to after work...going and picking up the little ones from daycare and showering them with love and affection. Not seeing them for five days is tough and only having them for a few short hours tonight seems so unfair. We will however make the most of it like we always do. I do enjoy so much our family nights. I am looking forward to our weekend with them as well. We will be taking them on the last camping trip of the year and so far from the plans, it should be nothing short than fantastic. I can't wait.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Reoccurring dream

What does it mean when I keep having dreams about breast feeding?????? I have had a few dreams now and all that I remember from them are the breast feeding. I can't tell you if I am holding a little boy or little girl. Hhhhmmm....

Sluggish Monday

What a weekend! We went to California and had a great time. I even got some sun watching Eli shoot, yet it wasn't really that warm. Warmer than what it was here though. Man it was cold when we got back to town! I am tired today and was yesterday. I went to bed super early and literally had to talk myself into getting up for the day. Oh how I would have loved to stay snuggled up in my bed! I will just be sure to go to bed early tonight and hopefully this dragging ass feeling will go away.

I got a comment (not on blogger) from a friend the other day about how I need to eat more after seeing my latest belly shot. The funny thing is, I am eating a lot. I told Eli's mom about the comment and she was like, you are constantly eating. I just chose to eat healthy things. I am not reaching for the sweets. I am enjoying eating fruits, veggies, granola. I just felt...hurt I guess. I know it is so easy for people to judge what someone is doing, especially when you have a child or children of your own. But it made me feel for a minute that I was doing something wrong in this pregnancy. And then I racked my brain about all the food that I do eat and I felt better. I realize I am not showing, but that is just how my body is made up. That doesn't mean that I am not being healthy for the baby because it is quite the opposite. I am just not carrying the same way that she did nor gaining like she did.

I love getting suggestions from people and advice. And while I know her comment was made because she cares about me and the baby, it just got to me. But I do know it was made out of love. I am really trying here to do the best for this little one growing inside me. And I am definitely not stupid enough to starve myself just to try to not gain weight or show. It's actually quite the opposite. I am ready to show and have a little bump. But it will come in time...in its own time.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Grilled Cheese

Have any of you ever had the yummy grilled cheese from Mimi's Cafe before??? It is the one where they use a ton of cheese (probably five different kinds). There is even cheese on the outside of the bread. OMG! It is the best grilled cheese I have ever eaten. I love it. Yesterday, I was craving it. I don't know how the hell it popped into my head, but that is what I wanted.

Later that day I was talking to Eli's mom about the weekend and she was telling me about restaurants that are close to where we are staying and the one that POPPED out was Mimi's Cafe. I almost fell over. How ironic that I was craving their grilled cheese and then I am being told that we will be eating there. I was happy to hear that. However, it hasn't filled my little craving I have.

I had some vegetable soup for lunch, but that just didn't cut it. So I called one of the great guys that I work with and he is on his way, right now, to get me a grilled cheese. Such a sweetie. Sad that it won't be from Mimi's, but it will be a grilled cheese and maybe then my tummy will be happy and content.

Hungry Friday

So far this fine Friday I have eaten an apple, yogurt and cereal. Every half hour it feels like I am hungry all over again. My little bean must be growing and needed extra or something. I have also been at work for 4 hours and gotten most everything done. Now I can work on the stuff that has been piling that takes less precedence. My boss has her baby with her today because he has a fever and a cold. So I have been enjoying some snuggle time with a baby as well. Good thing I am good at getting things done one handed!

In other news, a friend of mine (who is actually my friend's ex-girlfriend) found out she was pregnant...but the baby could have one of two daddy's. Her ex (my friend) is praying it isn't his. She is about 7 weeks along. So far she has been a mess. She had to come clean about what she was doing, which didn't go so well. Right now she is super scared of doing it alone and just wants one of them to take care of her. I couldn't even imagine. She has been super cute emailing me to ask how my pregnancy is going and then asking me questions since she is right behind me. I definitely don't know everything, but give her advice based on my personal experiences and those that I have read from every one's blogs. I got an email this morning saying that she is feeling really fat and has already gained 8 pounds and is just eating constantly. I didn't really have anything to say to that other than to eat when hungry and just try to make the best choices that she can. She is just feeling blah. We saw each other last week and she was saying how good I look and I don't want her to compare to me. So I was sure to let her know that everyone carries different. Every pregnancy is different and her body will do what is good for her.

