Monday, November 10, 2008

Flu Shot

I went and got my flu shot this morning. It is something my doctor suggested both Eli and I get since I am pregnant. I have heard about the flu shot for quite some time and have known people to get it, but had never considered it for myself. But now that I am pregnant, I have to think of my sweet little angel and not just myself. And I am all about doing what is best for protecting her.

I had no clue where to go. I had seen signs around town for free ones and had no idea how much it would even be if I did have to pay to get one. Toward the end of last week, I started feeling really run down and like I was getting something. Then our little princess was sick over the weekend and I realized that I needed to pay whatever price needed to have that shot. I had called the Health Center at UNR and they said it would be $20...worth it to me. Hell, I would have paid anything.

Off I went and after not too long of a wait I was taken back. Before I was even in the room, the nurse asked if my left arm was okay. I said sure and pulled my left arm out of my sweatshirt as I was sitting down. Before I was even situated in my chair, she swabbed my arm and the stuck me. Then it was over. It was quick, easy, and painless. She was ready to shove me out the door, but before she did, I asked a few questions. See, I had heard just recently some negative things about the flu shot. I have heard and read people saying that they got the shot and then actually experienced all the flu symptoms other than actually throwing up. Another group said they got it and within a week were sick with the flu. Everything that she had to say made me feel better. She said that if people ended up sick, it was because their bodies were already week and getting the shot just lowered their immune system enough to allow it. She said that the actual shot doesn't cause you to get the flu. I asked about the pain from the shot and she said that there had been talk that this years serum actually made your arm a little sore, but nothing bad.

I walked out with an open mind and felt fine the rest of the day. My arm didn't feel like it had gotten a shot at all - at least until I stopped using it for a bit. But even now, it isn't hurting. Just a little tight where the shot was given. I have had worse shots that is for sure. I am happy I got it. Oh and I didn't have to pay. I asked her if I needed to check out or turn anything in and she said nope we were good. So, I didn't even have to pay the $20 after all.


Jodi said...

It is good that you got it, especially if your doctor suggested it. My hubby got one this year. His job was giving them out for free. (Probably so no one gets sick and they don't have to take off.LOL) His arm hurt the next day but the day after he was fine. It has been almost a week now & he feels fine. So his immune system must be good.

Multi-tasking Mama said...

I hate the flu shot. I am opposed and refuse to get it.

I have my reasons, we will talk about them after flu season.

Jiff said...

You should definitely get it every year since you have kiddos. You could carry it and not get it and pass it along to Swae or Seth (and now baby girl). For those who have no idea where to go, go to your local doctor's office (PCP), the health dept, and places often have free ones like Walgreens, etc.

Mrs. F said...

Heh. I am with the Multi-Tasking Mama on this one. Sorry.