Friday, November 11, 2011

Well Hello There

It seems like forever ago that I have looked at a blog, let alone posted on my own. What has kept me so busy?? My Master's program and chasing around 4 children. For awhile there, I wasn't even taking time for myself. After being in the program a few months, I feel like I have been able to find a little bit of a balance. I only go to school one night a week for four hours, but the amount of reading required and assignments (both group and individual) keeps me busy. I am proud to say that I am rocking this whole school thing so far, but it definitely hasn't been easy.

Our little angel, Sierra, is almost one! Two and a half more weeks. I can't believe that it has already been a year. And it has been so fun. She is a very independent little one and that has been an adjustment for me. She likes to sleep in her big girl crib, not with me. I know I shouldn't complain, but there are many times when I just want to hold her close and snuggle her tight and all she wants is her bed and blanket. She started crawling just before she turned 10 months and is just now thinking about seeing what walking is all about. I am in no hurry though to be honest and am quite thankful that she is in no rush like her sister was. She has to most beautiful smile and eyes. I love hearing her say "ma-ma" and even "da-da". She is an angel and my little love.

Skylar Marie is two and a half and my little buddy, but at the same time a daddy's girl. She loves doing everything "by myself". She is becoming quite a helper with her little sister...she even goes to the extent of trying to pick her up and move her. This terrifies me because Sierra is quite the chub. Skylar loves to play with Swae and Seth and wants to do everything that they do. She is always on the go. I love that at night she still loves to cuddle up close and I hate to admit, but I love that she sleeps in bed with me at night. Yes, it's bad habit and one I am not looking forward to breaking...again. I love how much she loves to explore, the way we are able to carry on conversations, and her overall love for life.

Seth is in first grade and doing amazing. We have had no complaints about his behavior and not getting anything but S and S+'s. He is quite the reader as well. We couldn't be more proud! I love that he is still affectionate. It warms my heart when I drop him off at school and he will stop, turn around, wave, and blow me a kiss as I am driving away. It blows my mind to have him in school all day and realize that he isn't a baby anymore. He is such a good brother to his sisters and such a little helper. It is funny how much him and Skylar butt heads though. Skylar adores him and follows him around like crazy. This of course gets old for Seth and there are many times that he doesn't want to share his toys with her. But when that isn't happening, he is so loving and helpful and I melt listening to the two of them.

Swae is in fourth grade and doing well. She is quite the little mom to her sisters and brother and such a huge help. She absolutely LOVES to read. She is still the most selfless little girl and an absolute joy to be around. I couldn't ask for a better little girl and cherish every single moment that we spend...especially the time that she just wants to spend with me.

Eli and I are doing wonderful. We just celebrated three years of marriage. That definitely went by so fast! I think that I am going to plan a nice little get away for our fifth!

That is where I have been. Hoping to get in a groove of posting and reading more...we shall see..

Monday, June 13, 2011

Study Time

Tomorrow marks the end of my first official class in my master's. So far, I have a 98% in the class. I am praying that I am able to maintain that which is putting a lot of pressure on this test. I think I would have preferred writing another paper or maybe even a multiple choice test. Instead, we have to apply theory to our own lives. It is so easy learning theory and applying it to case studies and others in general. However, when it comes to analyzing yourself, it gets a little tricky. It definitely isn't as easy as it seems. I have all my notes complied and now I am going to walk through and start applying all these concepts to my life and get down into what has shaped me into the person that I have become, what I strive to be. Then tomorrow, I get to put it in writing for my professor to read and PRAY that she gets it!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sierra enjoyed her first big girl bath...shared of course with Skylar. Skylar won't let anyone shower or bath alone these days. :) 

Perfect Saturday

This morning has been fabulous thus far. Sierra, Skylar and I slept in till a little after 8. Then we all laid there together with Sierra babbling, Skylar talking and playing, and me soaking in every second. I absolutely adore the way that Sierra looks at Skylar and lights up with happiness and love just looking at her. Skylar loves being a big sissy. Now, mommy is enjoying a couple cups of coffee and doing some laundry while the girls are playing.

Next up, studying for a final that I want to ace so I can keep a solid A in my class!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Skylar Biting = A Sad Sierra =(

The above picture is what Skylar did to Sierra just a little bit ago this morning. Really?? She bit her?? Ugh... Poor little Sierra didn't know what the heck happened and cried out in pain with real tears. So heart breaking.

A First for Sierra

Today marks the first day that the little princess has done more than lay in her crib for a few short moments. Today, she is actually napping in there! She cried a little bit, but once I went up there and gave her her binky and the Scentsy pig to snuggle, she was out like a light! She is so darn adorable and getting so big, so fast!

She looks so little laying in there as opposed to the cradle next to my bed. I wonder when I will have the courage to move her from our room at night...??

