Sunday, December 21, 2008

Something Simple

Isn't it amazing that simple things can be so meaningful?

Take today for example. I was getting out of the shower and Eli came in. Well, after every shower, I lube up with the vitamin E oil. He sat there talking to me and then asked how I felt that the oil was working out. I said I thought it was working really well. It was then he reached over and felt my tummy and then said, "Well your stomach looks really good."

That is something so simple and yet, it made me feel so good. It is nice to know that he even notices how I am looking and doesn't just blow things off because I am "pregnant". He is pretty good at doing the little things and I never overlook or shrug that off.


Jiff said...

How sweet! Those simple things are definitely the best!

Hope said...

That's so sweet. He's definitely a keeper!

Rachel said...

That is so damn cute, The simple things make the days that are hard seem ok.