Thursday, November 13, 2008

22 weeks 5 days

And the bump is definitely there. And I am LOVING it so very much. I find myself rubbing it without even knowing it. I always look down just so I can really take in that it is there. Watching it grow is such a wonderful feeling because I know that our little girl is growing. Swae was rubbing it this morning and talking to me about how Skylar is growing and I told her the more you see my belly grow, the bigger she is getting. Swae is always so cute and will always come and rub on my belly and she lays her head on it. Seth was pointing to it this morning telling me where baby Skylar's face was at. He cracks me up.
I think next week I will take a picture from not just the side, but the front as well and do that from now on. I was laying in bed the other night not being able to fall asleep when it hit me that there is only four more months left until our angel is welcomed into this world. That blows my mind, it really does. Four months goes by fast and will go by even faster with the holidays. I still feel very blessed and fortunate for how well this pregnancy has gone for me. I can only hope that my friends can experience the same.

Lately I have been way more tired than normal and Eli seems to think that it is everything catching up to me. I feel bad when I am so tired. I know that there will be a point when I will have to stop what I am doing and rest, but for now, I am still enjoying being able to work through the tiredness and get things done.

I have been looking at things to register for. I am tossed up on bedding and figure the only way to decide is to just keep looking and what I keep going back to will be what we will go with. There are just so many fun things out there. I don't want to ask for things that we won't need. I want the essentials. I want to be realistic. So that will be keeping me busy for a bit.

Happy Thursday all!


Jiff said...

WOW! You popped out all of a sudden! You look so freakin cute!!
Don't try to work too much through the tiredness. Your body needs the rest so it can give baby Skylar what she needs.

Christy said...

You definitely have a little bump there! So exciting!

Mrs. F said...

! You actually look pregnant now! No second guessing it! Cute!

Kat said...

Yay for the bump. So cute and I love the name. Skylar. Sounds so beautiful.

Jodi said...

You can definitely tell now for sure girl. You belly is SO cute!

HM said...

Ahhhh look at your cute belly! You are really growing now! How fun.

Time goes by so fast when your pregnant and then at like wharp speed when they come.

Rachel said...

Ah, a baby belly!!