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Goodness Me

I am tired! After a night of not much sleep, a day of running across town three times for school with the kids and then four extremely long hours at school, I am exhausted. What I want to be doing is putting on my pajamas and crawling into bed. However, I am on the couch with my laptop, textbook, and notes working on homework. It is never ending. I have to keep telling myself that all this hard work is going to pay off in the long run. Doesn't help that I am fighting some sort of sickness that is making me feel real blah. I am extremely thankful it hasn't hit fully and completely knocked me down. That would just be dreadful.

Alright, enough blogging for now. Off for more homework so I am able to get at least a few hours of sleep tonight!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some Recent Pictures

My hubby and I
My little chubby Sierra

My Wild Child Skylar

My handsome little man Seth

My sweet beautiful angel Swae

Alive and Busy as Ever!

My, my a lot of time has passed. I really have no excuse for it really other than I got lazy about getting on the computer and updating all the time. I feel bad about this as I have missed posting so many of Miss Sierra's milestones. I'll give a quick update on everyone and everything and then try to be better about sharing.

Swae - the sweet girl is doing wonderful in school. She is still such a wonderful big sister and fabulous little helper. We are planning her upcoming birthday (9 already!!!) and looking forward to a lot of fun this summer. She now wants to play soccer, so we are looking into that.

Seth - the little man just finished up his first season in baseball! Our little t-baller. He was the cutest little thing and did so well. I have a feeling that baseball is going to become a regular thing. He has done exceptionally well in kindergarten and looking forward to first grade (because then I get to pack him yummy lunches like Swae!).

Skylar - what a little fire ball!! She is always on the go and so crazy advanced. Talking up a storm, learning like crazy, wanting so bad to be just like Swae and Seth and such a good big sister to Sierra. She has the best manners and occasionally slips saying "shit" and "damn it". Guess mom needs to work on saying "shoot" and "darn it" more! This little girls scares the crap out of me because she has no fear at all! Definitely need to keep an eye on her. Oh and this little miss was potty trained a little over two weeks before her 2nd birthday. Yes, she is 2!!! Time has flown.

Sierra - my little angel is going to be 6 months just next weekend!!! My goodness. Been rolling over for quite some time now and now been sitting by herself for the past week. She is quite the little pudge too. She has more rolls than I can count and definitely LOVES her food. Tonight she even ate peas without gagging. She is a happy baby and has the most beautiful smile and beautiful eyes! She has been suffering from acid reflux, but medicine is helping along with her nice little healing necklace I got her.

Eli - still as busy as ever working away, being a good dad and good husband.

Me - well, aside from being mom to four babes and wife, I have recently gone back to school. I am proud to say that I was excepted in the masters program for Marriage and Family Therapy. The program is super intense, but extremely interesting. It has been quite the adjustment going back to school and juggling the family at the same time. I was used to my undergrad. After being out of school six years, this is a whole new ball game and so much more intense. I am more busy than ever, but loving every minute of it!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Many Faces of a 2 min span!

I think she likes her tongue!!! :) She is my happy little sweetie!

Treat Day

Today I took the kids to U-Swirl for a little special treat since they got their own gift cards to there from Mima and Grandpa. While we were there, we were lucky enough to run into my best friend's boyfriend who works for REMSA. He was so awesome that he not only took pictures with the babes, he also let them get in the rig and look around. Seth was in heaven and would have sat there talking to him for HOURS about any and everything that relates to ambulances and helping people.

Yes, we went and had frozen yogurt while there was a snow storm happening!
After our treats the snow had let up for a second and so we tried for a better picture, without snow, and of course Miss Sierra had to get in on the action!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catching Up

I thought I would just give you all some brief updates on the kids as I have a serious problem keeping up blogging. And time just keeps passing and I feel like there are memories that are going to be lost because I am not putting them down somewhere!

