Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Productive Monday Night

Not only was Monday day a beautiful day with Swae's graduation, but Monday night was splendid as well. Eli had a job to do before being able to be off for the day and while he was doing that, I was out buying stuff for Swae's birthday this coming Saturday. I had a few other things to take care of as well. I was going to go grocery shopping, but was told by Eli that I would be going with him, so I waited. And I am glad I did. We always have so much fun doing things together, no matter what they are.

When we got home, I busied myself putting everything away while he was out cutting my lawn. I am SPOILED. Then I started doing laundry and cleaning while he showered. After, we cooked an awesome meal together. I even took pictures (I felt like I was Shannon!). Eli thought I had seriously lost my mind, but let me have my fill with the pictures. I even got one with him in it and he didn't even complain! Ok, well his smile looks forced. Maybe he was pissed I was making him take a picture and he was starving and having to smell the yummy food. Oh well!
I don't know what the hell happened to these, but they are right side up until I put them on here. Whatever. You get the idea.
Doesn't it look yummy??? Some BBQ steak, potatoes, asparagus, and salad. Yum yum. We were both in heaven. Steak and potatoes is one of my most favorite meals. Reminds me of my daddy cause that is his favorite too!!!

Dinner was followed by finishing up season 4 of OC. Yes, we are HUGE dorks. We watched the whole series from start to finish...TOGETHER. I had never ever watched it while it was on TV and the minute I started season 1, I was hooked. Now we will have to find something else to geek out to while snuggling on the couch!


Dyan said...

I love it, but are you eating in bed? Or is that a towel? Well, whatever the food was on, I'd freakin eat it - looks absolutely delicious!!!

I roast my red potatoes in the oven, but first I mix them in olive oil, fresh rosemary, and dijon mustard... I"m telling ya, a light coat... they are YUMMY!!!! If you were looking for another tatse...

Oh, and welcome to marriage already, sista: I find it is weird that now at this age (opposed to being 18 when you werent having a good day unless you were running wild, like I did)- you can have the best day running errands, cooking, doing stuff around the house, finish it up with a good meal and some great sex... AAAHHH, what a great day that is! Hahahha, my mind is getting carried away!!!

Dyan said...

shit, did I just try and post that like 6 times? Ooops, sorry babe - fucking computers!!!

Lindz said...

He lets you take so many pictures now!