Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

And what a perfect one it is!!! When you have a 3 year old and 6 year old that are beyond thrilled, it is hard not to be excited and ready to celebrate. We wanted them to be wide awake for trick-or-treating, so they took a little that they didn't even fight. Maybe it was because I crawled in bed with them and snuggled them up tight. Oh how I love that!! Then it was up and time to get ready.

They were both bouncing off the walls. We put their costumes on, but didn't do up the make-up or anything and took them up to my family's. They were able to trick-or-treat early at my parents, my grandparents and my aunt's house. Of course, they were very spoiled there and their costumes were loved. My grandpa was so cute making sure to take all sorts of pictures and was sure to get one of the four of us.* Next it was off to Eli's parents where we would eat some yummy dinner and then get ready for the real thing. I may be very biased, but I have to say that they turned out absolutely precious. Seth's pirate costume turned out better than I had thought it would and Swae looked absolutely beautiful. I took all sorts of pictures, but won't be able to post them until Monday since my camera cord is there. Then you guys can see for yourselves.

They totally made out too. They scored all sorts of candy. There were even a couple houses that gave out the big size candy bars - I haven't seen that be done in years! We were out for just over an hour and it was a blast. They ran from house to house and hearing both of them pipe up and say, "Trick-or Treat" was awesome. And they both were good at saying "thank you" and "Happy Halloween" before turning to go to the next house. Ugh, if I were handing them candy, I would have melted. There were a few houses they were nervous to walk up to. It was so funny. Swae would take her time and Seth would lurk behind her. But once they got the candy, they were good to go.

This was by far one of the best Halloween's ever. Like Swae said, it was definitely one to remember. I hope everyone else had a fabulous Halloween.

*When Seth and Swae are around, we can't say "four" of us, we have to say five due to our little girl that is cooking. So cute that the baby is never left out and she hasn't even been welcomed into the world yet.


nicoleantoinette said...

I don't think I'll really love Halloween again until I have kids.

Jiff said...

Awww! So sweet! We always said I was 1.5 since Bay wasn't out yet, but she was counted. :)

I can't wait to see the costumes!