Sunday, January 11, 2009

Funny Story

Tonight Eli and I went over to some friends house and there I met some new people. I am loving this. We are hanging out more with people that are married and have kids. They are younger and still enjoy having a good time and always get together. Anyhow, the girls I met tonight were awesome. One just got engaged and turns out, she is wanting to get married the same place Eli and I are in July only it will be the following summer. So we had a lot to talk about. The other is a mom of two and just loves to talk about being a parent and her experiences and what not. The other I knew from before and I really like her. Tonight I found out that she is younger than me by a year and I never, ever would have thought it. She is really a cool girl!

While the guys were out in the garage chatting it up, us girls were hanging out in the house with the kids and enjoying ourselves. The house we were at had a dog that they let come in the house. Now this dog is a total licker. Super sweet, just very...friendly. And she at one point licked one of the little girls on the mouth. Talking about the dog brought up a comment of a night from a while ago and what the dog did to one of the guys. Of course my interest was immediately peaked. So I asked. The girl who it involved was MORTIFIED. She didn't at all want to share the story. She said that it wasn't something to share with someone that she just met and worried that it would make me think weird of her and that I wouldn't come around again. I assured her this wouldn't happen.

Turns out, one night she came home from actually going out with a friend and she was feeling frisky! Her man was home sleeping as he had watched her daughter while she was out having a good time. So, she gets in bed and starts playing with his 'member'. At this point, the dog jumps up on the bed. She, being a bit tipsy was shaking the 'member' and asked the dog if she wanted to like the popsicle...but was joking. However, before she knew it, the dog really did start licking the 'member'! Could you freaking imagine!!!!! I was dying. I seriously almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard. Her man woke up and realized what was going on and got pissed. The girl, being tipsy, felt bad and couldn't believe that the dog actually licked it.

Now that is a good story to be sharing. I love hearing stuff like that!


Rachel said...

That is too damn funny. I swear my dog would do the same thing if we told her is was a treat.

Glad that you are meeting some good people with kids. That stuff is so important.

Megan said...

HA HA HA HA! That is too funny! Wow...mental pictures =)

Jiff said...

OMG!!! I would've peed my pants laughing!!!