Thursday, October 23, 2008

Swae's Surprise

When I got my nails done last week, she hadn't gotten her Halloween stickers in yet. I was disappointed and still went with orange and black. We both joked that she would probably get them in right after I left and sure enough, she did. So she scheduled me to come in on Tuesday afternoon so she could just do two nails with the fun stickers. Knowing Tuesday is a day that we would have the kiddos, I asked if I could bring Swae with me for her nails to get done. Of course she said yes and was super excited...I was too!!!

Tuesday came and Eli was sick. He ended up going home early from work and I had the car seats in my car. So I had a fabulous idea to go grab Seth from daycare and then we would surprise Swae and pick her up from school...and then head off to her surprise. My plan worked out great. Seth was super excited and Swae's little face lit up when she was that we were waiting for her. I then told her we were on our way to a surprise for just her. Initially, Seth was going to be with Eli, so I let him know he could get a surprise when we were done with Swae's and that he just had to be a good boy.

We pulled up and Swae was still confused. Not until we were walking in was she able to look in the window and then shouted, "I'm getting my nails done!!!!" It was cute and she was clearly excited. In we went where she was able to pick out her nail polish on her own and then pick her own stickers for two of her fingers. There were so many cute things to choose from: pumpkins, bats, spiders, spider webs, and skulls. The girl wanted skulls. Not one and the something different on the other hand. Nope, two skulls. So much like her daddy!!

Once her decision was made she climbed up in her chair and was ready to let Lisa get to work. Look how cute she is! We had painted her nails the week before so Lisa was taking off her polish.
Here she is getting them all nice and pretty. I meant to get a final shot, but spaced it. I will try to remember to do that tonight. She was such a good girl. She held so still...other than the hiccups she had. So funny.
And Seth did great. He wasn't so sure what to do with all the lady attention, but then had some candy and decided to ham it up for some attention.
Such a sweet little face!
After we were done, we headed to Target where Seth picked out some pumpkin bowls, a pair of Mater socks and Lightning McQueen socks, and an airplane. He was stoked. Oh and they picked out a fruity soda to have this coming weekend for fun. I so enjoyed our little time together, but had an even better time when we were all together as a family for the rest of the night...even if Daddy wasn't feeling good.


Jodi said...

That was a nice surprise for her. Getting your nails done is fun! I just did mine yesterday!

They are both so cute!

Jiff said...

How much fun! And you know little Sethie SO loved picking out toys!

Lainey-Paney said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Kat said...

How cute is that? Sounds like you guys had a ton of fun.