Thursday, January 1, 2009

29 weeks 5 days

Another week down and just a little over 10 to go! When I say it like that, it freaks me out because really, that isn't that long at all!!!! I think that Skylar has moved. I feel her in different places that I used to. And her movements are getting much stronger. She has been awake and moving, kicking, swirling a lot the last few days. I feel like she is awake so much more...either that or I just am feeling her move since she is getting bigger. Last night she kept me awake for a good half an hour just moving and kicking. Although I was so tired, I was so happy to be feeling her and I didn't want her to stop. As I am typing right now, I can see my belly rolling around in the corner of my eye. It is all so very wonderful!

Notice I wasn't wearing jeans! That is because I didn't have to work which was awesome and was actually being comfy for a bit. I have actually buckled down and grabbed a couple pair of maternity jeans. I still fit into a couple of mine, but know I am getting to that point of needing to wear them more for just comfort if anything. However, I am not looking forward to feeling like there was a load dropped in my pants after having them on for five minutes. Why the hell do they stretch out like that?!?!!? UGH! Bright side, just 10 weeks or so of wearing them. It could be worse.


Jiff said...

soooo cute!
Guess I got lucky with my maternity pants. I got one pair of khakis, two pairs of brown pants, one pair of black slacks, and one pair of jeans. None of mine sagged. Or so I thought. I thought they were very comfy.

Hope you get some comfy ones too!

Multi-tasking Mama said...

I think our tummies are the same size. Except instead of having 10 more to go I am only 10 along. I know I am suppose to show early with this one but this is ridiculous.

Jodi said...

Adorable is what I have to say!!

How sweet!! I can't believe how fast it is going!!! She will be here before you know it!!

moo said...

wow, you're so tiny!! I can't believe you're 30w!

You look fantastic!

MarvelousMOM said...

Jiff: they are pretty comfortable, I am just used to my jeans fitting differently. It'll be ok though.

MTM: you are on baby 2, so there is definitely going to be a difference. And I highly doubt you are even close to what I am. No matter what though, I am sure you look fantastic and beautiful.

Jodi: Thank you. It has really gone by fast...faster than I ever dreamed possible!

Moo: I don't feel so tiny anymore, but thank you so much. I can't believe at all I am this far along. I feel like I have so much more to do!

Coffee Slut said...

Major cuteness! 10 weeks will fly right by!

Mrs. F said...

In the third picture it looks like she is hanging out on the left side of your belly. Cuteness.

Jayla'sMommy said...

You are so lucky that you only have to start wearing maternity pants now. I had to wear them from 10 weeks!!! Your belly is so cute!

Rachel said...

Great belly shot. You look wonderful. How are you feeling?