Sunday, January 11, 2009

Need Some Mommy Advice

The last couple days I have been dealing with acid reflux really bad...REALLY BAD. It is all day long and at night is the worst. Like so bad that it wakes me up and I am just miserable. It doesn't matter what I eat or drink or anything. I called the doctor on Friday and was told what things I can take and so I got some Rolaids. These seemed to help for the most part.

Last night I fell asleep on the couch with Eli and I woke up to the burning, horrible feeling. I knew it wasn't good. I couldn't take anymore Rolaids because you are only allowed 6 in a 24 hour period and I had 6 during the day. It was then I realized I needed to get to the bathroom. Sure enough, I had to empty my stomach and only then did I get enough comfort to be able to sleep for the rest of the night.

Today, it hasn't been so bad. I have been afraid to eat, but have eaten. And tonight it is getting bad again. So I am asking you mommy's out there...what can I do to help with this??


Sabrina said...

I had it pretty bad with Eliana. my doc prescribed me some Prilosec OTC. I would take that once a day and Tums. The Prilosec was preventative and the Tums was for the breakthrough burning. It worked pretty well for me. You can also drink a glass of milk. It doesn't last long, but it sure feels better while you're drinking it. And mine went away as soon as she was born. I don't know if you'll take that as good news or bad news. I hope you find something that works for you.

Megan said...

I had very little reflux. When I did experience it, it was due to me eating tomato sauce in spaghetti, or lasagna. I am sorry you are feeling bad...I wish I could be more help, but, it will be over soon though and then before your baby girl will be 3 months old....=)

Jayla'sMommy said...

Maybe keep track of what you're eating. I hardly ever had any heartburn or anything when I was pregnant but I did get it really bad one night when I drank chocolate milk before bed.
They also say to try and keep your head a bit elevated and not to eat and drink like an hour or so before you go to bed.
Hope you feel better soon!!!

Issas Crazy World said...

Bread. Eating a little bit of bread every once in awhile too keep something in your stomach. It also eats up some of the acid.

Ritz crackers worked for me too.

Jiff said...

Hm... cut out caffeine, peppermint, and anything spicy. If that doesn't work, then talk to your doc about Prilosec.

Multi-tasking Mama said...

Vanilla ice cream.

I am so not joking. I have had reflux with both pregnancies and the only thing that seems to calm it down is vanilla ice cream.