Thursday, January 8, 2009

Van Goghs Ear Award

This is the Van Gogh's Ear Award as created by Roger of Idaho Photo This is what he wrote about the Van Gogh's Ear Award:
"Every year I like to make up a award and hand it out to people that make a difference in the blogsphere. I like to make it a award for all to enjoy and pass out if one so wants to, I just ask if your going to give it out to link back to me as the creator of the Van Gogh's Ear Award."
Inspiration of the Van Gogh's Ear Award
"You may know the story of Vincent Van Gogh a well known artist in history. Although a brilliant painter in his later years went quite insane he received the nickname of fou roux ("the redheaded madman"). The most bazaar of Vincent's behavior is when he cut off the lower part of his own left ear lobe, which he wrapped in newspaper and gave to a prostitute named Rachel in the local brothel, asking her to "keep this object carefully. After this he suffered recurrent bouts of mental illness, which led to his suicide July 29, 1890 he was 37 years old. His works of art are priceless."
The point of this award
"We are all artist in are own way be it art, photography, writing, philosophy, comedy, blogging and we all go a little crazy sometimes. But if you ever feel so crazy to cut off your ear and give it to a prostitute 'Seek Help'!"
Sweet Erin from Erin Uncensored has given me the honor of awarding me this award. I am so very grateful! Thank you so much. You are so real and so very supportive and wonderful. Erin is always kind and her blog is great. If you haven't read it, you should definitely click over and check her out right away!
The people I have chosen to share this award with are:
Jenn @ Just Jiff
Thank you again Erin so very, very much!


Megan said...

Thanks! I am honored, I honestly wish I had time to be a better blogger, but thanks so much for reading!! We all live a crazy beautiful wonderful life!

Kat said...

Congratulations on the award. You deserve it.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my post. I missed you too and just caught up with your blog. I had a good laugh at your post about anonymous commenters. Jeez what a sad little person that must have been. I'm happy that you're so happy and your chirpy attitude makes me smile.

Megan said...

Thank you so much, Steph! I so appreciate you reading (even when I'm a slacker) and always being so encouraging and sweet. You're so positive and I admire that so much about you. You always make me smile! xoxo