I mean, I look at other people's pictures and I have seen people that were double what I am. Comparing me to everyone else would make me go freaking nuts! And we don't need that at all. It just makes me feel good to know that she has someone to turn to because most of her girl friends won't have much to do with her now that she is pregnant and what was going on came out. Granted I think it was wrong, but she still needs support. I couldn't imagine being pregnant and having my friends not be there and then not having support from anyone else.

This weekend is going to be another busy one. We are headed to California to a trap shoot. It should be fun. I am looking forward to getting out of Reno and seeing something new. I just want to get some sleep! I don't have to worry about eating good because Eli's mom makes sure that happens and they are coming as well. We also will be off camping next weekend. It seems like we are always on the go! It seems like forever since I have been home on the weekend! Oh well, we are enjoying what is left of the warm weather and making some great memories. Plus, I am sure I will be dwindling down in the energy department, so I need to enjoy it while it lasts!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

14 weeks 5 days

Ali, just for you, I have made sure you could see some of my ring in this picture.

I went in to get my nails done yesterday and got made fun of because they say I don't look pregnant at all. I however think I am starting to show, even if it is super small. There is still a little bump there. The weeks are flying. Maybe it has to do with how busy I am between work and my personal life. Regardless, it has been great. I feel great and have energy. I have been crashing at night, which is a good thing. There have been a few nights that I have made it through the night without having to get up to pee. I love this and know that it will be very short lived. So I am cherishing these nights while they happen.

I was reading yesterday that my little one is 3 1/2 inches long and weighs about 1 1/2 ounces!!! I am still waiting to really feel pregnant, but still enjoying every single day. Every day I make a conscious effort to eat healthy and enough for me and the little bean that is growing inside me. And I have been forcing myself to drink a lot of water. I should probably try to drink more. At least I am trying.

My mom and I were talking last night and she was telling me that she wants me to go in and get professional shots of my belly every week as a gift from her and my dad. The last picture would be of me holding my little baby. She already talked to the place and they said I could bring Swae and Seth in with me during my 8 month shoot and they would shoot the kids with my belly and not charge us an extra sitting fee. I couldn't get over how special and priceless such a gift would be. Having Swae and Seth included meant the world to me. I want them to be a part of this and feel special and excited. So that is something that I think I will be doing. It will be something I will always have and be able to look back on. That is priceless.

Alright, I am off to eat some cereal and maybe an English muffin. Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What a Day

Actually it started yesterday. Work was insane. One of our girls didn't meet probation and was let go. Before she left, things were getting behind. Now that we are short someone, the fear of getting behind increased. Having someone that you work with get let go leaves you feeling many different emotions. And it definitely makes you sit back and be thankful that you have a job and then re-evaluate the employee you are. Everyone can better themselves in some way. I found myself thinking of things that I could do different to be a better employee and a better co-worker. I can only imagine there were others doing the same thing.

Being a person short means more duties being added to my already very full plate. I do feel very honored being given more things to do because I feel that my employers feel that I am capable of taking on a heaping plate and are confident in my ability to get the job done. Anxious for the day that lied ahead of me, I was up early and to work early. Getting there early ensures that you are left alone and in that short amount of time, it is insane the amount of work that can be done. The day started out great. By 7am I was doing great and already had two projects done. By 9am, I was half way through a daily task that I do (but was a day behind on due to yesterday being crazy). Then there was an hour break for a staff meeting. This meeting was about changes being made due to budget and then reminded everyone how they should be treating each other and our customers. We also discussed how the work would be distributed. It was then back to work and I barely stopped to eat. That I had to due since I was pregnant. If I wasn't, I probably would have worked through forgetting all about eating until I left the office and finally realized the hunger pains I had.

I left the office feeling great. Very productive. Such a great feeling. It is so nice when you feel like you are accomplishing something. To me, that gives me something to look forward to. It helps me get out of bed the next day to do it all over again. It makes me want to stay extra hours just to accomplish that much more. I love seeing progress. I love meeting the goals that I set for myself.

