Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Swae, Seth and I made brownies on Saturday night. I think the part they liked the best was the spoonful of batter they got when they were all mixed up. Seth thought he could pull a fast one on me and tried digging in for spoon #2 after I poured them in the pan. He loved it! They turned out great. They were soft and everything. Not to bad actually.

I didn't want them around the house anymore. After having them there since Saturday and eating three small ones, I decided to bag them up and brought them to work. They have been a HUGE hit. Everyone is sampling them and I actually just heard one lady say she has only had a few. So they must be pretty good if she keeps coming back for me!

I have something else to bake with them too. I always buy a little something so that we have something to do and pull out and surprise them. I am telling you, Tuesday afternoon through Thursday morning are becoming my favorite. I love every single minute that we have with them. I cherish it. I can't get enough of it. I am speaking for myself here but know that Eli feels the exact same way. I find myself a little lost Thursday nights so I am glad that is designated for girls night. Man I love the kiddos and am counting down the end of my work day til I get to see their bright shining faces!

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Jiff said...

awww. so sweet. Z and I are baking sugar cookies this weekend. We're "practicing for Christmas." hehe.