Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Baby Skylar!!!!

A year ago, at 9:09am, we welcomed you into this world. It was honestly one of the most happy, proud moments of my entire life. While I loved you the entire time you were in my belly, I fell even more in love with you when you were first placed into my arms. You were so tiny, so perfect. I couldn't stop smiling, stop staring. I was the happiest mommy is the whole world!
I loved everything about you. I loved your perfect little nose, your soft little lips, your tiny ears, your little cry.
You were (and still are!!!) the most precious thing and I couldn't, and still can't, get enough of you!
Being your mom has been the greatest joy in the world. While it hasn't always been easy, I still have cherished every minute of it. I still find myself staring at you and not seeming to get enough of you. I still miss you like crazy when I am not with you for an hour. There is not a second of every day that I don't want to be with you. I just love you. I am so very much in love with you!
I love that you have such a fun personality. I love that you are very independent, but that you still love to snuggle. I love that you are such a loving little girl. I love to play with you. I love the sound of your laugh and your little voice. I love playing peek-a-boo with you. I love your smile. I love your small hands and skinny, long fingers. I love your little monkey toes.
Skylar, you are absolutely, 100% the light of my life. You melt my heart each and every day. I am so proud to be your mom. I am so impressed with how smart you are, that you keep learning. You are always amazing me.
I couldn't imagine my life without you precious girl. While it breaks my heart that you are no longer my little baby, I am enjoying this adventure. And no matter how big you get, you will always be my baby girl...ALWAYS!!!
Thank you so much for being such a wonderful joy. You are the best daughter I could have ever asked for, ever imagined.
Happy Birthday Baby Skylar. I hope that your day is wonderful and perfect, just like you!!!

Special Birthday Wishes!


I miss you today and every day. It makes me proud to know my little angel shares this special day with her special uncle!

I love you little bro!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Just a bit of a Sad Day!

*********Just a warning that the following might be TMI!************

Today, after one year and nine months, my little monthly problem decided to make its presence AGAIN (other than right after having Skylar). I am not that happy about this. Not so much at all. I am not enjoying have cramps again. I am not enjoying that I am bloated and uncomfortable. It's just not very much fun.

Does anyone else find this weird that it came just days before Skylar's first birthday?? I can honestly say that I am ready for it to be done and over with and it is only day TWO!