Monday, June 30, 2008


As if my cousin wasn't cute enough, this after noon was the icing on the cake. After his call of him telling me he was off work and I could come get him, I quickly closed down everything and hustled to my car. I pulled into the North parking lot to see him sitting on the back of one of the work vehicles. When he got up to walk to the car, I saw him bring a single red rose. Turns out the grounds guys must have been trimming and they had an extra one and he decided I was worthy enough to get one. What a sweetie huh? I don't know many 19 year old boys that would do that.

Paul's First Day

That sweet cousin of mine started up here with me today. I got a text message from his yesterday saying, "When are you picking me up?" I had to laugh. The boy works ten hour days and get to enjoy a three day weekend. I on the other hand, not so much. Therefore, me picking him up for work gets me to work an hour early and thus making me leave an hour later. I called him laughing and joke with him about it and then told him to meet me at Starbucks at 5:30am by my house. I was nuts clearly (high from the weekend!!!). But I wanted to make sure he knew where he was going and was there on time for his first day. Plus, I know deep down, even though he won't admit it, that he was nervous.

The alarm clock going off this morning wasn't a treat at all. In fact, I wasn't too happy at all. But, I love my cousin, so I got up and got ready. I was slow moving, but made it to Starbucks in time to even get in and get me some yummy deliciousness. That is when I got a call asking where I was. Duh at Starbucks. He was at the WRONG one. With so many of them in town, it's no wonder one could get confused on which one to meet at. He found me and I got him up to work on time.

I was thinking about him all morning, so sent him a text asking how his day was going. No joke, I get this text back word for word: "Good I like this job!" I let out a big sigh of relief. I knew he would like it, but it was just nice to hear him say it. They came down to the office a little bit ago and he was cuter than cute. He isn't like one of those guys that can't be affectionate in front of friends or other males. He walked up to me and gave me a hug hug and even told me he loved me! He really is such a great kid. I'm so happy he is going to be around so much!!!!!

It Was The BEST Day Ever

Ok, maybe not ever, but for real, yesterday kicked some major ass. I am still flying high from it. Saturday afternoon Eli and I took off out of town to go to a friends house and do some horseback riding yesterday. He had done some explaining about what this place was like and what to expect, but all the talking in the world couldn't have done this place justice. I was absolutely amazed by the beauty when we pulled up after our three hour drive. I don't have pictures for you guys today (which I am pissed about) because I left my camera in Eli's truck, but I will get them up tomorrow. We stayed in a guest house which was incredible. The main house...even better. The whole thing was designed by the could themselves and built themselves as well. It was insane. There was a wrap around porch, the grass around the house was the greenest grass I have ever seen. We were out of town, at the base of a mountain, and it was absolutely gorgeous!!

Saturday afternoon we went on a quad ride and then a friend took us around to show us some sites. Then we went to dinner in town and then went back to the house, in the middle of no where and hung out. I made sure to go to bed at a decent hour because I didn't want to be tired for the big day yesterday. I slept pretty good for the most part, but there were some restless moments. You know that sleep before Christmas morning? Where you are all anxious and excited and don't want to over sleep and miss something?? That was exactly how it was. I woke up at one point in the morning. I thought for sure it was at least 8am. I got up, looked at my watch and realized, it was barely 6am. I was so disappointed. I crawled back in bed, half slept til about 7:30am, rolled around hoping Eli would wake up, and then at 7:45am I woke him up. I was so freaking was like getting up for Disneyland. He looked at me like I was nuts and asked why he needed to get up. Fine then. I got up, washed my face, brushed my teeth. He still was out and not moving. So I crawled back in bed yet again, but it was useless. My excitement was just too much. I got up and went and sat on the porch swing outside the guest house and just looked out at the beauty. I was listening to all the birds and just the sound of the mountains.

Eli finally got up about a half hour later and we all had some breakfast - waffles, eggs, bacon and orange juice. Then it was time to go get the horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! I was stoked. We brought them up and got them all saddles and then it was time to go. I had horses growing up and some of the best times were out riding with my dad, my Papa, and my uncle. It was like being little all over again. We rode in some of the most beautiful country. The terrain was unreal. At one point we were going up a mountain and I looked to my left and all I saw was a straight down mountain. And the path we were on was about a foot wide...a little hairy, but just awesome. We stopped a few times on the way up to the top of this one mountain and then when we got to the top, we started a small fire and cooked us up some hot dogs. I seriously was in heaven.

