Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wow...I'm Here Still!!!!

Not need to worry my little readers. I have had so much to tell and so little time to actually post. But I am alive, I am well, and life is great.

Last week was a busy one for me, even with it being a short week. I felt like I had stuff going every day and just so little time to take and do anything that I wanted to or needed to.

On Wednesday my best friends and I hosted a Body Shop party. I went straight over there after work and helped get all the food and drinks ready. Our party turned out so well. We had over $700 dollars in sales and half the people that said they were going to come didn't. It was still so nice. We just laughed and tried out the new holiday line they have out right now. Kara made sure to have her house all decorated for Halloween and we had a yummy drink...something with apple cider and tuaca. It was just nice and relaxing and nice being around friends and of course pampering yourself.

Friday night I went with my boss and her husband to the Sugarland concert. I am so excited I went. I almost didn't buy the tickets, but did last minute. I went over to my boss's house to hang out before the concert and have some snacks and a couple drinks. The concert was awesome. I had so much fun...even with Kasey and Kelly making sure to talk shit and be annoying. It is just so amusing to me that they can't just get over how things have turned out and mind their business. It was nice that they didn't start anything. Just ran their mouths, which can't hurt me. Words are nothing.

I had a wonderful weekend just relaxing and spending time with the kids and Eli. Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch which was a great time. I will have to upload some pictures for all of you.

Ok, that's all for now. I will update the Hidden Blog as well because I do have more to say. No more whining now Jen. I will be better about posting! :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I have been going to some volleyball matches the past couple weeks...volleyball is my passion and I love watching it. Coaching and playing are just as fun. I have seen all my girls that I used to coach and it really has just been a great time. I miss coaching, but I don't miss the stress nor the hours that it takes out of my life for months at a time. Tonight is senior night up at McQueen and I am going to go and surprise my old team and be there for them. Right now they are first in their league and just playing awesome.

I am really looking forward to going. And I think I am going for a couple beers after. Can't beat that!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Little Boo

I can't get over just how grown up my baby sister is getting. She isn't a baby any longer, but it seems as though she should be. I still am in shock that she is a junior in high school. The girl is absolutely gorgeous. She is smart, has a good personality, is a great friend and sister. I honestly couldn't ask for anything more from her. I remember when she was little and she used to drive me crazy and even being 9 years apart, we would fight all the damn time. Well my mom always said, "You guys are going to be great friends one day." I never believed her. I figured YEA RIGHT! The little shit drove me crazy. Always getting into my stuff, following me around and had to do EVERYTHING that I did.

But here we are today and we are the best of friends. She tells me anything and everything and I can talk to her about most things too - I do keep in mind that she is my 'little' sister and there are some things she shouldn't hear, wouldn't understand, and just aren't appropriate. She is always there for me. She calls me daily just to tell me she loves me and see how my day is. She really is the sweetest thing and I can't get over how wonderful she is and how much I love her!

Friday, October 12, 2007

My Poor Grams

My great-grandma is almost 90 years old and last Friday she fell and broke her hip. For the last year she has been hospitalized for congestive heart failure and has been struggling staying healthy and strong. So this was something that is just not so good. She was completely drugged up on morphine the first couple days she was in the hospital. The doctors knew they would have to do surgery on her, but had to wait to make sure her heart was strong enough and she would make it through the surgery.

Surgery came and she did well. Doctors were proud of how good it went and said that now it was just a matter of making sure she doesn't get blood clots and then of course, rehab. Well, I got the call this morning that she took a turn for the worse and developed a blood clot. So right now she is on super-duper blood thinners and is requiring a ton of rest. It just breaks my heart. My grams is the sweetest, most lovable woman ever. I just want to squeeze her. They don't want anyone visiting her really because she needs her rest and they can't take the risk of her possibly getting sick. They don't want anything weakening her system. I hate the thought of her laying in a hospital bed and hurting.

All this has really stressed out my Papa. He adores his mom and is always doing everything that he can for her. Her fall happened while he was out hunting and he didn't take the news of what happened so well when he got home. He is the type of person who is constantly worrying about things and stresses over everything, so with this he has been very upset and not getting much sleep. This of course wears on my Grammie because she absorbs all his moods. Last night she got up to do something and her foot was asleep and she isn't really sure what she did, but she must have stopped wrong or something because she hurt her foot so bad that she can't even walk on it. So her and my Papa spent a good amount of time in the ER.

