Wednesday, October 29, 2008


That is me, floating still from my big news yesterday. Mesmerized with the thought of there being a little baby girl cooking inside me, imagining what she is going to look like, trying to keep all the images I saw yesterday ingrained in my mind. Oh how I love this little girl already. I have always wanted to be a mom, always dreamed of having my own children one day, being pregnant, doing it all. And my time is here and I have enjoyed every single second of it. I have been so incredibly blessed not having any sickness and feeling as well as I have. I realize that there are some months ahead of me that won't be as comfortable, but I am ready. I am ready for whatever it takes to cook my little princess and bring her into this world safe and healthy.

Tonight I am going to go with Tara to look at baby stuff. We might buy things, we might not. I don't really care at this point, I just want to go see all that there is out there. I want to start getting ideas and start visualizing how I want to decorate her little room. Oh this is going to be so much fun!

I am open to hearing the "must-haves" and recommendations.

And thank you all so much for your support and excitement. It means the world to me and has made me feel so good, so special. It is so nice to have so many people that care and want to share this experience with me. So, thank you...all of you!


Jayla'sMommy said...

Okay,baby necessities... Let me think...
Two of my absolute favorites were/are:
1. a boppy pillow!!! They are just great. Especially if you're breastfeeding and also for the baby to sleep in and later sit in. I (and Jayla) absolutely loved it.
2. a baby carrier. I loved my snugli and I am kind of sad that Jayla is too big and heavy for me to carry her in there any more. It was so easy and so much fun too!!!!
That's definitely two of my favorites. And if you ever have any baby and baby product related questions, feel free to ask me anytime :)

Jiff said...

Hm... definitely gas drops! :)
Wipe warmers are nice but often dry out the wipes. Start buying diapers...any size NOW! And wipes. I did that and it didn't seem so overwhelming...and it was nice to buy SOMETHING for the baby. I'm still using diapers I got when prego...and Bay is 7 months old. It helps when you're low on money.

Go to and and and register...they will send you samples and coupons. Those are awesome.

Register at Babies R Us and you get samples and coupons there too.

I love hooded towels for Bay's baths. A cool mist humidifier is good to have. Sleep sacks, receiving blankets (make sure they are 100% cotton...I'll explain why later if you need/want me to), and have Eli install a dimmer switch on the overhead light if you don't already have one. It's nice in that it doesn't take up the space a lamp would, you can adjust it to very low for when you walk in there to feed her, change her, etc. I think I'll just have to send a care package!!

Rachel said...

swing was key in our family but some kids hate it.

And yes gripe water was amazing for gas and colic etc.

Also a great swaddle blanket.

Missy Marshmallow said...

I am so excited for you!

GoteeMan said...

That is wonderful - congratulations!

Must haves:
Love, patience and knowing you will be a great mom...

and then these things might be helpful...
1) Infant Tylenol, Motrin to alternate, in case of fevers (especially while teething).
2) Cabinet Locks & Ipicac syrup, in case they get ingest something toxic (once they are mobile).
3) Simethicone drops (anti-gas), unless you want to hear all night screaming.
4) From what I remember, Pampers fit girls better, huggies fit boys better.
5) Diaper Genie - better to take out a powder fresh set of "sausage link" diapers than to deal with an open can of pungent odiferousness.
6) A great baby-sitter, cause you will need a break from time to time... Grandma's work best, but if they don't live close, ask some friends for some leads.
7) A video camera - video a night at home NOW (pre-baby), and then when the baby is 6 months old, go back and watch it...

J/ (

Kat said...

No advice on the necessities but happy and excited for you. I've unfortunately never had the feeling that I want to be a mom but I am happy for anyone who does and who embraces it as much as you do.

If I did have children tho I would wish for a girl. Not that there's anything wrong with boys but I somehow picture myself braiding hair :)