Friday, January 30, 2009

Starting My Friday

Since I haven't seen the little ones yet today (not til tonight), I went through some pictures to put a smile on my face. I am happy as can be that it is Friday by the way. This week really has seemed to drag on!

The other night the kids and I took some time to wrestle and play around. Once I started feeling the warning signs of doing too much, I took a break and then heard a little cry. Seth somehow whacked himself on Swae and got a little bloody nose. Kids! Swae was having a blast. Her hair was all cute with low pig tails in her hair, but after playing you would have had no idea that is where they started.

See for yourself! She made sure to make a crazy face to go with her major crazy hair...that stayed this way until bath time. Daddy was impressed!
And here is the monkey making sure we got all the blood out.
Definitely ready for our weekend!

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