The guy we were with was impressed by my riding abilities and said that we were going to head down the mountain to the house a different way...a more "scary," rough way! It was incredible. When I was little, I used to be scared to go down what we did yesterday. Yesterday, I enjoyed every single minute of it. There was only one spot that I was a little puckered, but I put all my trust in the horse and went for it and it worked out just right. I rode the most beautiful horse. He did amazing yesterday.

When the ride was over, I was sad, but tired and ready for a shower. I brushed the horse I rode extra long (they LOVE it) and then hosed him off with cold water (he also LOVED it) and took him back to the pasture to get some water and food. Being off the horse for a bit, I started realizing that I was a little sore, but I didn't care. It was the BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!! And totally worth it. Eli and I showered and then hit the road to come back home. We were invited to come back any time we want and to ride as often as we want. I am stoked. That is definitely an offer I want to take. I thoroughly enjoyed myself yesterday and I know that Eli did too. I love that him and I enjoy so many of the same things and that we were able to experience all that we did yesterday.

Today, I am a hurtin' unit. My back is killing (sore from riding and accident as well) and my bum is sore from the saddle. Still, TOTALLY worth it. I would hope back up on the horse and ride again all day if I could. I can't wait to get pictures up to show the great day.

Friday, June 27, 2008


My goodness what a long day. It is 6:40pm and I haven't even left the office. I have been so slammed lately. We are short staffed until Tuesday, so I have been doing my job and someone else's and then for a couple days, I was doing my job and two other peoples. But I am hanging in there. I feel very productive and feel that I am really doing my part at my job.

In other news, I put my truck up on craigslist yesterday and got a ton of hits already. In fact, someone called me yesterday from Sacramento wanting to come up and look at it. I took my lunch last this afternoon to meet him and show it to him. He drove it, looked all around it and at the engine, then asked if he could give me a deposit to hold it while he went to try and get financed at a bank here. Turns out since he is from out of town they won't, so he is going to get a loan from back home and be up Wednesday to pick up the truck. He dropped the deposit off before heading back!

One day and it sold. I am beyond excited. I hope that he doesn't back out, but don't think he will since he left some money. I am going to stash most of it and then with the other, I want to buy some stuff for the paint, decorations...FUN STUFF. So that is great news. Ok, I am off to go be with Eli and snuggle it up and do some "adult" things! ;) We have a fun weekend ahead of us. I know I didn't post the rodeo pics, but I will next week along with this weekends snap shots!

You Think You Won

But you haven't. In fact, you are only making yourself look more and more immature. And on top of that you are showing how weak, insecure, and jealous you really are. That is something I would never do. We were always so different though weren't we?? The little shows that are put on are dually noted. There is nothing that is being over looked anymore. If you think you are succeeding in causing problems or going to scare me off, you are wrong. Extremely wrong. I will let it be known that none of it causes problems. All it does is make our bond stronger, unite us even more, make us grow together. I realize that you are only looking to hurt now. It seems to me that you are only hurting yourself. How does it feel? And how did it feel when I laughed in your face at your immaturity? Probably wasn't the reaction you were looking for. Too bad, so sad. Maybe one day you will grow up. Maybe one day you will stop consuming yourself with the petty bullshit and live a carefree life that isn't surrounded and fueled by drama. Is it going to happen? Probably not. Do I care? No, you are only hurting yourself. Maybe one day you will stop being so selfish and take the role you have serious and do it right.

I thank you for showing me yet again who you really are, your true colors. They are ugly and reminded me why I was so happy to get away. I wouldn't change my circumstance for anything in this world now. Know that. Know that things aren't going to change for the negative, but only for the better. What I have can't be broken and I will not succomb to the games.

