Friday, August 8, 2008

Now that I have taken a deep breath, think I finally got the point I was originally trying to make across, I am doing and feeling much better. Jeez. Mother's can be so difficult sometimes. My mother is amazing, just sometimes drives me crazy. I guess mom's do that at times though. I am truly thankful for her but when we argue and she doesn't listen and only hears what she wants, I want to scream along with rip my hair out. I am sure her not feeling well (ear infection and sinus infection) isn't helping much. Poor momma.

Looking forward to the weekend. Although we don't have the little ones, we will still have some fun. A friend of ours is getting married, so we are heading to Hawthorne for that. That was the same place we went horse back riding not long ago, but I don't think there will be any of that. Breaks my heart. But we will spend some time quad riding, which I also LOVE, and then enjoy the beautiful wedding. It will definitely be very nice to get out of town for the weekend and away from it all. To relax and just enjoy.

There has been some very interesting things going on at work lately. I swear, if you ever need a laugh, come sit in here for a few and you will realize that most everyone is loony! Most of it frustrates the hell out of me, but I am really trying to make light of it and see people at face value. I tell you, working with people for as long as I have, you really get to see the different layers they like to show and who they really are.

I am really missing Kara. My bestest friend moved to Vegas and I haven't seen her since the wedding. She hasn't seen my ring in person. I haven't seen her in almost a month. That to me is just insane. We used to have girls night every week and this week, it was just Tara and I. No Kara. Now that was strange. It just wasn't the same, although it was still nice and I enjoyed it. I guess I took for granted her being here, being so close, a five minute drive away. The place she is living at right now doesn't have good cell phone service so getting ahold of her even on the phone is not very easy at all. It is just weird/hard not having her here. I was so sad she wasn't able to go wedding shopping with me and experience that with me, like I did with her. I just feel her being so far away, she is going to miss out on so much. She won't get to do our girls night, we can't just go to coffee, dinner or lunch whenever the mood strikes. She won't be here to see my belly grow or feel the baby move. It just...makes me sad.

On top of her leaving, our other good friends leave tomorrow morning. They are moving to Vegas as well. Ugh. It sucks when people move away. Especially people that you are close with and enjoy spending time with. I told Tara the other night that she is probably next. I couldn't imagine!

I am working late today. I am not complaining though. That is an hour and a half of extra vacation time on the books. Can't beat that and I definitely will be able to use it for upcoming doctor appointments and stuff.

Hhhmmmmm, what else? I think that is about it. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Mrs. F said...

When our children are grown we will get to torture them in the same manner that our Mother's torture us. It gives me something to look forward to, anyway.

Rachel said...

Yeah moms can be tough. I adore my mom and then the next minute she kills me. It is frustrating but I guess that is part of it. I am sorry to hear about your friends moving away. That stinks.

Christy said...

When friends move it is always hard. When I first moved to NJ, I tried to stay in touch with my friends in KY, but it was hard. We had different schedules and priorities. I hope you are better at maintaining long distance relationships than I am.

angie said...

I hear you on the not listening sister does that sometimes to me and it drives me nuts! Sorry to hear about you being bummed out about is hard but you guys should plan a little get together soon.

"MoodyBlue" Jodi said...

I am sorry you are missing your best friend & that your other friends are moving.