Monday, January 26, 2009

Beyond Strange...

Thursday night, Eli went and grabbed the mail. As I was going through it, I couldn't help but notice the Victoria's Secret package that had come. But I knew that I didn't buy anything from there. So I grabbed the little package and saw my name on it. Weird. I opened it to find the cutest top. It almost looks maternity, but isn't. It is like one of those babydoll tops and it ties right under the boobs and is flowy around the middle. Super freaking cute. However, I did not buy this top. I am wearing it today, but it in no way was purchased from my bank account.

So I ask, how did I get such a cute shirt?? I would love to thank who ever got it for me and sent it to me...I just have no one to thank because the only person on the invoice was me. There was no billing information, just the shipping.

Strange huh??

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little erin said...

wowee!!! good for you! that is incredible. if only i could be so lucky!