Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Total Success

Tonight turned out to be a great night. We of course had the kiddos, so that was great. But after living in our house for seven months, we finally had Eli's parents and grandma over for dinner. I have never been one to entertain or anything, so I was a bit nervous. Last night I was in the kitchen from the time I got home from work until 8pm! But I had my dinner for tonight prepared leaving me only minimal things to do.

After work today it was off to get the kids since Eli is on a job that is keeping him later than me. We came home and started Swae's homework. While we were doing that, Eli got home. Between him and I, we finished Swae's homework, got lunches ready for tomorrow, table set and the salad prepared. Then it was upstairs for early bath time. I knew that it would be best to do baths before our company so that after everyone left, I could lay them down for a movie to relax and drift into their slumber.

Dinner was a huge success. Everyone devoured their plates. It was so neat. I know I am a decent cook, I just never really cook for anyone other than Eli and myself. So to have others eat what I make and like it and come back for seconds was awesome. And I was totally organized. The kids enjoyed showing off their house and rooms. They are so proud. They point out their "big huge" beds and all their toys. It's funny to sit back and let them give the tour.

Once everyone left, we snuggled just the four of us for a bit and then the kids were laid down to watch a bit of their movie. Then it was night time and they were both sound asleep by 8:05. My goal was for them to be sleeping before 8:30, so I think I did good! Morning comes early for us tomorrow, so this is good.

I am now off to bed. I feel happy and peaceful. Great night with our family and so good going to sleep knowing our little ones are right next to us and get to wake up to their bright faces. Life is great!

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Jiff said...

Yay! Sounds like a wonderful night. :)