Friday, January 9, 2009

Interesting Trip To Babies R Us

Yesterday after work, I made my way to Babies R Us. I wanted to buy some detergent so that I could start washing the clothes that I have gotten for Skylar and the things she has already received from other people. Plus, it was on sale. Can't beat that. There was also Johnson's products on sale and there is one scent that I am in love with that I grabbed.

Anyhow, when I first walked in and was walking back, I passed two older women that were buying stroller and something else (didn't see what it was). The dark haired woman was CHATTY. I don't think that she took a breath when talking to the other woman. It was funny. You could tell they hadn't shopped for baby stuff in a long time. I smiled as I passed and went about my business.

When I went to check out, these two women were ahead of me checking out. The dark haired woman still was talking without taking a breath. You could tell the worker behind the counter wasn't really listening to her and was hurrying to get her rung up so she could move on. No such luck. Even after the sale was complete, dark haired woman was still explaining how the thing she bought (the one I couldn't see) was so hard to find and no one else had it and on and on and on. And then she moved on to the stroller and how she just can't see getting a bigger stroller than what she got and the other ones are too damn heavy. As she is talking, another worker comes over to check me out. Seeing I am holding a basket with a heavy bottle of detergent and bath products, she grabs it from me and puts in on the counter. That is when the other woman mentioned something about me being strong.

And then it happened. Dark haired woman turned to me and wanted to start talking, but realized she wasn't sure if her purchase was done or not. So she asked and you could tell the girl was eager to tell her she was and push her from the counter. Then she started in on the questions with me due to noticing my belly. She was asking when I was due and then started talking about when her grandbaby is due. She was talking so fast that I couldn't keep up. It was cute. Next thing you know she was like, "You know it hurts right???" To which I responded, "Yes." And she continued, "NO, it REALLY hurts, like is the worst pain you will ever feel in your life. And people LIE about it. They don't tell you how it really feels. My friends and family LIED to me. I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn't take ANY drugs. NOTHING. I felt EVERYTHING!!! GET DRUGS! GET AND EPIDURAL!" I was rolling inside. I assured her I would be getting an epidural and then had to finish up my own transaction. While I was doing that she got distracted talking to the other woman and they walked out the door.

I have encountered some random people, but she was one of the top. It wasn't just what she was saying...but her actions and gestures. It was classic and I was sad I was by myself and no one else got to experience it withe me.

AND THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I walk out to my car and back out only to almost be hit by some chick going the wrong way. She stopped and was GLARING at I had done something wrong. This wasn't at all the case considering I was the one headed in the right direction, unlike herself. She left me barely any room to pull around her once I was out of my spot. I didn't glare at her or anything, but I did mouth, "are you kidding me?" as she continued to glare at me and get visibly more pissed. Once I got around her without hitting her she looks over at me and starts calling me a f*^king b*tch. And she didn't stop there. This chick was FURIOUS at me. Here she is the one that was going the wrong direction almost hitting me as I pulled out and the car behind me as she sped past and yet she was the one calling me names and yelling. Go figure. Someone must have peed in her cheerios or something that morning!


Rachel said...

People love to share their birth stories for some odd reason. They always like to tell you how bad it was and etc but yes, it does hurt and it hurts for a reason-because your body is doing something that God allowed women to do-birth babies into this world. I did it with no drugs and yes, it was one of the toughest things I have ever done but I knew that I was honoring the way that babies should come here. But if you need to get an epidural-then do but if you want to go natural-start doing the emotional and physical prep work to allow you to do it. You will be great.

Jayla'sMommy said...

Haha, wow, I kind of miss having random people tell me their weirdest baby or birth stories or giving me stupid, useless advice I did not ask for LOL
But I agree, had I not needed a c-section there would have been NO way for me to do it without an epidural. I think it's amazing that some people are able to do it without but I would never ever want to do that. Why go through so much pain when there is a way more comfortable option that lets you relax and enjoy the whole thing a little more. JMO.

And that chick in the parking lot, I hate people like her... I think I would have started yelling back because I have a bit of road rage too ;)

Lainey-Paney said...

when I was pregnant, a woman stopped me in the hall of the ER (where I work). she asked a few questions aobut the pregnancy/due date/etc. then she asked, "are you guys having sex regularly?" I was shocked & really pondering what she meant by "regularly" in, missionary position, or was she referencing frequency. before I could answer (or close my mouth for that matter!) she said something about intercourse preparing the birth canal.
thanks for the info granny!
she was every bit of 70 & then some. It was weird.


with regard to the chatty cathy---it's nice that that unborn baby has a grandparent so eeeeaaagerly awaiting his/her arrival. lucky child.

the whole child birth/being a mom thing: it's like a club...or a gang....sometimes you have to get "jumped in!"

Lainey-Paney said...

and yes, it hurts.
but then again, I had a c-section, and it hurt (afterward), but it wasn't unbearable.

my tip with regard to the epidural: psych yourself up. dread it. be very afraid!!!! that way, when you have it done, it won't be nearly as bad as you've built it up to be....or at least, that's how it was for me. I was sooooo afraid of it that when it was over---piece of cake. I imagined it being so much worse than it really was.

Cat said...

What an interesting day at Babies R' Us

Mojavi said...

i just wanted to say I like your picture of the holdiong hands :) also you were very upbeat about your trip with the girl almost hitting you.

Issas Crazy World said...

It bugs me that people do this. They should just mind their own business.

The thing is, every pregnancy and birth is different. I've had three and they were all different. I will tell you, it's all worth it, no matter how it was. The second they give you a teeny newborny, you won't care anymore. :)

Jiff said...

LOL. Yeah, I got stopped by lots of people who wanted to "chat" about their birth stories and I had to find polite ways to excuse myself. That's funny that she kept ON.

As for the bitchy're right...she probably had urine stained cheerios for breakfast. lol.

And yes, labor and delivery HURTS like a MFer! I didn't have drugs and I felt everything, even being sewed up afterwards. But you know what? It only took me a few months to forget the pain. lol. Seriously, it's bearable. Well, not at that moment, but I survived. lol.