Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tears and Almost Tears

This morning, I let the kiddos sleep in. They were so exhausted last night and didn't get to bed as early as we would have liked since we had a family birthday. Not wanting them to be too tired at school today or when they go back to their mom, they got some sleep (sleep they needed). We had another great morning. We did pretty much the same routine that we did yesterday, but took a little more time. It was nice.

First stop was daycare to drop Seth off. He has been quite the clingy boy and today he wasn't having being dropped off at all. He wouldn't let go of me. No matter what I tried to engage him in, he wasn't interested. His teacher couldn't even get him distracted on anything. So I held him a bit longer and loved on him a ton more. But I had to get Swae to school. His teacher grabbed him and that is when the melt down hit...and I almost followed. His sweet little face crying is enough to crush you. At that moment, I wanted to put his jacked back on him and bring him with me for the rest of the day. :(

Poor little man. I know that the tears probably didn't last long and that he is probably fine, but still. It sucks when they cry because they want to be with you.

Now comes the hard part...waiting to see them again until next Tuesday...

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Jiff said...

Awww! That's the hardest!! I remember Zach yelling DADDDDYYYYYYY!!! when we dropped him off one day. We were in the car with the windows up and the radio on. We STILL heard it. He was hanging onto the playground fence and had tears streaming down his face. He was 2ish. Just broke your heart. But it should make you feel good in knowing that he loves you that much. :)