Step back and take a look in the mirror. Is any of the pettiness really worth it? Is it worth you getting so worked up all the time? Being miserable? You definitely need a reality check.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Took the little ones to the rodeo tonight and had a fabulous time. I can't wait to get to work and upload the pictures. They were so good and we all enjoyed. This is one of my most favorite times of year and something that I always look forward too.

I hope everyone has had as good of a day as I have. Tomorrow - PICS. :)

Damn tum tum

Today my stomach is just not so happy. I'm not so sure what it is, but it is just killing me. I hate when that happens.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I am still in shock, so if this post doesn't make sense, I apologize in advance.

I was out of my office for a couple hours today and when I got back I noticed that I had missed calls from my mom. Before I even got a chance to call her back, she called me again...and she was upset. See, last week my aunt found out she had some sort of lump in her lung. They went in on Friday and did a biopsy of it and today she went in at 10am to find out the results. Definitely didn't turn out like we had planned. We were thinking it would just be a growth that could easily be removed. After all, my aunt isn't a smoker, not a drinker, nothing like that.

We were very wrong. Turns out my aunt has lung cancer. The growth in her lung is a carcinoid tumor, which is cancerous like I just said. They will have to go in and do a lobectomy. The thought of her losing part of her lung crushes me, but at the same time, I am happy to know they will be getting the cancer out of her. At this point, they are not sure how invasive any of this is. We don't really know much of anything other than the cancer. Now we are awaiting to see when her next appointment is and when she will meet with the surgeon.

My mom is a mess. Her and my aunt are so close (almost a year apart). I asked how my aunt was doing and and I guess my aunt cried and said that she was scared. This breaks my heart. My aunt is always the optimistic, upbeat, always seeing the bright side of everything. Right now, I don't see the bright side either.

I am leaving work. I am going to go give my mom a hug and I am going to maybe go up and see my aunt. It is crazy that she was at my house last night to see it for the first time...and she had it and we didn't even know it. I just pray that it can be removed and she will have a clean bill of health.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eli Domesticated????

I know the thought is beyond real right??? RIGHT????

Yea, not so much anymore. The guy has really been amazing me lately. He has been spending time in the yard making it all nice and green and pretty for me. I remember when I moved into the house everyone asking me about mowing my yard and I laughed because I knew I wouldn't be the one doing it. I was right, Eli takes good care of me and does it for me. He has even fertilized and done whatever else he told me he was going to do. The lawn is looking fabulous. Back in October, his parents bought us a cool plant for his house. I think I have watered it maybe a handful of times. If it weren't for Eli, the damn thing would be dead.

The other day we were at the store getting a couple birthday cards and I noticed him down the isle looking at plants. (Real quick side note, Eli also cleaned my whole downstairs for me on Sunday!!!). Then I noticed in his hand he had grabbed some plant food for the plant his parents got us and two that I got a couple months ago. As I was getting ready to walk and check out, he pointed out a plant, which was gorgeous and was telling me he liked it and that he read about it and it is really easy to take care of. He was so excited about this damn thing, that I told him to go ahead and get it. I of course started looking around and found another cool looking plant, but more fell in love with the pot that it was in.

Here is the plant that Eli picked out and is all excited to take care of:
The color is gorgeous really. (Oh and Shannon, notice there is no fruit in it now, just pictures!)
And this is the one that I got. It is now sitting in the corner of my tub upstairs in my bathroom. It actually looks amazing and really added a little extra up there.
Isn't the pot pretty? I just love it. And I thought it was super cool how thin the flower itself is.
This is the plant his parents got us. It has nearly doubled in size. I am looking for a new, prettier pot to put it in, but am very picky.
This is one that we got a month or so ago. It has really grown a lot. You can even see the new leaves that have sprouted.

I think Eli has found himself a new hobby. It is so funny. I never in a million years thought he would be a plant guy and enjoy having them around and taking care of them.

Oh and I keep meaning to take pictures of the changes that are happening on the street right now. It is a HUGE difference from when I moved in just over two months ago. So I will try to do that this week.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

You are the most amazing, hard working man I have ever known. I look up to you and appreciate you more than any words could possibly explain. You are truly my hero. You are most definitely one of a kind.