Little Miss Skylar. My angel is now 23 months old and approaching her 2nd birthday much too fast for my liking. My baby is no longer a baby. She is definitely a toddler and still personality plus. She is hilarious. The things she says blow me away and she leaves me laughing all day long. Her latest are telling me, "I didn't..." when I tell her or ask her not to do something. When I ask her where something is, she says, "I dunno." She has become quite the daddy's girl since Sierra has come along and I have to admit that it makes me sad just a little because I miss all our snuggle time and it being all about mommy. However, it is the cutest thing in the entire world seeing her follow daddy and do everything with daddy. She still wants mommy when she is hurt and I still get snuggles, it is just different for sure. She is fully transitioned into her toddler bed as well. We had a set back when she got sick, but have it to wear she goes down and stays. If she tries to get up in the night, we just lay her back down and she will stay there until morning. We are dabbling with potty training still. I will admit that her not being fully trained is 100% my fault as she tells me when she needs to go potty or has gone. I just need a weekend of us not going anywhere or doing anything and I know it will happen. I will leave you with this about my Skylar. Yesterday as she was running around naked while I was cleaning she came to me and had a look of 'Oh Crap!' I asked if she had to go potty and she said yea and before either of us could do anything she pooped and instead of just allowing it to drop to the ground, she tried to catch it knowing that going potty on the floor isn't good. Bless her heart. I laughed so hard, I couldn't help it.
My sweet Swae. This little girl really isn't a little girl at all. She is so mature for the most part and growing up far too fast. She is doing an incredible job in school. Her report card was amazing and I couldn't be more proud. She is the sweetest, most caring, and loving little girl. She is an awesome big sister and such a huge help. She is in the top reading group and strives to do well. She is definitely a great example for her brother and sisters. Her and I went to U-Swirl just the two of us the other day and it was one of the funnest outings we've had. She was so fun to talk to, we sang and were nerds in the car and we laughed and laughed together. I am so incredibly blessed to have such an amazing daughter like her.
My handsome little man Seth. Boy oh boy does this little charmer push my buttons. And yet at the same time, he is the sweetest thing and loves to snuggle. He has been doing a fabulous job in school and is ranking above average on most everything. He has been doing a great job on his homework and shows that he really wants to learn. Today is the 100th day of school and out of all 100 days he is walking away with 98 green cards and only two yellows which happened to come within the last two weeks. We have talked with him and think that we have fixed this problem and are hoping to go the rest of the year with all green cards. He has a passion for legos right now and building things and he is really good at it! He is really a good big brother (when he wants to be!!) and a very good help. He loves his daddy and mirrors everything he does. Lately, he has wanted to be with me a lot and has been helping me cook and do laundry and just being my little man.
Aw, my little button head Sierra. This little miss is 10 weeks today. I thought that time flew with Skylar, but this time it is going even faster. I feel like I don't have enough time to just sit and hold her and snuggle her. I feel like I am going to blink and she is going to be Skylar's size and it breaks my heart. She is such a great baby. We struggled with her being sick for half the month last month and trying to get her acid reflux under control and now that we have everything cleared up, she is one happy little girl...which makes me one happy mommy. She is always smiling and cooing. She loves to talk to me and tell me stories. And she has, has, has to be swaddled! There is something about being all wrapped up that she craves and I find so cute. She is quite the little eater which shows with her being 11lb 10 oz at last weeks well visit! Hello little porky! I love her little rolls. She is the cutest thing ever. She does pretty good sleeping now that she is feeling better. She goes between 4-5hr stretches during the night which is great. They seem to be getting longer which is even better.
Sierra has been such a great addition to our family. Everyone is so in love with her. Swae is a little momma and always trying and wanting to help. Everytime I put her down, Swae scoops her up in her arms. She kind of gives me a jolt when I see her walking around with her, but she does really well. Always super careful and gentle. Now when Seth tried that, I just couldn't have it. He just is a little too little still and doesn't have the experience really that Swae does. He is still a little too boy! Daddy loves when Sierra smiles at him and it still melts my heart to see him hold her and to see the way he looks at her (well...all of the kids really!). She is very temperamental! She knows what she wants and she will let you know when she doesn't like something. She loves the swing and bouncer but would be happiest in our arms. Who can blame her?? I couldn't imagine my life without Sierra. Life is definitely complete with this little girl. I am so extremely in love and feel beyond blessed to have another amazing daughter.
Skylar, Sierra and I drove to Las Vegas a couple weeks ago to see my best friend. Both girls did wonderful in the car for that long. I would make that trip again and again! We had a blast. I would love to share pictures with all of you but somehow my camera is missing. I am beyond sick about this. That is a months worth of pictures gone forever and it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. I have since gotten a new camera - an early birthday present from my parents! - but still. We went to a petting zoo, a crazy cool park, and enjoyed many laughs and memories with Kara. I am hoping that Kara got just as many pictures on her camera and shares them with me soon.
So that is what I have been up to. Kids, kids, kids! And I am loving every second!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sierra - RSV, 5 & 6 weeks

This last week has been a rough one. Last Monday (Jan 3) I took both Sierra and Skylar to the doctor. Skylar had had a runny nose and cough for a few days and Sierra started getting a cough on Sunday night. The doctor wanted to see them right away when I had called. I was told that both girls had RSV and double ear infections. We were told to give both girls breathing treatments three times a day and then an antibiotic for their ear infections and that the doctor wanted to see Sierra on Wednesday to see how she was doing since she is so little.

