Thursday, December 18, 2008

27 weeks 5 days

And it just keeps growing! But I love it. I totally look pregnant and adore knowing I have a sweet baby girl growing in there. I am still in my jeans. However, I have been trying to find maternity jeans and am having a hell of a time. I don't like the full panel ones at all and Old Navy didn't have my size in the low panel. Not only that, I have crazy long legs and even the "longs" aren't long enough for me. I called to see if they got some in from their new shipment and no dice. Looks like I might have to go the more expensive route which I didn't want to take. Or I could just do what I thought of and told my boss which is come to work in my pajama bottoms until I deliver!
I look at this picture and I see myself as a WHOLE LOT BIGGER than what the picture is showing!! There are some days that I feel like a whale! I guess it has a lot to do with how she is positioned as well.

I just have to smile. These 27 weeks have been wonderful, even with the slight scare last week. If anything, that has made me relax more and not do so much. This is all new to me, but I am listening to my body more which is what I need to do. I now get paranoid when I don't feel Sklyar moving or as active as she was the day before. Then she surprises me and is all over the place the next day and all is well. I keep telling her that I would rather her beat me up all day long than not be able to feel her!
The end date is so close yet still so far away. We have started on her room finally. Eli and his friend painted the other day. It is looking so fabulous so far. There is still more to be done and will be sure to update with pictures so you all can see. I am so excited. I think I will have a much better idea on what I need to get and be doing after my first shower that is in a month. I'm giddy with anticipation! We have a doctor appointment next Wednesday. The belly shot post falls on Christmas and I think I will for sure take the time to post. If not, I will definitely get at least the pictures so I don't mess up like I did at Thanksgiving!


Jiff said...

You are too dang cute!! I love it!!

I can't believe you are still able to wear your regular jeans! I'm very impressed. :)

You can go to and order from there. Not sure if you have a Kohl's where you are, but they had good maternity clothes. I also went on ebay and got some there. It was fun!

Multi-tasking Mama said...

I also have incredibly long legs and had a hell of a time with Maternity pants. I bought my work pants from A Pea in the Pod, slightly pricey but worth it.

I splurged and bought Seven for all Mankind and Citzen maternity jeans. BEST INVESTMENT.

After 1 month in Old Navy maternity pants you will want something not so......frumpy.

Megan said...

Yay! I am glad I can see your blog again. Your belly is just precious! I remember thinking to myself a lot wondering when was the last time she kicked and being worried until she woke up and started kicking away. Your pregnancy has gone by SO fast. Enjoy these last couple of weeks!

Jodi said...

Steph - You look great!!!

Mrs. F said...

By now this picture is old. I am sure you look even more pregnant now, but I have to say, you are a fantastic looking pregnant lady.

I was not.

Incredibly jealous!