Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Many Faces of a 2 min span!

I think she likes her tongue!!! :) She is my happy little sweetie!

Treat Day

Today I took the kids to U-Swirl for a little special treat since they got their own gift cards to there from Mima and Grandpa. While we were there, we were lucky enough to run into my best friend's boyfriend who works for REMSA. He was so awesome that he not only took pictures with the babes, he also let them get in the rig and look around. Seth was in heaven and would have sat there talking to him for HOURS about any and everything that relates to ambulances and helping people.

Yes, we went and had frozen yogurt while there was a snow storm happening!
After our treats the snow had let up for a second and so we tried for a better picture, without snow, and of course Miss Sierra had to get in on the action!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catching Up

I thought I would just give you all some brief updates on the kids as I have a serious problem keeping up blogging. And time just keeps passing and I feel like there are memories that are going to be lost because I am not putting them down somewhere!

Little Miss Skylar. My angel is now 23 months old and approaching her 2nd birthday much too fast for my liking. My baby is no longer a baby. She is definitely a toddler and still personality plus. She is hilarious. The things she says blow me away and she leaves me laughing all day long. Her latest are telling me, "I didn't..." when I tell her or ask her not to do something. When I ask her where something is, she says, "I dunno." She has become quite the daddy's girl since Sierra has come along and I have to admit that it makes me sad just a little because I miss all our snuggle time and it being all about mommy. However, it is the cutest thing in the entire world seeing her follow daddy and do everything with daddy. She still wants mommy when she is hurt and I still get snuggles, it is just different for sure. She is fully transitioned into her toddler bed as well. We had a set back when she got sick, but have it to wear she goes down and stays. If she tries to get up in the night, we just lay her back down and she will stay there until morning. We are dabbling with potty training still. I will admit that her not being fully trained is 100% my fault as she tells me when she needs to go potty or has gone. I just need a weekend of us not going anywhere or doing anything and I know it will happen. I will leave you with this about my Skylar. Yesterday as she was running around naked while I was cleaning she came to me and had a look of 'Oh Crap!' I asked if she had to go potty and she said yea and before either of us could do anything she pooped and instead of just allowing it to drop to the ground, she tried to catch it knowing that going potty on the floor isn't good. Bless her heart. I laughed so hard, I couldn't help it.
My sweet Swae. This little girl really isn't a little girl at all. She is so mature for the most part and growing up far too fast. She is doing an incredible job in school. Her report card was amazing and I couldn't be more proud. She is the sweetest, most caring, and loving little girl. She is an awesome big sister and such a huge help. She is in the top reading group and strives to do well. She is definitely a great example for her brother and sisters. Her and I went to U-Swirl just the two of us the other day and it was one of the funnest outings we've had. She was so fun to talk to, we sang and were nerds in the car and we laughed and laughed together. I am so incredibly blessed to have such an amazing daughter like her.
My handsome little man Seth. Boy oh boy does this little charmer push my buttons. And yet at the same time, he is the sweetest thing and loves to snuggle. He has been doing a fabulous job in school and is ranking above average on most everything. He has been doing a great job on his homework and shows that he really wants to learn. Today is the 100th day of school and out of all 100 days he is walking away with 98 green cards and only two yellows which happened to come within the last two weeks. We have talked with him and think that we have fixed this problem and are hoping to go the rest of the year with all green cards. He has a passion for legos right now and building things and he is really good at it! He is really a good big brother (when he wants to be!!) and a very good help. He loves his daddy and mirrors everything he does. Lately, he has wanted to be with me a lot and has been helping me cook and do laundry and just being my little man.
Aw, my little button head Sierra. This little miss is 10 weeks today. I thought that time flew with Skylar, but this time it is going even faster. I feel like I don't have enough time to just sit and hold her and snuggle her. I feel like I am going to blink and she is going to be Skylar's size and it breaks my heart. She is such a great baby. We struggled with her being sick for half the month last month and trying to get her acid reflux under control and now that we have everything cleared up, she is one happy little girl...which makes me one happy mommy. She is always smiling and cooing. She loves to talk to me and tell me stories. And she has, has, has to be swaddled! There is something about being all wrapped up that she craves and I find so cute. She is quite the little eater which shows with her being 11lb 10 oz at last weeks well visit! Hello little porky! I love her little rolls. She is the cutest thing ever. She does pretty good sleeping now that she is feeling better. She goes between 4-5hr stretches during the night which is great. They seem to be getting longer which is even better.
Sierra has been such a great addition to our family. Everyone is so in love with her. Swae is a little momma and always trying and wanting to help. Everytime I put her down, Swae scoops her up in her arms. She kind of gives me a jolt when I see her walking around with her, but she does really well. Always super careful and gentle. Now when Seth tried that, I just couldn't have it. He just is a little too little still and doesn't have the experience really that Swae does. He is still a little too boy! Daddy loves when Sierra smiles at him and it still melts my heart to see him hold her and to see the way he looks at her (well...all of the kids really!). She is very temperamental! She knows what she wants and she will let you know when she doesn't like something. She loves the swing and bouncer but would be happiest in our arms. Who can blame her?? I couldn't imagine my life without Sierra. Life is definitely complete with this little girl. I am so extremely in love and feel beyond blessed to have another amazing daughter.
Skylar, Sierra and I drove to Las Vegas a couple weeks ago to see my best friend. Both girls did wonderful in the car for that long. I would make that trip again and again! We had a blast. I would love to share pictures with all of you but somehow my camera is missing. I am beyond sick about this. That is a months worth of pictures gone forever and it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. I have since gotten a new camera - an early birthday present from my parents! - but still. We went to a petting zoo, a crazy cool park, and enjoyed many laughs and memories with Kara. I am hoping that Kara got just as many pictures on her camera and shares them with me soon.
So that is what I have been up to. Kids, kids, kids! And I am loving every second!