Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Relief - RIP Brianna Denison

A suspect was finally arrested last night in the Brianna Denison case ( Definitely about time. I am so thankful to know that this man is finally off the streets and I can only imagine how thankful Brianna's family is to know that justice is going to be served...and just in time for Thanksgiving.

A few of us watched the press release at 10:30am that they had. This man that is being charged with rapes and murder is a father to a 4yo. This makes me sick...beyond sick. He was arrested last night when he was picking up his child from daycare. Turns out that his girlfriend found some panties in his vehicle in September and turned around and talked to a friend about it. And the friend is who called and turned him in on November 1. From there on, the investigation was on and cracking. The girlfriend gave permission to get a DNA sample from child and after it was a match they were able to get a warrant for the DNA of James Biela.

What a relief this must be for the family, for her friends...a relief for our entire community. While I am happy to know that he is off the streets, it makes me sick when I think of his child and all that he has put so many people through. It's just disgusting.

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