Friday, December 26, 2008

Pictures From Before Christmas

These are pictures from last Saturday through Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve at the office. Swae holding my boss's son, Jacob.
Clowning around with the hats one of our supervisor's brought in.
Wearing the hats that Great Grandma Lois made them.Swae opening her stocking from Grandma and Papa.Seth pulling out a new car from his stocking!
Excited kiddos!
Kiddos with Great Grandma Katie (Mama).
Seth, Papa, Swae, and Grandma Ready to put the cookies in the oven!
Pouring in the mix.
Mixing it up!Having fun making Santa's cookies.
My beautiful sister and IMe and Mom at Eli's partyEli and his grandma
Daddy and Swae at his partySwae and Auntie Kindra
Swae and Great GrandmaSeth and Cousin Tyler
Me and the angel before Daddy's party - just got done doing our hair and make up.
Swae & Me...holding baby SkylarBabies snuggling with their daddy!

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Jodi said...

Those pictures are so nice!! You all look so happy. The kids are just beautiful. I have to say...Seth is SO cute with the way he smiles for the camera. He is a little ham. Too cute!

PS..You can really tell how Swae is so happy about Skylar with the way she is holding your belly. Too sweet!