Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Friday - Family Time

Swae had a fundraiser for school and between my family and Eli's the girl got a ton of prizes for selling so much. She was so cute going around asking if anyone wanted to help her school out. And of course, everyone ate it up and the check books came flying out! There was actually some pretty cute things in there too. Friday, we took all of my family's stuff up to them and while we were there, the kids busted out Swae's prizes. The favorite...the one that shot a little rocket looking thing. Seth thought he was tough stuff until my dad took it from him!

He was ready to run and protect himself!
He got it back and wasn't going to let it go again.
The boy is a STRONG one! He loves showing off his "guns".
I love getting big kisses from my little man.
Swae holding my grandparents dog. She won't let go of that dog the entire time. She is such a love.
Seth took the time to shoot Papa while he was occupied talking to Daddy!
Papa tried taking his toy and hiding it, but he won that battle.
We had a great time visiting and the kids were spent after. Within a mile and a half on our way home, Seth was sacked out and we hadn't even eaten dinner yet! Once we got home we ate, went up to bed to watch a movie, and were all out for the count!