It is all just so sad. My heart goes out to my family right now. I pray so much for my grams to be strong and pull through and stay healthy. And I hope that my Grammie's foot gets better. Oh and for my Papa to get rest so he doesn't end up making himself sick - that really worries me.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pretty Amused

As you know, my relationship with Eli isn't liked by all. I think the only people that have a problem with it are his ex and her family. This isn't something that has bothered us or even become a factor in our relationship. We got into our relationship knowing that his ex and her sister would try to cause problems, but decided not to let them keep us from being together. As all my readers know, they did cause drama in July. Although Eli and I went through a shitty couple of weeks, we are now stronger because of it and closer than ever. So many good things have happened in our life and there are more coming.

I had a huge feeling that something was going to happen as I expressed here. I couldn't have been more right. It seems that I guess things for him and I were going to good that now his ex felt the need to "stick it to him" or something. I understand and have been fully aware of the agreements made by them since I was friends with her at the time of the divorce, so I am fully aware of what he is responsible for. What I don't understand some of the money she is asking from him. It actually blew my mind when I read the letter that she handed him Tuesday night when we dropped the kids off and was amusing. It is like she is "reaching". I am not sure what is trying to be proved or why it is being brought up now, but whatever. The only thing that I can think of is that she is jealous and having a hard time with us being a couple still and how well things are going. I would be surprised if she found out a couple things that I have written on the other blog and that is what sparked it. Whatever it is, it really doesn't matter. Once again, something that like made us stronger. It brought us closer together. So really, rather than being slightly annoyed, I should be thankful. Because really, it is stuff that like that truly make our bond tighter.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I am so spoiled at my job, I really am. I have always been the princess around my job and was very much reminded of that this morning when I walked in and saw the following posted up for me!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

To add to my loopiness...!

It isn't even fucking 2:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This day is going by so slow! It really feels like the day should be long over. :( Guess it is just what it is after the night I had.


Loopy Today

I don't know what the hell went on last night, but I think last night was one of the worst night sleep that I have ever had. Eli and I were of course very busy after work until after 8:00 and then we still had a couple things to take care of, including eating dinner. By the time we sat down, it was well after 9:00 and all I could think of was crawling in bed and laying my head on my pillow. Somehow I managed to keep my little peepers open til almost 10:00 and I excitedly went to bed...only to fucking lay there wide awake. I don't know what it was. I was so exhausted and yet, sleep wouldn't come. I guess it could have been that there is a lot to think about and that is on my mind, but still. You would think that after falling asleep and being so tired I would have slept like a baby all night.


I was awake every damn hour for the rest of the night. It was such bullshit. I was up at two different times because I couldn't get comfortable and was tossing and turning and didn't want to wake up Eli. It was so annoying that I almost started crying. Come 4:00am, I started wondering what the use of even trying to get some sleep was. I did however get my best sleep after that and until the alarm went off for Eli to get up. I have been awake since then. In fact, I was even to work 45 minutes early because I couldn't go back to sleep. Now I am sitting here tired, but even now, I don't know that I could sleep.

What the hell is going on with me??? I love my sleep so much, it sucks when I don't get any and I don't sleep good. The good thing is, I am not cranky.

Monday, October 8, 2007

It's Like Christmas!

But it is only October. I just got a new computer at work. It is so nice. They installed Windows '07 and I got a bigger screen. Lucky me. Not only that, I have no work to do so I get to screw off and play with it and even catch up on blogs. Yay me.

Got lots of personal stuff to do this week...so excited, but so stressful. It will all be worth it in the end. Other than that, everything is wonderful...other than my mom having serious issues letting go. Ugh, that is a whole other story in itself.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Finally Caught Up

I can't believe how long it took me since being gone to get caught up. My goodness. A week and a half. Oh well. I was busy while doing and now I will have all sorts of down time to get caught up on reading blogs and posting some of my own.

The weekend did turn out to be very nice. The only downfall was Eli being sick, but we made the most of it. This week has been crazy for me so far and I don't even know why. I just feel like there is so much to do and I haven't had time to do it. With the pile that I had on my desk, I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere or making any progress. But now that it is gone, I am feeling a little bit more relieved.

So many crazy things are going on...people being sick, my friends sister over dosing on pills. When I heard the news of their sister being in the hospital and what had happened, I couldn't even believe it. I know that she was going through a rough time, but I can't believe that should would try to kill herself. Long story short, their sister had been cheating on her husband. Well over the weekend, her husband actually caught her in the act of cheating and told her that she wanted a divorce and it set her over the deep end and she took a bunch of pills. She made sure to wait til the pills were absorbed enough before admitting that she needed to go to the doctor. She is now in the hospital and for the last three days her liver hasn't been functioning at all. It is so bad that they already got her qualified for a liver transplant, but that takes time and they have to get her stable. So the girls flew out this morning to go be with her. My heart breaks for how them and their family must be feeling and their poor sister. Just so crazy that this happened.