Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Finally Here

Yep, the day that I have been waiting for since July 14 when I made the call. It's our first trip to the doctor! I can't really even begin to explain how I feel other than excited, nervous, anxious, ready. I can't wait to finally have a better idea of how far along I am, a more set due date. Just some answers to some questions we have. Not only that, but this is starting to make it all real. Not that it hasn't been real before now...but I honestly have had it so easy that I haven't really felt pregnant. Well, other than the constant hunger and being tired...and my boobs! Ugh they are still so sore. And more and more people are commenting on their size which is crazy. I am just used to hearing things about how they are no bigger than mosquito bites. My dad was the worst at teasing me while I was growing up.

Anyway! When I talked to the doctors office, they said they would be doing an ultrasound today. This made me happy because I would be annoyed if I just went in, peed on a stick and then had to come back. I've done that lots of times and they all keep saying the same thing. So it is time to see the little one. I was reading in my pregnancy book last night and I was just overcome with happiness and excitement. It just all seems to be hitting me and becoming more of a reality.

The appointment is at 3 today. I am so happy that Eli is going to be there. Sometimes with his work schedule it is hard, but I made sure that his parents knew right away and they have been awesome and planned around it. After the appointment, I am meeting up with my mom and grandma. My grandma wants to go check out the location of the wedding. She is the most creative, crafty person, so I know as soon as she sees the place she will have a million ideas running through her head to help make that day gorgeous. I will be sure to post tonight about it. And if I get a picture, I will scan it and post it tomorrow at work.

Have a great day everyone!


Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Yeah for big boobs and dildo-cams! I mean, ultrasounds!

Jennifer said...

Ugh. I hated my first u/s because it's a vaginal u/s. Y U C K. I felt violated. But the others are MUCH better because they do it on your tummy. :)

Nellie said...

Congrats... I don't think I knew you were pg!

Here's my email


angie said...

yay! I hope your appointment went really well today! That's hilarious about your friend that is preggo is having the same thing happen to her...I looked at her the other day and said holy shit Chris your boobies are ginormous! And I like multi-tasking mama's name for the vaginal ultrasounds hahahaha! Can't wait to hear about it tonight!

Christy said...

Can't wait to hear about the appointment. And maybe see images of the little bean???

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, so exciting!! Can't wait for your post tomorrow. xoxo