I hope that you have the most wonderful special day ever. You will be thought about all day (just like every day). You have set the standard for men in my life and I am lucky enough to have found someone that measures up to you and one that you like! I love you the world over.


Seth is getting to an age where he wants to do EVERYTHING his daddy does and be just like him. It is the cutest thing ever. For the last 6 months, he has been begging Eli to cut his hair so he could be like him. Before, it was too cold and we didn't want his little head to freeze. Friday, we picked them up from their mom and Eli trimmed up his hair and sure enough, the little one wanted his done too. I was a little nervous that he wouldn't like the clippers, but I was wrong. He was quite the trooper. I stripped him down and stood him in the tub and we told him to just hold still. He didn't move and stood there like a good little boy.

After the first couple passes on one side.
Look how cute he is!!!
Dinner was still smeared on his face and a bath was had right after the buzz.
Happy boy! And he hadn't even seen what he looked like yet.
Getting the hair off and clean!
Happy as can be, looking like his daddy!
The whole rest of the weekend he went around telling everyone that his daddy buzzed his hair while making the motion with his fingers on the top of his head. And then would finish his story with, "I look like my daddy!" I think he look adorable!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Long Friday

This has been a terribly long day. Not a bad day though, just a long one. I have been dealing with supervisor after supervisor on a very important issue at work. It has consumed my entire day. So much so that the half hour I was gone to eat, I got a call because someone needed something that only I have access too. My brain is shot and I am beyond tired. It is nice though to be doing something different than the normal daily grind, but the tediousness of it wears you down.

I will now be staying at work late to try to get caught up on the normal daily tasks of my duties. I am very much looking forward to the weekend. Still not sure what the plans are for certain just yet, but it will definitely be nice to get away from the office and just let my mind think about other things other than what is going on around here.

How did you guys spend your Friday? Was it good? Anything interesting go on??

Farmer's Market

Last night we took the kids down to Farmer's Market. The first one of the season was last week, but we didn't make it. Before I got together with Eli, Farmer's Market has always been just a place to go with friends, hang out, and drink. I have never been down there to eat the food, buy the produce, or check out the crafts. It has always been a social scene for me. And that is a scene I no longer enjoy, which is why I didn't go down there last week.

Last night, we went down and bought some fruits and veggies. We walked around with another couple and just hung out. It wasn't a night for getting wasted or trying to be seen or anything like that. It was just a night out of the house, a night with some friends. It was nice being down there and not having to drink and even nicer not having a sip of alcohol. Seth got a sword balloon and Swae a flower. Of course they didn't last too long because they were "sword fighting" each other and they popped. They ran around on a grass area for damn near an hour just laughing and having a great time. Ugh, I wish I had half their energy.

It is nights like that when I realize just how much my life has changed in the last year. I am no long the party girl. I no longer find myself downtown every weekend until wee hours of the morning drinking and dancing. In fact, I have a hard time remembering the last time I was out in the club. This isn't to say that I don't go out on occasion, but when the night does come that I am out in the old environment, I find that I no longer am able to stay out til 2am, 3am, or 4am. I find that am I ready to go home and go to bed usually before midnight. This is crazy to me because I loved so much being out and dancing and just tearing up the town. But now, I am more content being at home, cooking a nice dinner, snuggling on the couch and watching a movie. Or going for a bike ride or walk. I don't know. I just have really realized that there is so much more to life than being out partying. And it floors me to see people who have families and are in their 30's have that still be their lifestyle.

Wow, sorry I just went off there. Back to the original subject. Last night was fun, but I will be ok if we don't go down there any time soon.

I got Nothing

This year I put in for tags for the first time. All the men in my family are huge hunters. My boyfriend and his dad are huge hunters. Now, all the cousins are getting into it, the girls included. It is the funnest experience being out camping/hunting with our dad, uncles, grandpa, friends. It is just awesome and the wilderness we get to see is just amazing.

I have been on many deer hunts, my grandpa's sheep hunt, and a couple years ago I went on my dad's Elk hunt. I have done my hunter's safety and am very comfortable around and shooting a gun. I was a tom boy growing up, so it just kind of happened.

