Monday, November 3, 2008

Manic Monday #140

If you want to play, click here.

How many hours of TV do you watch per week? Do you feel that's too much, not enough or just right?
It depends what Eli is watching. Usually about 5 or so hours. Could be more, could be less. All depends on what we have going on.

Which of the 5 senses do you feel is your strongest sense?
Probably a tie between my hearing and taste.

What's the wackiest belief you held as a child?
I was convinced that there was someone that waited for me to take out the trash at night to kidnap me.


Rachel said...

Max watches about 90 mins in am while I clean and work out-he may be watching or it may just be on and then maybe 30 mins at 5 pm and maybe 20 mins after dinner if scott is not home.

i would have to say hearing but I seem to not hear when I dont feel like it. lol

That everyone leaves eventually.

So@24 said...

I thought if I clicked on that link it'd automatically play the song "Manic Monday".


Mrs. F said...

I used to think people were outside my windows watching me. Not just any people, but cute boys.

Not much has changed, I still sometimes get the feeling like I am being watched, but it is not as strong anymore...It used to be really bad!