After my day, I was tired. But it was a good tired. I took a small nap and went to my parents for a nice family dinner. It was perfect. And then I came home to the most wonderful man that I have ever known and feel in love all over again with him. He didn't do anything special. All he did was wrap me in his arms the way only he can and nuzzle my neck. My heart melted and I fell in love. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Potty Training

Eli and I have been working with Seth on potty training for months. It started I believe before the beginning of summer. Even though we were trying, he still wasn't ready. He did LOVE his big boy undies though...just couldn't keep them dry. We really had a break through though a little over a month ago. Instead of us asking if he wanted his big boy undies on, he was asking us for them. It was great. It showed that he was starting to really be ready for it. And now, he is potty trained during the day and has even been able to move up a class in pre-school because of it. He has an assortment of undies and he is always so excited to pick them out. Accidents are very rare. I believe the only two he has had on over a month are when he was all distracted playing and waited too long. He is learning though.

We had another break through over the weekend. I know some people that put kids in diapers at night or the night time pull ups, but to me that just seems like a security blanket. If they don't want to get up and go, they don't have to and know it. This weekend, there were no diapers, no pull ups. Just big boy undies period. I did take precaution and put a thick layer of toweling down. But it wasn't needed. There wasn't an accident during nap time nor during either night. I was a little worried about Saturday night since they were so tired, but even then, he was a big boy and no accidents. It worked out so well and when he woke up in the morning and realized he made it all night, his face was priceless and he got to tell me what a big boy he was and that he didn't need night time pull ups.

I am so proud of him for making it this far. Good boy Sethie! Daddy and I are proud of you and we love you so much.

Family Filled Weekend - Trap Shoot & Virginia City

Just like most weekends, our weekend was super busy and filled with all sorts of family time. Saturday was spent down in Carson for a trap shoot. Eli and his dad shot together and then that night we there was a dinner and his dad was inducted into the Hall of Fame. He is an awesome shooter. To watch him is amazing. He makes it look so easy and is always so composed. We had a great day.

The kids with Grandma.
Papa loving on the kiddos. They were giving him good luck!
Seth playing the part. Always has to be just like his daddy.
He was all decked out. It was so funny. He ended up losing the glasses, but wore the belt and the shell holder the rest of the day.
I love his 'new' smile. It frickin' cracks me up.
Swae getting in on the action. The glasses came off as soon as the picture was over.
Eli and his dad shooting together. Damn he is sexy! ...Jr that is! ;)
They were getting ready to do the ceremony and Seth wanted to be with Papa. They introduced Eli and his sister, and then the 3 1/2 grand kids. How cute is that!?!
Eli's mom and sister. Rhonda is amazing. She travels all over with Eli's dad and supports him. I love seeing the love the two of them share. She lives for that man and you can just tell how much she adores him. She is definitely his biggest fan.
The monkey being a monkey during the ceremony.
Holding up his award and plaque that will go in the Hall of Fame building.
Saturday was a long day out in the sun. But it was well worth it. When we got home I threw Swae in the shower and was floored at how black that little girl was from dirt. She scrubbed and scrubbed with the soap to her herself clean and then I had to help scrub her more. Once they were both squeaky clean, it was relax time and then bed time.
Sunday was another busy day for us. We were up and out of the house fairly early. We stopped up at my parents house for Swae to sell her school fundraiser. While up there she went to my grandpa's and my aunt's. Then we were off to Virginia City. We all had a blast and only wish that we could have had more time, but it being Sunday, they had to be home early to their mom. We made the most of it though and will definitely be going back. As soon as we got there we went and had one of those old photos taken of the four of us. I was dying looking through the previews of them trying to pick which one we wanted. Seth's smile was definitely interesting to say the least. We ended up with one with no one smiling. I so wish I would have gotten one to show his smile. Then it was off to a super yummy lunch. The kids both ate great...they knew they had to so they could go ride the train. They have been dying to ride a train, so this was perfect.
A quick picture before we headed down to catch the train.
Waiting for the train to come. Just after this picture they heard the train coming and were up jumping around with anxiety. Seth made sure to rub my tummy and say, "It's ok baby, don't be scared of the train." (that being said because of the 'loud' horn that sometimes scares him)
On the train waiting for their ride. They were definitely excited.
A family picture taken by Eli.
One taken by a worker with the train in the background.
The next are just some sites we saw along the way.