Last year, my sister put in for a deer tag and drew. Although her hunt was not successful, it was one of the most fun trips we have been on. She hiked her little ass off, but never got a good opportunity to pull the trigger. She was so disappointed, but she did everything great. This year, Eli and his dad were talking to me and we just all came to the conclusion that I should put in for my own tags. So we did, all together. I put in for deer, antelope, and elk. But I didn't get a tag for any of them. I am ok with that, but a little sad. I will definitely be putting in from here on out though.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cattle Drive

Today is the start of the Reno Rodeo. Every year there is a cattle drive and it comes through town on the way to the rodeo grounds. My boss is a huge rodeo fan and so am I and she asked if I would go with her to watch the drive. In all the years that I have enjoyed the rodeo, I have never went to watch the cattle drive before. I did have a ton of wonders going through my head on how they keep the cattle from straying off. It was a good experience and I am glad that I did it.

Here they come! It was a trip to see.

This lady was hitting on the cowboy. He was telling her to go to the rodeo grounds to have lunch with him!
Beautiful horse.

To keep the cows from straying, horses surrounded all of them from the front to the back.
Along the sides the horses are as tight as they can be. It looks like it would be so fun! I so miss having a horse and riding horses.
In the back were the little carriages.

It was a super quick ordeal once they got out of the hills. I am definitely glad that I got to see it though. While waiting for it, I got a call from a close friend that offered me box tickets for next week. I love this time of year. I love the warm weather and all the fun activities.

Rumor Has It

The rumor going around is that if all of us State workers don't fore go getting our 4% raise in July, there will be 2000 State workers losing their jobs due to lack of money. That means that even us permanent employee's could be at risk of losing our jobs. What the hell is going on with the economy??? How the hell did we get in such a bind and be so in debt? This really makes me fucking sick.

All I see are people having to foreclose on their homes because they can't afford rent/mortgage, food, gas, etc. Well, all those prices are going up and we aren't getting paid anymore. How the hell are people going to survive??

What a cluster-fuck!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Comfort Is:

When you are driving home with your boyfriend and he says to you, "Honey, we need to get home soon, the turd monster is knocking on the shit hatch."

Oh my goodness. Only him. He blows me away. In fact, we were just in the store getting stuff for dinner and we were in an isle all to ourselves and he farts. I was like, "Seriously!?!" Next he says, "We need to get out of this isle, quick."

And he wasn't joking! Disgusting.

Working With Family

My little cousin, Paul (the one that just graduated), came up to work today and is trying to get a job. He is so freaking cute. I don't have a picture with me at home or I would post one. He was introduced to all the supervisors that would be important in getting him a job and putting him to work. It was so amazing to see him interacting with adults. I mean, he would totally repeat the person's name and then ask me about them when they walked away to make sure he remembered it. He just had the best manners...not that I didn't think he had any, but I am used the to the punk teenager he can be.

He showed up even though he was sick. And not just I kind of have a sore throat, but really sick. I totally felt bad because if I would have known, I would have told him to come in another time. But I guess him showing he is interested will help get him a job faster.

I really hope that it works out. I know from experience that working on campus helps out when you are going to college. They work around your schedule and it is pretty laid back for the most part. Plus, it will be nice having him around. We should hear something the first of next week!

Oh and this just in, my mom wants me to look into getting my sister a job maybe for the summer.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Office

Since I got a camera for Christmas, I have been a picture freak. I have taken more pictures in the last six months then I think I have my whole life. And I love it. I can look through them and remember all the good times and laugh. It is awesome. I only wish that I would have done it more in the past. I remember when my Papa passed, I was devestated because we didn't have that many pictures together (he didn't like them and I hardly took them). Now, I have my camera with my constantly and am always snapping away.

This is what the cabinets in my office look like right now.
And I have a stack of pictures that I still want to put up and be able to look at every day. I have a couple bare walls and everyone keeps telling me I need to hand something so I started thinking I should invest in a picture frame that holds a ton of pictures. Something like this:

Then I could totally get a few smaller ones or more to add to it so that it all matches. I found that one above at Target. It's $49. I think I might still have a gift card from Christmas for there that I could use to get it. Hhhhmmmmm, either that or something for the house. I'll have to decide.

