Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Seth's Birthday - July 27 - Big 3!!!

Back on July 27, Seth turned 3. I can't believe it. The way that he has changed and grown in the last year is just remarkable and I know that Eli and I couldn't be more happy or more proud of him. He is quite the little man with such a unique, wonderful personality. I am mesmerized by this little boy every day and love him more than I ever imagined possible. There is nothing in this world I wouldn't do for him. We had a great birthday party and are so happy that Swae was there because without her, it wouldn't have been the same at all. The following show how his special day was spent.
Seth picked out the Spider Man cake on his own. He had a hard time making up his mind.
Our sweet babies playing in their new pool.
Loving the water!
Look at what a happy girl she is. She is so gorgeous.
Each going down a slide. (not sure why it didn't load right)
Pulling all the toys out of his goody bag.
Being the silly monkey that he is waiting to blow his candle out.
He has the sweetest little face. He is definitely going to be a heart breaker!
He enjoyed opening his presents and getting new toys to play with.

His last present he got was from Eli and I. We got him a little power wheels ranger type thing. His face was priceless. I really wish I could have got it on camera. At first he didn't really didn't know what to think and then it was all smiles after that.
The cousins and best friend Connor taking a spin.
Happy little birthday boy.
Best buds. Only 5 days apart. They have so much fun together.
Checking things out. So cute.
The day couldn't have turned out more perfect. Family and friends. Two wonderful kids with huge smiles. I am so very blessed and am so thankful each and every day. Seth is still pulling out new things that he got from his birthday and gets so excited. I love it.


Jennifer said...

SOOO precious! Swae and Seth are so adoreable. And I'm so glad you got to have a birthday party with both of them there. The cake is INCREDIBLE!! Whoever made that has my respect!! Happy 3rd, Seth!

angie said...

It looks like he had a lot of fun!! I'm glad that Swae was allowed to was probably more special because he had his sister there too :)