Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Has anyone other than Angie seen the new driver's licenses?? They are disgusting looking. For some reason the DMV thinks these new flimsy, cheap looking pieces of garbage are going to keep people from making fake IDs or something. I am so sad. I love the other ones so much better. These ones are just...not very good looking. Oh well, at least I have my new name and everything is official. It just is crazy that they changed them and just within the last month.

Oh and when you go to the DMV to get it, they take your picture and have you pay and sign and do everything. Then they hand you a sheet of paper (mine stated the new name) and then your old ID back with a hole in it to use and your identification until your new one comes in the mail. They say they are able to be more efficient that way. I don't understand how that is more efficient when it takes all of two minutes for the IDs to pop out of the thing like before. So you then have to wait a week to get the new one in the mail. It is so insane.

It seems like more of a hassle to me, but what do I know since I don't work for the DMV. I am just in shock at how cheap they look!


Jiff said...

DMVs never make sense.

angie said...

AMEN! I hated waiting for mine...especially since we were dying to see our new names on things!! ANd they really are ugly licenses!

Mrs. F said...

Ewww, I just had to renew my license and I got my new one in the mail yesterday. I look like a shiny heffer cow. HATE!