Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am Screwed

No place that I have found carries maternity jeans long enough for me. NO WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the hell does that happen?!?! Do they think that only SHORT people get pregnant and have kids!? I realize that I am not that tall, but I have long legs on me. I wear the same inseam as my husband how is 6'2"!

In my Lucky jeans, I wear a long or an extra long. The longs, I can't wear with heels because then they look too short. The extra longs look perfect with heels on. However, even Lucky doesn't make maternity jeans longer than 32"! I have looked at copious amounts of websites from jeans that cost $20-$200 and the only jeans that go up to an inseam of 33.75" are the ones you have to get in a size XL! I am not an XL!

I don't know what I am going to do.... :(


HM said...

Oh great. Just great. I have legs longer then most people too!!! I wear an extra long. Thanks for the headsup. However I will be pregnant in Summer so hopefully I can find something. Except I have to wear a uniform at work so this should be fun! Do you want me to link back to your site from mine or shall I just keep you in my favorites? Let me know!

Jiff said...

Interesting. I fall into the short category. :(

Good luck!

Multi-tasking Mama said...

Super pricey. Super Cute, same ones I have.

Gap also has Maternity Jeans. They claim its a 34" inseam but I think they run longer. I fit in them and I wear a 35" inseam.