From Monday to Wednesday, Skylar was getting better. She still wasn't great, but you could tell she was feeling better. Sierra on the other had was getting worse. I called on Wednesday morning and said that I noticed she was having a hard time it was work for her. They told me to give her an extra treatment and still come to our original appointment in the afternoon. So I did. She got her extra treatment, I went and grabbed Swae from school and we went to the doctor. The nurse took her oxygen level which at that time was good. However, nurse and doctor were not happy with how she looked or sounded. Shoot, I wasn't happy with it either and explained that she was just so pale and looked sick. It was heart breaking. It was then that the doctor looked at me and said that she was admitting Sierra to the hospital.

My heart sunk. My 5 week old little precious was having to go to the hospital she was so sick. I felt like I had done something wrong and was so incredibly worried. With it being a Wednesday, we had both Seth and Swae, so when I left the doctor I called their mom and asked if she would mind taking them back a night early and explained to her all that was going on. She was amazing and of course had no problem so I took them to her and then Sierra, Skylar and I headed to the hospital where Eli would be meeting us.

Before we even got there, they had a room assigned to us and so we were taken straight back. Grandma came and picked up Skylar as a hospital really isn't any fun and she deserved to be somewhere where she could play and get all sorts of attention. Sierra and I waited for daddy and while we did she was poked and hooked up to the oxygen monitor. I was told that she needed to keep her levels above 90%...if she dropped for any significant amount of time, she would have to be put on oxygen. We were not even there two hours when her levels dropped too low and she was hooked up. It was so hard to see her with the tube in her nose, but I was relieved to know she was getting what she needed at the same time.
Wednesday night flew pretty quickly. I didn't get much sleep at all with her having to have her vitals taken every four hours, then treatments every four hours, and of course her waking up to eat...none of these happened at the same time either. Thursday, the nurse tried taking her off of the oxygen and once Sierra got comfortable, her levels dropped again and she was put back on. We were told that we were not able to go home until she could stay off oxygen for 12 hours straight and in that time have her in a deep, deep sleep. So, I spent all day Thursday holding my sweet little angel, watching her sleep and taking in every moment I had with her. While the situation might not have been ideal, it was one on one time that her and I never get to have.
Friday, she seemed to be doing better, so early afternoon the nurse tried taking her off the oxygen again. This time she tried while she was sleeping as that would be a good indicator of how she would do. She didn't last twenty minutes before her levels dropped to the low 80's and was put back on. I was starting to resign to the fact that we would spend the whole weekend in the hospital at this point. Also at this point, I was missing Skylar like crazy. I hadn't seen her and had only talked to her on the phone. It was one of the longest stretches that I had been away from her and I hated it! Late Friday afternoon, we tried to take her off oxygen again and to all of our surprise, Sierra did so well. She went the rest of the day and then all night without needing it and we were allowed to go home on Saturday morning. It was wonderful.

Since home, we have had to continue doing breathing treatments, but she has stopped coughing and is no longer wheezing. RSV is some scary stuff and I am so sad that my babies had to go through it. What a way to start the new year!!

While in the hospital, even while feeling crappy, my angel started giving me her cute smile!

And at just 6 weeks, the little miss has rolled over! I can't believe that she is 6 weeks already. Time is flying. The last week has been a blur with the hospital stay but it is something I will never ever forget.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have wanted to post about our New Year's and some resolutions I have made for myself, yet haven't had the time. And while I have the time and am posting right now, I have something else I need to write about before I do that post.

You see, our two youngest angels are sick. Way to start out the new year right?? Skylar started with a super snotty, runny nose and then developed a cough over the weekend. Then Sunday evening, little Sierra started coughing. This I knew wasn't good. I called the doctor first thing Monday morning and of course, they wanted to see both girls. I was figuring cold or ear infection for Skylar and praying that Sierra didn't have RSV.

Doctor checked Skylar first off and told me: RSV. My heart sank. Then, she checked her ears...DOUBLE ear infection. Awesome. Then it was Sierra's turn. Sounded just like Skylar, but was wheezing. So she thought RSV. They swabbed her nose, checked her oxygen levels and temp and it turned out negative. However, she has the virus the mocks RSV and is being treated the same way. Oh and on top of that...DOUBLE EAR INFECTION. So, we have medicine for ear infections and both girls have to do breathing treatments.

My heart completely crumbled. In fact, I cried. I hate that my girls are sick. Hate that it is them feeling nasty and not me. Sierra is barely a month old. They are worried about her getting pneumonia. She's too little to be sick and I feel like I have done something wrong for BOTH of my baby girls to be sick.

Last night, we tried doing Skylar's breathing treatment while she was awake...HUGE mistake. She lost her mind. She didn't want the mask and continued to freak out the entire time with me just holding the thing close to her face at all. It was awful. So this morning, I tried while she was sleeping and she slept through it. I didn't put the mask all the way on her, but held it up to her face and it worked out much nicer. Too bad she will be napping in the car today...

I pray that the girls get better quick-like. I want my babies well.