Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting REAL

My pregnancy coming to an end is starting to get more real. I am actually having to think about things like...LABOR!!!! I am not really scared or anything. I think it is more of the "unknown". It is just something that has started to cross my mind which is odd considering I have known that I will be having to get her out since JULY! But I am the greatest at procrastination.

Today I signed up for a class to get me ready for this whole child birth process. While I am not scared, I want to go in there with some sort of knowledge and figure that a couple hours would give me some good information that I could use. I am excited and am sure that it will make it even that much MORE real after we go.

I am getting more and more excited. The kids are getting more excited. Our parents are getting more excited. There is all sorts of baby talk and it is just so overwhelming and wonderful. Showers, finishing up the room, washing all her little clothes, getting everything in order!

Oh yea, and the damn hospital bag...


Multi-tasking Mama said...

I was never worried about labor with my first pregnancy, I just figured he had to come out. I am actually more anxious for this one since I know what to expect.

Hospital bag, shmospital bag. I packed every little thing on the hospital's list and ended up using my toothbrush, hair brush and baby book. I didn't even change out of my hospital gown except to go home.

little erin said...

hey check out my blog today, i think you'll like it!

Jiff said...

I was SO unprepared when she came 7 weeks early. I hadn't read about labor and didn't realize it could feel like menstrual cramps or like you needed to poop really badly. I was shocked to learn I was in labor. I was so clueless and didn't realize I was in labor and about to deliver! Maybe that was a good thing because there was a small ounce of panic when the nurse said, "Looks like we're going to have this baby today!" WTF?!?!?!

And the hospital bag... I didn't have it on the first trip. The second when I did deliver... I was ready. I calmly packed my bag and then woke Joe up.