Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So, I have a ton to write about, but I just have to say that Shannon got LOST on the way to my house today. Yes, she lives maybe five minutes away and got lost. In fact, she ended up on a dirt road and heading toward Sparks lost. HAHAHAAAAHAHAHAAHAAA!!!!!!!!!! Now that is some funny shit. We went on a walk and had a fabulous time just chatting. In fact, we were gone forever and by the time we were heading back the sun was going down...might we remember her fear of the dark??? But she wasn't scared or freaking out.

Not only that, she SAT on my couch, she fed her son, AND she asked for water. Yes, Miss I Don't Drink Water From Anything Other Than a Plastic Cup. Eli handed her a water bottle (it was plastic) and the damn thing was frozen. So....I had to get another one. None the less, we made great strides tonight!!!!

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Misguided Mommy said...


and i got a little lost.

also, i have a total complex...member when i was like your couches aren't as white as i remember, it was because i was silently thanking the gods since i was stressed about sitting on them with my dirty flip flop feet!

i had a really good time i want to do it again, lets set a permanent date!