Monday, October 27, 2008

Love This Picture

My mom is always going on and on about how I always have my camera and yet, I never seem to get any pictures of her with the kiddos. We went up there on Friday night and I made a point of taking my camera out of my purse. Before we even got in the door, she met us outside and the kids were all over her. It was so cute and so sweet. And I think that the picture turned out fabulous of all three of them!

They do love their "Mima"!


Multi-Tasking Mama said...

So cute. She looks like she loves being a grandma.

Jiff said...

Very sweet!
And you look just like your mom!

Coffee Slut said...

Adorable photo! I agre with jiff DO look just like your mom!

Mrs. F said...

Wow. That is your Mom?

I thought it was you! She is very youthful.

Great picture!