This tunnel is very dark going through it. The kids LOVED it!

There was still so much we wanted to do, so we will be going back up there to hit the things we weren't able to do. We weren't even in the car before being asked if we could come back. Oh how I love them and that they are as adventurous as Eli and I. We all have a blast together. It was cute. We were on the way back to town and Swae was telling me why we had to live here and no where else. Her main reasons were: camping, fishing, the lake, and all the fun we have. Gotta love the sweetness of it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Belly Shot 13 weeks 5 days

To keep up my weekly trend of belly shots, here is this weeks. I don't know that there is much difference than last week, but I still think there is a bump.
It gets very overwhelming to me when I think about having a little baby inside me cooking and growing. To know that the little being in me was made out of love and affection and is part me and part Eli. It is truly a miracle and I am just so blessed.

Yesterday's Appointment

We had our second appointment yesterday. Again, Eli and my mom came with me. My mom is so freaking cute with how excited she is over this baby. Eli is just wonderful. He has been so great making sure that they schedule around the appointments at work, which is nice. Plus, he is loving being there for everything. I wasn't too sure what to expect from the appointment. It went very smooth and was rather quick. She had me lay down and unbutton my jeans to measure me and said, "Looks like you will be hiding this baby for a while." I am guessing that means I am measuring small. I meant to ask, but got side tracked because she was then putting the doppler on my stomach and before I knew it, I could hear my little baby's heartbeat!!!!!!!! It was the most incredible thing ever. It beats so fast. Eli and I were holding hands and he squeezed a little tighter while we listened. It was so nice to hear it. Now I long to see the little one again and find out what it is. That appointment will be in late October.

So, seems the little one is just cooking away, which is fantastic. I was able to finally find the DHA capsules I have been looking for, so I got a couple months worth I have read nothing but great things about DHA and am so happy that I was turned on to them. I will do anything and everything to help this little one in any way that I can!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our Outing Over the Weekend

I am sure it is easy to tell that Eli and I love to get out and do things. Getting out in the wilderness and getting dirty is fun and we love every minute of it. It gets us out of the house and it is such great quality time that we get to spend with each other. This past weekend we took a friend of ours and his son up with us to one of our favorite camping places. It was pretty much a last minute decision to go (like most of our get aways), but it turned out great.

We got up toward our spot early afternoon, so I had him stop the truck so I could snap a few pictures of the country. Where we go is pretty much in the middle of no where...and it's just perfect!!!

Lot's of desert.

We got to our camp spot, unloaded and were off on a ride to check out the country and see if the little doves were still in a spot we found them since they are now in season for hunting. Our friends riding in the back of the Willy.
The ride in that Willy was the roughest I have been on in quite a while. The terrain we were traveling was so rough and rocky. My body was jarred around and the whole time I just was praying that it wasn't affecting the baby negatively. Everyone keeps telling me the little one is safe and secure, but my goodness, what a ride!

We got up to the spot where all the dove were only to find that hunters had already been there and flushed them all out. And without going into detail, they definitely lucked out while there. Eli and I hiked around for a bit while our friend and his son went their own way. We got back to the Willy and we relaxing and I asked for him to snap a picture of us. Because he loves pictures so much, this is what I got!

Quite the shit he is. Of course he does that stuff just to get a rise out of me, which ALWAYS works and then was sure to smile for the next one. We were just about ready to have some intimate time in the desert, but our friend walked up. Damn it!!! Oh well, we still had our "moments".
The ride back to our camp was just as rough as on the way up. It took forever to get back. I did get a couple nice pictures of the sun going down.
The moon wasn't so bright yet, but it got bright that night. And the stars up there...amazing! They are so bright and there are so many. I just lay there before going to sleep watching them and taking them all in. It is just too beautiful for words.
There is the beast of a Willy that we drove around. That thing is so old and still runs like a champ. It was so much fun.
And the gun racks are so convenient!
The weekend was great, as usual. We enjoyed the company we had and enjoyed a long hot shower when we got back home. It is so beautiful where we go, but there is no way of staying clean at all. It is worth it though and we will be going back in a couple weeks with Eli's family. I can't wait. I am sure we will have good pictures from that trip!