Saturday, November 22, 2008

Simple Saturday

Swae had her first cheerleading practice today. She LOVED it. She talked about it for ever after we left there. You could tell they wore the girls out. But it was worth it. They put on a little show for the parents the last half hour and Swae was lucky enough to have not just her daddy and I there, but her mom and her boyfriend showed up as well. The girl definitely gets shy. It is cute. You could tell she was nervous, but could tell that she really enjoyed herself. It was wonderful seeing her do something like that and then hearing how much she loved it after.

She has been expressing a lot how much she is enjoying her time with her dad and I. It is cute. It really makes us feel good. Sethie too, but Swae is much more vocal. I have to say that Eli and I are stoked with having more quality time with them. We have more of a routine and it has made things so much healthier for the kids and us.

While Swae was at cheer today, Eli and I got her a little something that we surprised her with when she got home...she needed it. It was some cutie pajamas. She had been commenting on a cute pair of my pajama bottoms and while out today, I saw some like mine and the matching top says "Cheerleading Super Star". So freaking cute. She was thrilled. So all night tonight, her and I wore our matching bottoms. AND!!!! Her and Seth gave me the most beautiful card. I guess they had been telling Eli they wanted to get me something and that is what I got. I am going to have to post it so you all can see it for yourself. The envelope that Swae wrote on was enough to bring tears to my eyes. I am so in love with her.

The day was great. We got a lot accomplished and our sweet girl had fun. She has another clinic and then gets to perform during a high school basketball half time - which she is totally looking forward to. Tomorrow is another big pictures! I can't wait!

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Jiff said...

awww! I bet she LOVED being twinkies with you! :)