A Wonderful Father's Day

I am sure the pictures will speak for themselves, but this year, Father's Day was just unbelieveable. The whole day, from start to finish. We got the kiddos from their mom at 10am and then were off to start the fun. First stop was my parents house. The day was beautiful, so we spent most of our time outside. The kids love it up there and definitely enjoy running around with little Rusty.

Madisen (my cousin, who is a couple months younger than Swae), Swae, little Rusty & Seth.
These two are so freaking cute together. They are constantly chatting away and have so much in common. I love watching them run around together.
The three amigos. You always find them together at any family function.
Seth asking my dad to turn off the sprinklers out back.
Quality time. I love it!!!!
My two favorite boys!! My dad is my favorite too, but I couldn't get all three together at once.
My mom and grandma getting breakfast ready. My mom would die if she knew this picture was up. She was all mad saying she looked bad. Ha! Sorry mom!
My Papa and cousin Laura.
My Aunt Debbie and Uncle Brian.
Uncle Matt and Eli.
Me and my Daddy! It is crazy what a daddy's girl I still am. Oh how I love the man!
Can you tell they are related or what? It's insane how much they look alike.
People dishing up. Oh the food was super yummy. Everyone ate plenty. The kids even ate again and they had eaten at their moms before we picked them up.
Playing in the yard some more. They loved the little water feature. That was where they spent most of their time. The other time was spent playing tag.
My cousins, sister, me, and the kiddos. Two of my cousins weren't there because they were in a softball tournament.
All of us with my Papa. I just love him.
My beautiful sister. I can't get over how big and old she is getting. All that she is doing and how much she is growing. She is just beautiful and I am so lucky to have her.
My sissy and me. I love taking pictures with her. She just makes me happy.
My dad and Papa. Looks like they were totally taking advantage of their Father's Day and relaxing. They both work hard and definitely deserve it.
Aw, my daddy! :)
Swae and Madisen. Joined at the hip when around each other.
The beautiful babies! Swae wanted to wear the new dress that Madisen got her for her birthday. It's so cute!
Dad and his girls.
Shannon says my shorts are short. I say it just looks that way cause I have long legs!
Playing, playing, playing.
Papa, Debbie, Brian, and my mom. Uncle Mike missed it. :(
Swae kicking back.
My dad and sister relaxing
Rusty just loves Swae.
Aw, so freaking cute!
The boy being all crazy like.
Just the 4 of us.
Look at Seth's face! He freaking cracks me up.
This was the best from the day. Pure happiness right there.
Daddy and his babies. Oh how they love their daddy.
Me and the little ones. Oh how I love these two.
After everyone else left, Seth decided it was time to play with my dad and scare him. He would crawl over, then pop up and make a "monster" noise to scare him.
My dad acting scared. So cute.
This went on for over ten minutes.
He thought he was pretty awesome - and he so is!
Now he tried a different plan of attack.
My sweet little Rusty dog. He looks so sad. He thought I was going to take his bone away, that is why I got a pouty look.
Happy little girl.
Swae and my dad. Look how cute. Brings a HUGE smile to my face.
HAHA! My mom was totally trying to explain why we shouldn't be taking a picture.
On our way to a friends house to hang out for the rest of the day!
Tired boy. He had a busy, tiring morning!
Normally Swae will fight me if I tell her to just sit back and rest, it took two minutes for this to happen.
I can't get over what a sweet angel head she is.
Seth and Swae's friend, Connor.
Swae loves the water.
Seth monkeying around on the jungle gym.
Look how happy she is and how much fun she was having.
The daddy's playing horse shoes.
Still cracking up with the ball.
Chasing the boys around on the bike.
Aren't they cute? They are only 5 days apart and have so much fun together.
Taking turns being the driver.
Daddy and his princess.
Enjoying the cool water on a hot day.
Seth watching Swae and Daddy.
Swae jumping in, getting all crazy!
Aw, he is just too cute!
He just makes me smile.
The day was absolutely wonderful. It seemed like it was two days it lasted so long. And every minute was great. I am so thankful to have such wonderful family in my life and to have two kids to brighten up our days. Everything seems to be falling into place.