Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wedding Idea...

I swear there is more wedding talk going around that my head is swimming. I love it all, but man-o-man can it be overwhelming. I feel like we are getting so much accomplished, which is helpful. I knew from the beginning that Swae and Seth would both be in the wedding. There would be no way around it. But then I was thinking that it might benefit us to add one more flower girl, to stick on the other side of Seth. I remember being in a wedding when I was little and I got totally freaked to walk down the isle by myself with everyone staring at me. So I was thinking that having Swae and my cousin, Madisen, that is the same age as Swae walk with him, it would make him feel more comfortable. Eli definitely agreed. Now, I want to be sure that Swae stands out from Maddy since she is our sweet angel princess, so she will have an extra "something" to let that happen. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

Our Sweet Angel Princess Girl = Flower Girl 1
My beautifuly cousin, Madisen = Flower Girl 2
The sweet monkey boy = Ring Bearer
I think the three of them are going to look absolutely precious walking together!!!!


Misguided Mommy said...

how hilarious is it that brandon has the exact same outfit as seth, and that i call him monkey boy

Jennifer said...

That's sweet! And Madison is beautiful too. Your wedding will be amazing.

angie said...

That is a great idea! Dave's nephew is our ring bearer and at the last wedding he freaked out and wouldn't walk down the isle, but at this wedding he will see his mom and all his uncles down there so I'm hoping he will walk...otherwise my bossy neice will drag him down haha! So I think that will make Seth feel better and your cousin will feel special getting to be a part of it too!